Marina has a Trouble

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Marina a younge teenage girl goes to a friend party and ends up sleeping with her boyfriend. She ends up pregant.
A couple days later her boyfriend ends in the hospital! Read to find out what happends.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Marina`s Trouble

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Submitted: August 29, 2008



I woke up. I looked around. Only to see someone next to me. I jumped up in surprize. I woke the other person up. " What happend?!" I yelled.
The person next to me sat up and looked at me with a cute smile. " Last night was fun."
I stared and though to myself what I did. "wait what?!" I said in confustion. " Girl me and you got together last night." the guy said while taking my hand. I looked at him. Than I looked at my hand. Than I said " wait who am I?" Than the rest was a blure.
I woke up the next day in the hospital. I had a head ace so bad. I looked around to see a woman crying and a young girl around the age of 8. I sat up and the woman ran over the me wiping her tears. "who are you? who am I? what am I doing here?" I questioned. " I`m your mother. Marina, dont you remember? Also your in shock! Your pregnant!" she screamed, than fainted. " WHAT!?" I yelled.
The docter came in with the guy I remember waking up next to. "Miss. Do you remember what you did with this boy?" He said while pointing to the guy i woke up next to. " Um, I remember waking up next to him in my bed. Than I felt weird. And than everything was a blure." I said puzzled. " Miss I took many samples of blood and i`m afraid your pregnant." The docter said while looking over his paper work.
I tooked at the guy I woke up next to and said " Did I? wait.. I couldnt have! oh my gosh!" I screamed than fainted.
I woke up about 3 minits later and looked at the guy I slept with. " Um I forget everything.... How old am I? Where is my father? Do I have a father? Do I have any siblings? Is the guy I slept with my boyfriend? Whats his name?" I asked. " 1. your 14! 2. Your father died after your sister was born. 3. your sisters name is Emma. 4. YES! 5. Eric" The guy I slept with said. "so your Eric?" I said while trying to get up.

The docter made me sit down. Than he said " You need rest."
I looked over at Eric, Than my mom " What do I do? What can I do? Do I half to have an abortion?" I asked quietly. " You lay in bed. You can talk to people on the phone and you dont half to have an abortion. You just need to be watched over for a couple weeks." The docter said while handing me the phone. " BUT I FORGOT ALL MY FRIENDS!!" Eric looked at me than he left the room. " ERIC!!!" I screamed. " Yes?" he said while walking in the room. " Where are you going?" I said while staring at him. " I was going to take a walk… I need to think about this." he said while he was about to leave the room. " Wait!" I cried.
He walked over to me and sat on the bed. " I need to be alone with Marina." he said in an upset kind of voice.
I looked at him and his eyes sparkled. My mom and sister left the room and my mom kissed my forhead on her way. " Marina I`m not sure if I want this all the happen. I`m only 15 and your only 14. We are WAY to young for a child." he said while taking my hand and looking into my eyes. " Eric I forget everything. And..." I looked at him, than looked down and a tear fell from my eyes " I agrea with you. I dont think we can. It will kill me to kill a child. But knowing i`m young.... its horrible. I wouldn`t forgive myself." He moved my head up with his hand and kissed me. " I understand" he whipered. " I have an idiea." I said quietly. " That is??" Eric questiond. " I could have the baby.. but my mother takes care of it when its born." " MARINA ARE YOU NUTS!! YOU COULD DIE!!" he yelled than cried. " your to young. WE are to young. You cant give bith."

I looked deep into Erics eyes while tears ran down. His eyes were so beautiful I started to cry. Than I said " Eric you know how much it would hurt me to kill this baby? its a peace of you and me." I said while whiping Erics tears. " I know it would but Marina.....I love you and I cant loose you." he said while reaching over to hug me.
I started to cry even more, I couldn`t belive it. I hugged him tight and didnt let go. " Eric.. Something from deep inside is telling me that I love you too." I looked into his eyes and he kissed me. " Eric… Should I have the baby?" I asked while I saw my mom peaking into the window.
Still holding Eric close to me he said " Marina… I love you and its your choice. But I dont think you should because I dont want to loose you."
My mom walked into the room and said " Times up."
Eric let go of me, got up and said " I`m gunna go home. Call me when you decide" He kissed me than left.
"Mom did you hear what me and Eric said?" She looked at me, than sat down " Yes… Marina.. I think you should give up the baby." " Mom you heard me and you heard Eric!!" I said trying not to cry again.

