The life of a depressed girl

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: February 12, 2011

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Submitted: February 12, 2011



It seemed like forever till our long awaited kiss had ended.
He slowly pulled away as we heard people laughing in the background.
People standing there with their phones, snapped pictures. Matthew quickly let go of me, picked up his backpack and ran off not daring to look back at my expression. Acting like he did something incredibly wrong.
What had just happened? Had I done something wrong? Was it all the people standing there laughing. All those popular snobs.
I sat down on the bench and put my stuff in my bag quickly and stood up. I threw my bag over my sholder and ran off.
I just wanted to reach him. Find out why.
I ran after him, half way home I finnaly reached him, I took ahold of his arm gentily and went infront of him.
"What was that?" I asked him as I stopped walking.
He paused, grinned and than walked around me, looking down onto the pavement, rocks being crushed as his feet padded as he walked.
"Honestly, you kiss me, people take pictures, than you walk away?"
I ran up next to him, trying to keep his pace.
"You don`t get it."
"What? That you say those sweet things to me, saying to not give up on someone you care about and that you care about me, and that you wanna share your feelings? Than, after you kiss me.."
"Yeah, well, maybe I didn`t want people to see it."
" You said you did not care what they think."
"I don`t remember saying that."
"You hinted it. Now stop walking and talk to me." I stopped infront of him.
"About what?" he stopped and looked into my eyes.
"About, why you ran off exactly?"
"Wanna know why?"
"Yes I do." I said in a soothing voice.
"I`ve never felt anything, so powerfully amazing."
"When I kissed you, it was, the best thing I had ever felt. And I never wanted it to end."
"I didn`t either." I whispered.
"But than I heard voices, maybe, I wanted our special momment to just us. but they wrecked it okay."
"But what? I just, I don`t know. i just know, that once those photos get out there, which they probably will, We will both have to pay for it."
"why will I have to pay for it?"
"Cause every single girl in the school, will basically hate you for it. I`m the most wanted guy."
"Every girl already hates me."
"Thats a lie."
"Than why don`t I have any friends?"
"You have me. Thats all you need."
I felt my heart melt at those words. I had nothing to say.
I reached up and wrapped my arms around his sholders. Feeling his warmth.
He put his hands on my back and rubbed it gentally, sending goose bumps up my spine.
I let out a sigh and placed my head softly on his chest.
"No one, can hurt you. Do not let anyone get to you."
There were many things I wanted to say. But no words came out when I wanted to speak.
Matthew kissed my forhead lightly.
I pulled away from him a bit and looked into his beautiful bright baby blue eyes. As he looked into mine.
I giggled slightly.
"What?" he sighed.
"i love how, we went from, barely talking in public, to kissing in public."
"We only kissed once." he smiled.
"make that twice."
I moved my hands onto his neck and kissed him softly.
Again, I felt fire works going off, time stood still, I felt his hands move up to my cheeks and started to kiss me back. Butterflies fluttered around in my stomach like a wild, uncontrolled fire. This is the best I have been, sense I was 12 years old.

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