The life of a depressed girl

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 18, 2011

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Submitted: February 18, 2011



We arrived to my house, holding hands.
I opened the door and we both walked in and I shut the door quietly behind us.
"Anybody home!?" I yelled into the quietness of our 2 story, tiny blue modern house.
There was no answer.
Matthew and I threw our backpacks onto the Milano blue couch and walked into our Arboretum green kitchen.
Matthew leaned onto the marble counter, that was placed in 2 years before my parents passed away.
I opened the fridge and looked around.
"What do you want? Root beer, apple juice, water?"
" Root beer babe."
"alright. Me too."
I got our drinks ready and set one down infront of Matthew and kept the other for me. He picked up his glass and we walked into the Early Frost green living room.
Matthew sat down on the couch and I sat next to him.
I swirled around the ice cubes around in my drink and giggled.
"Whats funny now?" he smiled and took ahold of my free hand and placed them on his lap.
"Well," I looked at our hands as his thumb rubbed against my hand softly. "I still think its amazing how we went from being the best of friends to, more than that."
"ah." he looked down and than at me. " Can I ask you a question?" he asked shyly.
"Well, you just did." I smiled and looked up at his gorgeous face, his perfect complection.
"Right. Well, Can I make us, official?" he blushed. "Official? As in dating?"
" Oh."
"Will you go out with me?"
I could tell he was nervous. And with every word that came out of his mouth, it was as if a dream. I was speachless. No words could come out when I tried.
I just wanted to scream. " YES YES YES!"
A million times over, but when I tried, not a word.
"oh. I guess, its a no.." he frowned and looked down.
"I-I, uh. wow."
"Huh?" he looked back up at me.
"I would LOVE to be your girlfriend!." I wrapped my arms around him with such force that we both fell onto the couch. Our cups falling onto the floor, spilling the pop all over the hard wood.
But did I care? no! I just got the man of my dreams! This depressed girl, is not depressed anymore.
I got my forever and always. The guy I have wanted, since basically forever.
We both quietly laughed as we laid on the couch.
We both stopped laughing and my hair fell infront of my face. My arms holding me up, trapping Matthew under me.
We both stopped laughing and sighed, staring deeply into each others eyes.
Matthew reached his hand up and moved my bangs slowly behind my ear. Placing his hand onto my cheek and than his other hand.
I let my body slowly fall ontop of his and as I did so I leaned down and kissed him, placing my my left hand on his right sholder and my right hand on his left cheek.
I felt his hands place on my back softly.
We started to make out.
In the middle of your session, the door swung open and my brother screamed " UGH!" really loudly, as his girlfriend laughed histerically.
Matthew and I quickly sat up and looked down.
"Um. uh. I-I, uh" Matthew muffled.
"Man, I thought you were cooler than this. You can do better than her man."
" Excuse me?" I gave him a dirtly look behind my side bangs that were now covering half my face.
"Well he can! Hes popular man. What is this!?"
"I don`t want better than her." Matthew looked over at me and took ahold of my hand.
I glanced over at him and blushed.
"Your sister and I, are... a couple. I couldn`t imagin my life without her in it." He blushed and looked down at our entwined hands.
"Awh!" Casey sighed and looked at Justin.
"Well. Since, I know you, very well. I guess, this could be a good thing. Maybe. Do not do anything stupid. I mean, I do not need my sister pregnant. We already have enough trouble paying the bills."
"Justin, just shut up." I looked at him, than took up, bringing Matthew with me.
Casey, Justin, Matthew and I all walked out onto the back porch and rearanged the chairs so that we were all sitting in a circle.
"So, Alex. Casey is going to, move in with us. Finnaly. She was able to convince her parents to move out."
"Good. It has taken you so long." I stated.
"My parents just could not get rid of me. They love me so much." Casey smiled.
"Will Casey be staying in your room? And when is she moving in?" I asked.
"She`s going to start slowly moving in. She won`t be fully moved in till next month." Justin stated.
"and I will be sleeping with your brother.. in his room." Casey giggled.
We all laughed.

We talked for hours about the situation.
But surely, Matthew had to leave. We kissed goodbye.
Oh how I wish I didn`t have to say goodbye.
Than again, he lives just next door.

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