Rise of the Supernaturals

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I have been a vampire for over a hundred years and have never once seen a hunter. I have only ever heard of them. Our races (vampires, lycans, faeries, pixies, elves etc) all live sepeartly and have for over a hundred years. When a fledgling vampire is killed and shortly after the King of the Lycans, my sister maggie and the nephew of the lycan king, Rory, are set on finding the killers before another race war starts. this is when we run into the hunters. A family of humans who for centuries have hunted the supernatural in fear of us rising up and taking over the world. We have to put an end to them before they put an end to us....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rise of the Supernaturals

Submitted: January 24, 2010

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Submitted: January 24, 2010



I glanced up at the sky. My eyes scanned quickly. No moon; just how I liked it. I looked ahead again. The street was silent, no cars, and no people. I breathed in the smell of the fresh night air A hint of pine from the forest was growing fainter as we moved away from our home. Beside me, on my right as always, walked Maggie. Tall, blonde and intimidating. The spitting image of myself. We rounded the corner and went down the steps into the underground subway. A drunk was asleep at the base of the stairs. He was wearing a green jacket torn and shredded and smelled of beer and cigarettes.
“Pathetic. How can humans succumb to such a life?” Maggie said as we stepped over the body. I nodded as we made our way to the tracks. The place was deserted. Now empty you could see exactly how dirty the subway was. A lone man sat in the ticket booth. He was asleep in his chair, his head falling onto the desk in front of him. I tapped the window. He didn’t move. Typical I thought to myself. He was drooling. I breathed in and sighed. Now what? Maggie caught my eye at that moment. We both looked at one another.
“Can you smell that?” She asked.
“Yea, I smell it alright.” I replied breathing in again. The smell of burnt flesh was all around us.
“Where do you think it’s coming from?” Maggie asked looking around.
“I think it’s coming from over there.” I answered pointing towards the tunnel.
“Think we should check it out?”
I nodded my reply and took out my two blades. Maggie pulled her silver whip from her hip. I jumped down onto the track, landing silently. Maggie moved to my right and we entered the dark, wet tunnel.
We slowly made our way through the darkness. “Can you see anything?” I asked Maggie.
“Not a thing.” Came her reply. I placed my hand on the tunnels wall and felt my way further in. I could tell Maggie was doing the same on the other side. My hand trailed over what I hope was water. Rats and mice ran about the railway tracks that we carefully walked on. I prayed silently that no train decided to come through while we were here.
A trail of light came into the tunnel from just ahead. “We must have walked all the way to the next station.” I told Maggie.
“After you.” Maggie replied coming to stand beside me.
“As always.” I replied stepping out of the tunnel and into the light.
“I can smell fresh blood.” Maggie said, her eyes brightening.
“Control yourself will you.” I hissed sternly.
“Sorry Kara, it’s just so tempting.” She licked her lips, “and I haven’t eaten in a while because I had to watch the fledglings last time you all went hunting.”
“Girl, you know we don’t feed off anything other than animals, so snap out of it.” I said placing my hand on the platform and swinging myself up easily.
“I know, I know.” Maggie replied biting at her lip. We followed the scent of blood to the male bathroom.
“I don’t like where this is going.” I muttered pushing open the door.
Smoke rushed out of the room. I covered my mouth with my hand. Maggie walked inside whip at the ready.
“You don’t have to be afraid of the smoke Kara, remember.”
I nodded. Even after my hundred years of being a seventeen year old vampire I still had a few human thoughts. Maggie and I had been born to vampire parents but only found out we had the vampire gene when we turned 17 and never aged from then on. I removed my hand. I can’t die unless burned or staked, I’d forgotten that.
Maggie’s eyes widened and she let out a little gasp as the room cleared. “Oh my.”
“What is it?” I asked stepping around her. In the middle of the floor were the remains of a vampire. Obviously he was a fledgling, probably about fifteen and didn’t look like he had changed that long ago.
“This is why vampires shouldn’t turn humans or feed on them. What a waste.” I said eyeing the staked vampire.
“Well who ever did it knew how to clear away the evidence.” Maggie replied gesturing to the fire.
“I think we should go.” I said my hands tightening on my blades.
“Don’t you wanna know who did it?” Maggie asked.
“I’m curious, yes, but there’s only one group who would even think about killing a vampire. Personally, I don’t wanna be here if they show up.” I replied opening the door.
“Wait, you think the Lycans are responsible?” Maggie asked.
“Think about where we are Mags.” I said walking up the stairs out of the subway.
“Still I don’t understand.” She replied shaking her head. Her blonde hair swaying with her.