I looked at my mom and than looked at my stomack and than back at my mom. I put my hands on my stomac. " mom...."I said with a tear run down my face. "yes?" my mom asked. " I think i`ll....."
The docter walked into the room. He looked at me and said "a 9 year old had a child and lived."
My mother looked at me. I looked at the docter and said " so your saying i can have this baby?"I said with a small smile sneaking out from my frown. " Yes but.. it will hurt alot.. you realize there is alot to giving birth. Its easy holding the baby… but giving birth is pretty hard."
I looked at him and said " I`M NOT HAVING AN ABORTION!!!" I screamed with laughter.
I jumped out of that hospital bed and jumped up and down graving the phone to call Eric. I reached for the phone and fell. I fell right to the ground. The docter rushed over and helped me back onto the bed. " miss you half to keep it easy" he laughed.
My little sister giggled and my mother said "I`ll go get you something to eat."
She walked away and kissed my forhead. The docter handed me the phone than he left the room leaving me alone.
" Hey is Eric there?" I questioned. " No." the voice said. "I wonder where he is.." I mumbled to myself.
Out of no where Eric walked into the room. I hung up the phone not saying bye or anything.
" WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" I said shocked with a big smile on my face. " I never left." he laughed. " I heard you the hole time. So.. your gunna have this baby?" he said while sitting on the bed. " yes.. I am." I said while taking his hand and putting it on my stomac.
He smiled and kissed me lightly. " Am I a slut?" I asked. " No but your friends made you drink alot at Heathers party.."...everything was silent… " whos heather?"I said puzzled. " SHES YOUR BEST FRIEND!!" he yelled. " wait...."I though… " OH MY GOD!! I REMEMBER HER!!"
I picked up the phone and called her house. " is heather there?" I asked her mom. " You want heather micracken?" she said. " Sure.." I giggled. " Ok here she is." her mom said while giving the phone to heather. " hello?" heather said not knowing who it was. " HEATHER!!!!" I screamed into the phone. " wow!! CALM DOWN MARINA!!" she yelled. " Eric got me pregnant." I whispered into the phone.
Eric took the phone and said " yes I did" than he handed it back to me. I went to talk to heather but all the sudden I heard a big THUD! on the ground. "heather fainted"I said to Eric and he laughed lightly.

Heather didnt say anything for a while. Finnaly after 5 minits she answerd. " your..!" She stumbled in her words. " yes. me and Eric are having a child. Heather, whats your point?"I said trying not to laugh at her. " BUT YOUR 14!! YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER DO IT BEFORE GETTING MARRIED!" she screamed. " yo whats up?" I herd a fermillir voice say from the phone. " JORDAN GIVE ME THE PHONE BACK!!!" she screamed in the background.
I looked at the phone and than at Eric and said " Jordy? My ex boyfriend?"I said with a shocked face. " yes.. but i`m not your ex." he said " We never broke up. You just forgot me." he said.
I screamed, than fainted in my bed. Eric took the phone and said " yo. You say you and her never broke up my homie?" Eric said (I faked the faint) I took the phone from Eric " Jordy...... I`ve moved on. I have a new boyfriend." I said while smiling at Eric. " Oh… Well I never moved on." He said and I looked at Eric. "I still love you." Jordy said. " wow… Jordy.. MOVE ON!! lets stay friends." I yelled and Eric laughed ccause I was making a compleat fool of myself.
Jordy handed the phone to Heather. " SISTER!! HES CRYING!!" heather yelled.
I looked at Eric.. " damn!" I said to heather. " Yo heather I better go. The docter has come in the room. Love ya!!" I said while hanging up. " Wow… that was weird." Eric said. " yes it was." I replyed.
The docter walked over to me and told Eric to leave the room. I looked at the docter and he looked over his papers. " Miss have you ever done drugs?" he questiond. "Um... ERIC!"I yelled.
Eric came in the room. " yea?" he said with a weird look. " have I ever done drugs?" i asked. "um no." he said than left the room. " well… thats all i needed." the docter said while leaving the room.
Eric walked back in and he sat on the bed. We cuddled for a while till my mom came back with lunch. Eric was blushing when she walked into the room and than he left and my little sister Emma stopped him in his tracks and handed him a sandwich. I started laughing. Eric sat next to my mom and Emma handed me a sandwich to.
After lunch the docter walked in and said " miss.. your able to go home. "
I stared at him and said " WAIT!! I though you said I had to wait here for a couple days?".. he looked at me and said " miss after my testsI realized your fine.. you will just have a hang over till tomorrow. Its not a big deal." I looked at Eric and than I jumped into his arms and said " take me home right now!!"
My mom looked at the docter and winked. " MOM I SAW THAT!"I yelled then giggled.

