Engraved fate

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She never knew what she wanted in live, until she realized that her life was already foreseen. Books were written about how many kind would fall at her feet, that darkness would rule her if she was weak enough to allow it. The whole world rests with her. And to think all she wanted was to graduate from the academy and never look back. Guess that was wishful thinking.
Her journey is one of betrayal, and death and almost too raw emotion.
Chapter one.....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Engraved fate

Submitted: January 07, 2012

Reads: 282

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



The tip of my sword slid through his flesh like a knife to butter, piercing his heart, just as it was meant to. His eyes widen eevr so slightly as though he was watching his life fls before him, than he crumbled to the ground, my weapon still embedded within. I withdrew the blade, savouring the feel of a clean kill. Spinning on my heel I turned to face the next opponent, cause trust me there was always a next. But, the man that occupied the space in front of me reeked of death and destrcution, and was dripping with sexual malice. Some of my most favourite things on and off the battlefield. He easily towered over my 5'8, making him somewhere around 6'3 if I had to guess, and about fifty pounds heavy. Oh well, the bigger they are the harder they fall. I moved my body lower and swept his feet out from under him. Straddling him, he glared up at him, and the look on his face said two things, one he wasn't used to look up at someone and two that he intended to make me pay dearly.

"Your going to regret that". His voice held a sense of something old, and not completely of this world. Dark, and deep, If I hadn't planning on killing his shortly it would have made for interesting company. However be that as it may it didn't change the fact that he was the one looking up, and if there's one place I like to be its on top.

"Now. Now. Don't worry, I'll make it quick. I promise you'll hardly feel a thing". I swung the blade downward, aiming to hit just above the collarbone, hopefully decapitating him in one swing. But, he did something I hadn't been expecting, he grabbed the blade mis-swing. I saw the blood dripping down his arm, but he still held on. "I don't likeit when people interrupt my fun". He raised the upper half of his body slightly off the ground and spoke in a slow and deadly manner.

"And how do you like it when someone rips out your throat with their bare hands?" He smiled up at me, and you could see his canine's were becoming slightly pointed at the ends, making him something entirely non- human.

"The last man who promised me that wound up with his testicles in hsi mouth, but your more than welcome to try wolf". He looked at me for a moment and than his smile grew.

"Don't worry I never make a promise I don't intend on keeping". I smiled at that. He had no idea who or what he was dealing with, but than again that really wasn't my problem now was it. I dragged my balde to the right, grinding it deeply through hsi flesh before it finally came all the way out. I was rewarded with a low growling sound that I knew had come from somewhere deep inside of him, like I cared. He bucked his hips hard enough to send me forward. I was lying across his chest when he whispered something I hadn't been expecting. "When she finds you, you won't be able to run. She'll hunt you down until you beg for her mercy. And trust me you'll beg". He grabbed me by the waist and flung me off of him. I landed a few feet away, small scratches on the exposed part of my skin from the gravel. I pulled myself up, and watched as he stalked towards me, the grace of a predator, but I wasn't prey. "Your stronger than I thought that you'd be, for a girl". That was it, when you started playing the gender card that was my last straw. Time to show him who was the prey and who was the predator.

"I hope you enjoy pain cause you've earned it". I started moving in the right direction, we began to dance the "killing dance". Eyes trained upon the other waiting for the right moment to strike. I baited him, lifting my arms ever so slightly to expose my lower stomach to him. He lunged for it as I had hoped he would. I reached for the dagger on my thigh sheath, the hilt gripped tightly as I brought it down in an arcing motion and the blade sliced deeply through the left side of his face. He growled at me again, more ferociously this time, all traces of beinging to leave. His eyes went first, it was when they bleed to a rich amber that I knew he was too far gone to stop the change and I watched in utter silence as hsi joints began to pop and reconfigure themselves to form a part that was always there, but hidden behind that fair visage. His beast. He was on all fours, the chance completely consuming him now, leaving him weak and fragile, the perfect time to strike. I had already wasted enough time on this shape shifter, anymore and I might as well just adopt him from the pound he came from and name him buddy, rover or something equally as moronic. I moved my right arm to a throwing position, dagger still in hand and enemy still immobilizied. I flung the blade, soaring through the air, catching him right in the shoulder. The blade protuding from him, half howls and human screams garbled together erupted from his throat. He yanked it from hsi flesh, warm, crimson blood poured from the wound. A moment later I watched the wound begin to stitch itself together. I had forgotten that little detail, shape shifter heal faster than humans, much faster. The next time I blinkeda large jet black wolf was before me, muscles bunched in a pouncing position, teeth bared in an angry promise. I always loved a challenge. "Your just an overgrown puppy". He growled at me, and than leapt into the air that seperated. I felt his mass collide with me, knocking me to the ground, the back of my head connecting with it, causing me a moment of light-headedness. When I opened my eyes again, I had a wolf on top of me, canines exposed inwards towards my bared neck. Damn it, I should really stop closing my eyes, especially if this is going to keep happening.

"Dominic, where are your manners?" That voice made every single muscle in my body tense. I turned my head and there she was Madelia. The one who even the creatures under you bed feared. It is sad that she brought about the plagues and warfare of man for centuries just for her own amusement and those of her entourage. Amora that's what they called her kind, where there was bloodshed she would alays be close by, feesing off the anger, pain and destruction fo all those on this earth. Apparently her voice triggered something deep within the wolf, he raised his head and gave a playful sort of growl. She shook her head and he growled at me and than removed himself from on top of me. He strode over to her, and began doing circles around her. She let her hand drop running it through his thick fur, there was admiration from this creature in her eyes. "You should atleast say hello before you go pouncing on someone, you might give them a wrong impression". She raised her hand and turned it in my direction. When I met her eyes, I fell into them. They seemed like bottomless phantom pits taht contained the very fires of hell themselves. She regared me a moment longer and than moved towards me, silently stepping across that space in which seperated us, her feet hovering inches above teh ground. "It has been a while since the last time that our paths crossed Sierra". The fact that she knew my name set off bright, flashing warning signs in my head.