I stopped and pointed at a sign. “Central Station.”
“Yea so we’re in the heart of Sydney, your point?”
“So, my point Maggie, is that we’re on unclaimed turf. Vampires, Lycans, Elves, Fairies etc. All of us have been trying to lay claims on it since the last racial war over ten years ago.”
“But why would another race kill one fledgling vampire. It just doesn’t make sense Kara. If they wanted the land badly enough they would lay a claim on it and start a gang war.”
“That’s what I am worried about. Vampires and were wolves have never gotten along, we don’t even make treaties with one another. Just like Fairies and Pixies don’t get along, and the Sprites don’t mingle with the other species at all, they rarely associate with others apart from their own sub breed.” I replied. “We need to tell Corinne what’s happened.”
“You don’t think she’ll start a war do you? I mean there hasn’t been one for just over a decade.” Maggie said walking along beside me.
“Either way she needs to know so that she can inform the other clan leaders that someone has been feeding off humans, and worse turning them.” I said putting my swords away as we neared our own territory.
“I agree with you, all I am saying is that, well; I don’t think they would do it. I mean, there’s no moon which means they can’t turn. It’s the one time of the month they are at their weakest, surely they are not stupid enough to try and take on a vampire, even if he was only a fledgling.” Maggie said curling her whip up.
“I’m not saying the Lycans did it, but it’s the only thing that fits, and if the Lycans do want to start a war, we want as many of the supernatural on our side. No-one wants to see another species have that area, they should do anything the keep it un-claimed unless it’s claimed by them.” I said.
We rounded the corner and came to a stop in front of a large silver plated gate. Maggie pressed the buzzer.
“Eric it’s us open the gates.” Maggie spoke into the intercom.
“And how do I know it’s you Maggie, what’s the secret password?” Came Eric’s reply.
“Obviously you know it’s me.” Maggie giggled in reply.
“Even so, you can’t come in until I hear the password.”
“How about, you let Maggie and me in before I jump this fence and rip your throat out!” I threatened leaning past Maggie.
“Ah Kara, always a pleasure to hear your well.” Eric replied sarcastically.
“Don’t tempt me Eric.” I cursed.
“Ok, I’ll let you in, for Maggie’s sake.”
“Oh how kind of you..You big ASS!” I swore into the intercom as the gates opened.
“Kara please, can you be a little nicer to Eric?” Maggie said as we traversed up the winding drive.
“Nicer? To Eric? Who are you and what have you done with my twin?” I said giving her a quizzical look. She didn’t meet my eye.
“No, oh Maggie, no.” I groaned. “Don’t tell me you fancy that fool.”
“I don’t fancy him…I simply think he’s...Nice is all.” She replied sheepishly.
“Nice? He used to tease you all the time when we were little.” I said.
“Well he stopped that didn’t he.” She replied.
“Are you serious, just last week he poured syrup on your head and found it funny. It took us an hour to wash it out.” I said.
“He thought I was you remember, he only did it because you put itching powder in his bed.” She said pointing at me.
“Ha-ha, oh yea, totally forgot about that.” I said. “But still, we’ve been seventeen for a century now, how could you like him? Of all the vampires here, why him?”
“I don’t know.” Maggie replied.
“So you do admit it then, that you like him?” I laughed.
“Oh, shut up will you.” She laughed pushing me slightly. I grinned and opened the front door.
A few clan members nodded as we walked through the lounge room where everyone was talking and drinking wine, a few had bottles of animal blood from last night’s hunt with them.
“Back so soon?” Bellatrix asked as we got to the top of the stairs.
“We ran into a little..Ah problem.” I said glancing at Maggie.
“Yes we need to speak with Corinne.” Maggie added.
“I’m afraid Mistress Corinne is a little…busy at the moment.” Bellatrix replied with a small smirk.
“This is of the utter most importance.” I assured her.
“No, you cannot interrupt.”
“Why on earth not? Whatever she is doing cannot be nearly as important as this.” Maggie said as a matter of factly walking past Bellatrix.
“Oh, but she is with Master Callow.”
Maggie stopped in her tracks.
“I don’t care if she’s with the bloody king of England, if I wish to speak to my cousin I shall!” I declared sauntering past both Maggie and Bellatrix.
I knocked on the door. I heard a ruffle of sheets.
“Corinne it’s me, I know your busy but this is very important.” I called through the closed door.
“It will have to wait Kara; Corinne’s a little tied up at the moment.” Callow called laughing.
“I’m sorry but it cannot.” I replied.
“Kara, I do not care, I am…preoccupied. Please, it can wait.” Corinne called back.
“No Corinne I’m afraid it cannot. Maggie and I have some news from when we went out.” When she did not answer I continued. “We were down at central station. A fledgling vampire, a turned fledgling vampire, was staked and burned in the men’s toilets.”
“Give me five minutes to get dressed.” She called back. I heard Callow groan with annoyance.

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