The Slave In Red

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013




An eternity seemed to pass by, and Marcus had yet to come get me. I was left here to rot in my own thoughts. Left to think how I got to where I am now. I didn’t even know what day it was. A large part of me was home sick. I wanted to go back home to my school. My life, and my hateful parents. Yet, the thought of my parents sickened me. I was nothing to them. I’m being treated better here, in one day then I ever have back home. I continued looking into the stars. Pulling myself into them. Wishing I could be up there with them. 


“Stars are quite beautiful, aren’t they?” A dark voice asked. Making me jump from my place in the window, and almost fall to the ground. I gasped and grabbed my chest. “I appologize..didn’t mean to frighten you.” 


“How do you do that?” I asked, trying to find my breaths. He giggled. It was rather cute. 


“300 years of practice I suppose, I don’t even notice I do it.” He laughed. He walked over to me and looked me up and down. 


“Well now, you look amazing.” He said with cold breath in my face. 


“Thank...Thank you.” I studdered. I didn’t understand why he had this affect on me. The powers that vampires had were incredible. 


“Do I make you feel uncomfortable, love?” He asked, putting his arm around my back, once again putting lips to my neck, sending shivers down my entire body. My neck was my sweet spot. It always made me feel..good. I wimpered, and put my hands around his arm, wanting to back him away, but not being able to find any strength in me. The way he was holding me, made me feel so good, so real. 


He quickly pushed away from me, and looked at me with very confused eyes. 


“Come now, time to eat.” He said in one swift sentence, still looking at me with wonder. I didn’t know why he looked at me this way. Did I do something to make him mad? Hurt him in some way? 


He led me in his arm down a grand staircase. This house was huge, I don’t even know if I would consider it a house. It was a mantion, a castle. We walked around many curves and ended in front of two double doors made of wood and glass. 


“Are you ready?” He asked, Smirking like always. I just nodded my head. Was was I to be ready for? 


He opened the doors and we entered the large dining room. A table was rested in the middle made of black wood. It could easily sit 30 or 40 people on it. There were many people already in the dining room, and they all stood when we enetered, I’m guessing because of the man who was escorting me. 


“Everyone, this is Elizabeth, she is my new girl. You will treat her with respect, just as you would me. Understand?” He spoke. Many different colored eyes met with mine. These were all vampires around the table. I suddenly felt strange. They all nodded, but one set of black eyes seemed to not want to let me go. 

Marcus sat me down, which was right next to his seat at the head of the table. The black eyes were seated right in front of me. They gave me chills. I looked down at my hands, feeling very out of place. Some human girls walked into the room, bringing many trays of food, and set them in front of us all. I gave Marcus a look of confusion. 


“What?” He asked. 


“Vampires” I asked, astonished. 


“Eating food is quite pleasurable, but it does nothing for us.” He said, picking up a fork to eat. “Go ahead, eat.” He added. 


We all ate, and Marcus and many other guests talked. Sometimes they talked so quietly I could only see their lips moving. A few times people would say hello to me, or ask me how I was enjoying this home. I didn’t have much to say, I didn’t know very much. 


Black eyes kept watching me, never leaving me. It made me feel uneasy, and jittery. 


In what seemed like aged, dinner was over, and people were standing to make their leave. 


“You may go back to your room now Elizabeth, if you wish. I will be up shortly to go over your duties.” He spoke kissing the top of my hand as I stood up. 


“Okay, thank you for dinner, I haven’t eaten like this in I have no idea how long.” I said smiling. 


“Of coarse dear.” He said. I smiled once more, and turned around to leave the dining room. 


I got into the hallway, and thankfully it looked familiar. I walked quietly. The hallway was very dark, I couldn’t see much. I looked down to the end of the hallway, and I saw a figure. All black standing there, facing me. I didn’t know what to do. I was a statue of fear. Was it Marcus, maybe one of his maids? I had no way to know. I just kept staring. The figure never moved and inch. It just stood there, as if it wasn’t even there at all. 


 My breaths increased and I quickly turned the corner putting my hand on my chest. I quickly peeked back down the hallway squinting my eyes in fear,  and nobody was there. 


I breathed a sigh of relief almost laughing at myself. The mind always finds ways to play tricks on you. I turned around again, to continue walking and bumped straight into something hard, harder than a rock, making me stagger back.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean....” I began to say, and as I looked up, I saw those black eyes once again. 


“Hello human..” He trailed off. 

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