When we got home Eric picked me up out of the car and went inside the house, than up to my room and dropped me on my bed. " Be carefull… I`m with child." I said than laughed.
Eric sat down next to me and kissed me. He smiled then handed me the phone. " Call heather." he said with a grin. " I bet you have to talk to her about how things are going." He said than left the house.
I called heather and her mom was being weird again. Her mom said "what type of pizza are you ordering?" shes a weird person but shes pretty cool.

After a LONG conversation with heather about me and Eric. I got off the phone and walked down stairs. " Hey mom." I said with a smile. " Why are you so happy?" My mother asked. " Oh just the fact that my life is messed up and than everything just happends to fall into place." I grined. " Ok?" my mom said while walking into the living room. " Well I`m off to Erics house. Love ya!!" I said while walking out the front door.
I stepped out the front step and looked around. There was mothers walking there babys and fathers with there children. I smiled and kept walking, feeling great.

As I was walking, my friend Nate came up to me. " Hey" he said while stopping me in my tracks. " hello Nate." I said while going around him. " wait up!!" he said while running over to me. " Whats up with you?" he asked. " Oh me and Eric are having a baby no thanks to heather." I said while I kept walking. " WHAT?!" He yelled. " YOUR PREGO?!" he yelled while stopping me again with a shocked face. " yesI am." I said while I kept walking.
He just stood there frozen in the exact spot while I kept on going.
Soon enough I got to Erics house. I knocked on the door.. But there was no answer. I looked around and saw no one in site. Just Nate in his same spot. I ran over to him and looked at him. "NATE!!" I screamed. " WHATS GOING ON!?" I asked while worried. "Well lets see… You didn`t hear? Eric got sent to the hospital." he said with a smile. " WHAT!! HOW COME I DIDN`T HEAR ABOUT THIS!?" I asked with tears running down my face. " I have no clue. How about I take you to see him?" he asked with the biggest smile ever. " Yes please!!" I begged.
He took me to the hospital and I ran around looking for Eric.

Nate took a hold of me and pointed me to room 15. I ran over to the door and whipped it open. I looked around and ran to Eric. Than I took his hand and sat in the chair next to him. His mother was crying and his father was staring at me. "What happend?" I asked about ready to cry again. "He got hit by a car." His father said trying not to cry. " WHAT?!" I yelled with a tear runing down my face. "its true." the nurse said walking into the room. " Is he gunna be ok?" I said while putting my hand on Erics face with tears falling into the bed sheets. " Well, I`m gunna half to do some more tests."
" ok and will you tell me when they are done? I really need him." I said while putting my other hand on my stomac.
The nurse looked at me and said " oh dear." " Ya.. You understand right?" I asked. " Yes" She said while walking out of the room.
I looked over at his parents. " Do you think hes gunna be ok?" I asked. " I think he might." his father said. " I hope he is." His mother said trying to hold back the sniffles. " I hope so to." I said while going back to looking over at Eric.
I spent the night there by his side.
At 10am the nurse walked in and gave me the news.

The news was that Eric was gunna die!! I started crying my eyes out. I felt like I had no way to turn. Erics ribs had been broken and it was infecting him in a big way. The nurse said he only had about a 10% chance on living. I hope he gets that 10% chance because my baby needs his daddy. I need Eric. All I know is that I should be here for him. Even when I`m sick.I love him so much.

“What can you do to help him live?” I asked. “what does he need?” I said. “ Well he needs to have surjery to get the bones out of his heart.” the nurce said looking away from me. “ Well does that mean hes gunna die for sure? Cant he have a heart transplant?” I worried. “ Well there is a chance that he could live. There is a 10% chance and a heart transplant is a little to much money. And we dont have any hearts avaible.” the nurse replyed with an upset face.
I stared at her and she looked upset for me. She looked like she didn`t know what she could do. I looked at Eric and said “ Are baby needs you. I need you to. I love you.”
The nurse looked at me and ran out of the room.
A couple hours later the nurse walked in and a bunch of docters. “ Its time for the surjery.” the nurse said while leaving the room. “ Ok.” I said while getting up.
I kissed Eric on the forhead and watched the docters take him away.
“Come with me.” A nurse said while taking me arm.
The nurse took me to the room where Eric was in. She sat me down in a chair and walked away. His mother came over and sat down next to me.
” I understand how you feel.” She said while putting her arm around me.
I put my head on her sholder and we both sat there for hours in pure silence.
The room Eric was in, you could see what was happening.
All a sudden the docters were running around and I got up and looked in the room. Tears all over my face. Nurses were running into the room and alot of things were going on.
” WHATS HAPPENING!?” I screamed at a nurse with tears falling down my face.
The nurse kept going without a word.

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