"That's funny because I don't remember you". I just stood there frozen in palce, unable to move my eyes from hers. She called to me in a way only death ever had, a way that demanded my abolsute attention. She was standing right in front of me, bringing her hand upwards she traced my jaw line with her fingertips.

"Come now Sierra, we both know that isn' t truse. You know exactly who I am. Just like we both know that the moment you met my gaze you became enthralled within it. Do you fear me, my sweet?" I stared intently at her, and than smirked and blinked. She gave me a look which showed a moment's hesitation, within that moment I brought my fist upward and let my right hook connect with her jaw. Her head snapped to the side, a satisifying crunch resounding from the impact. Needless to say that I was impressed eith myself, but the look she gave me when she regained herself was that of utter disdain. "You need to learn who is your friend and who is your enemy child, for if you do not you might wake up one day to find t hat you have only enemies. But your arrogance must be punished irreguardless". The moment that last word left her lips I felt the breath leave my body, felt as though her hands were arms my throat, choking the life from me. I watched the power flare and spread within her eyes. Felt her power and strength crackling in the air all around me. She was stronger than I had first taken her for, if I lived through this I would remember not to under estimate her the second time. Little black spots appeared behind my eyelids, I was losing my vision, damn this is so not a good thing. "Till next time my sweet". I felt a feather light touch on my cheek and than I fell into the black of abyss of darkness.

My eyes snapped open, body springing upright from the mattress. i could tell that I was coasted in a thin layer of sweat, and it wasn't hard to guess why. I shook my head, bringing my hand up to rub at my temples. No matter how hard I tried to shake the dream it wasn't going anywhere, it was the most livid one yet. But one thing they all had in common was the opposing characters. i heard an ominous creaking sound coming from down the hall. Okay, really not helping....I scanned the room, taking in the inventory of everything that was familar. Nothing seemed out of place, but then the alarm clock with its red glowing numbers, 3:47 am, three hours of sleep. Great just great, apparently its going to be a long bloody day. I slid off the mattress and made my way towards the door, if I couldn't sleep than I may as well take a shower and grab something to eat. I reached for the glass knob determined not to make a sound so that everyone else could still remain asleep. Just cause I had to be up at this ungodly hour doesn't mean everyone else has too. The moment I laid my hand on the knob, I heard it, a scream that raised tiny hairs on the back of my neck. I opened the door and began running int he direction that I had heard the scream come from. But, when the helpless scream filled the air againI knew that I had been running in the wrong direction, it wasn't coming the library, rather the courtyard. I pivoted and raced throughh the hallways, praying that whoever had been screaming was still alive. Bursting through the large oak door that led into the courtyard I knew I was too late. The screams and sobbing had stopped and there were no sounds coming from anywhere within or outside of the stone walls. The air reeked of meat, raw and bloody meat, and death. The closer I got to the center the more the pungent the smell grew. My foot slid in something nearly causing me to lose my balance, when I regained more sure footing. I squatted down attempting to find out what had caused my almost accident. Bringing my fingertips , I pressed them into the ground, they sunk into it like when you push down on a sponge that has soaked up too much water, except it was clear fluid that now colored my tips it was red. Bringing them to my nose I inhaled a strong, metaliic scent that only confirmed my suspicious, blood. Looking out into the darkness, I saw something pale against the length of the tree. The more steps I took the less I wanted to take adn the more I just wanted to turn around, and run back to my bed and pretend that everything up till this moment had just been a bad dream. I was about six feet from the tree when I realized what the pale object had been, more like who it had been, Amelia lockey. She was restrained against the tree, face set in a mask of horror and fear. She had deep furrows all along her body, exposed her insides to the shilly fall morning. The dark flowing liquid streaming its way down the length of her body. She was the girl that everyone wanted to be and that a girl like me hated. Pretty, popular and thought that the world was her very own personal playground. I might have disliked her, but this went beyond dislike, her looked as though it had been used as a chew toy or scratching post for an over grown puppy or kitten. I raised my hand brushing the blond curls out of her face, no one deserved this, not even her. I brought my hand down and closed her eyes, hoping that maybe it would give her some peace, though I doubt she even cared about it now.

Rustling of dried leaves drew my attention to the right. My vision landed on something furred and massive, and when I finally met it eyes I foudn myself staring into dark amber eyes. The wolf. The same one from my nightmares, definitely not a coincidence. Those eyes were staring at me, but it felt as if they were staring through me instead. Beither it nor I moved for what felt like hours, but could only have been mere minutes. It growled and I jumped, its face suddenly took on a more serious look if that is even possible. It began to start pacing, than regarded me for a moment than redirected itself and vaulted over the stone wall. I stood there for a few minutes staring at the wall in awe, turning around I began making my way back across the yard.

I was nearly back to the doors when I saw the figure standing in between them. It was Headmaster Lothe, and he truly looked displease to see me, not that he was ever thrilled about it, but that wasn't the point at the current moment now was it. The point was that I been standing in a blood soaked courtyard, at the early hours of the morning with a dead girl I was known to strongly dislike. Dear god, it really going to be a long day. Great, I could hardly wait.....NOT!


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