Sam Gets Her Revange

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Sam a younge girl has to over come the popular student Samantha and save her town from the worst. Read more and find out what she does!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sam Gets Her Revange

Submitted: August 29, 2008

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Submitted: August 29, 2008



I walked out the front door and sat on my front step. I looked around and saw nothing. Everything was quite. I could hear myself. I knew something was rong because its normaly verry laud with kids. I ran in site and picked up the phone. In my house all you could hear was the buttens being pushed on the phone. " Hello?" The person said on the other line. " Hi is Emily there?" I asked. " Ya one sec." The woman said. " Hey." Emily said while putting the phone up to her ear. " Hey em. Where are all the kids on the block?" I questiond. " Oh you didnt hear?" she asked. " I didnt hear what!?!?" I snaped. " Oh you know Samantha? The popular gurl from school?" she replyed. " Yea what about her?" " oh she moved onto the block and she scaperd all the kids away charging them money to play on it." Emily said with an upset voice. " WHAT??!?!?!?" I said while sitting down on the stool in the kitchen. " Its true. I`ll come over and give you the deets. " emily said while hanging up on me.
" OH MY GOD!!" I scream than ran outside. " SAMANTHA!!!!!!" I yelled from my front porch. " Yes.." I herd from next door. " Samantha!! What are you doing on this block?!?!?" I snaped with rage. " Duh my dady bought this block. So I half to live in this poor looking house with my dady while my mom gets to live in the manstion. My dady is going to tare this block down anyway. Hes going to build a mall." she said with her percky atitude. I looked at her and I yelled "BUT!! YOU CANT DO THAT!! PEOPLE LIVE HERE!!" I screamed in her face.

I saw Emily walking down the street and I ran to her. " excuse me!!!???!!!???" Samantha replyed. " Where is the money you half to pay me??" she said acting all popular.

I looked at her, than ran over to her and spit in her face. She screamed, I laughed. " EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" She yelled almost crying.
Me and Emily started running.

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