The ward

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The king's ward Sadon finds out the hard way of being the king's ward. When he suddenly finds himself in danger and no one close on finding him, he need to protect himself, but the question is...can he?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The ward

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014



I'm sorry to say that English is not my mother tongue, so there may be some mistakes. I have looked though this chapter as well as I could, but if you find some mistakes, then please tell :)

Sadon looked out the window with a sigh, if not a thunder cloud was over his head right now, he didn't know what was wrong with him.

The sun were slowly going down, letting the dark come slowly on the land. The forest was almost glowing from the sun and the birds were flying around the castle like they were searching for a good place to land. The servants were doing the last chores before going home, the prince was training the knights, the children were playing the last game before bedtime and the women was hanging their clothes to dry so it was ready for the next day. There was a benefit to have your chambers so high up.

And yet he had no idea what to do, he had never been more bored in his life. Edward was training the knights, even though it was pretty late and Elizabeth were brushing her hair or something like that, the truth was that he didn't want to be with her right now, do all those girly thing wasn't his strong side. Josselyn and Evan was of course doing chores, like always so he didn't wanted to interrupt them.

He looked at Edward there was training the knights, seriously did they ever get a break? Poor them. Their sword hit each other and Edward was giving them ordered he couldn't hear. What if one of them got hurt? He shook his head.

He walked away from the window and to his table and sat down and looked around his chambers, to find something to do. His eyes traveled to the the bookcase and he consider to read but he didn't feel like it. Then his eyes found the desk and he consider to write a letter. 

He sighed, to who? 

He didn't knew many people outside Esteria, not anyone wroth writing too anyway. His eyes found the door and then considered go outside for a while, and do what? He asked himself.

He groaned and let his head fall down on the table, he had never been this bored. He then thought about read a book again, he could go to the library to find a book but he didn't really had the energy to move from his seat, so he dropped that plan.

He took his head up and with a sigh he looked around again but again with no luck. How can you be so bored? How was it possible to be that bored? It really should be illegal to be this bored. He stood up and walked over to his bed and threw himself on it. He closed his eyes and felt the soft mattress under his back. He could sleep to it was dinner time, Evan would wake him up when he came so it couldn't hurt. There was nothing else to do anyway, so why not? He laid more comfortable and then felt asleep.




He felt someone push his shoulder. Annoyed he opened his eyes and found the smiling face of his servant.
"Evan…" he muttered and then turned around to sleep again.

He heard Evan groan, which made him smile a little.

"Come on sire, the king have asked you to dine with him, Lady Elizabeth and Prince Edward" Evan said.

He groaned and sat up in the bed. He really didn't feel like it, he had slept so good that he would rather lie back down again and sleep but he knew he couldn't do that and he was hungry.

"I'm up" he said with a yawn.

He got out the bed and went to the mirror behind his screen and then flattened his sleepy black raven hair.

"Will you find some clothes to me?" he asked.

He heard a hum as a reply and took it as a yes. He waited for the clothes. He could go in the clothes he was wearing but he better change it, since he was eating with the king, Elizabeth and Edward. He didn't really wanted to go to dinner but he had too otherwise the king would be disappointed and he hated when he got disappointed, you could it in his eyes.

He came to think of his parents, he missed them so much. They day they died, a part of his soul died with them. He could clearly remember what had happen that stormy raining night.

He woke up and heard the bell ringing. Where was mother and father, where they okay? Should he hide or stay in the bed? He looked around and saw only darkness. He wanted mother and father, he wanted them with him. He felt his throat close and gasps where coming out of his mouth. Why was the bell ringing and why weren't anyone coming after him?

Suddenly the door opened and his mother stepped inside with a with a lighted candle in her hand. She ran to him and sat on the bed. She sat the candle stander on the night table beside the bed.

"Listen closely Sadon, we're going on a long trip okay?" she asked with a smile, however he noticed it wasn't her usual smile.

He however nodded instead of asking to many question, even though he had a dozen inside his head. Why wasn't she smiling her normal smile? Why was the bell ringing? Where was father? What was going on?

"Good, now get out of bed" she said and then ran to the closet and opened it.

He got out of the comfortable bed and then waiting for his mother to find whatever she was looking for. Shortly after she came back with his dark blue cloak his her hand. She took it on him and took the hood over his head.

Suddenly a scream came outside the door, a woman's scream. He looked at his mother, he was scared. He didn't want this anymore.

"Mother, I'm scared" he cried.

She gave him a sad smile and took her hand on his chin.

"I know my child, I know" she said.

She then took his arm and dragged him to the bed.

"Go under the bed" she instructed.

He did as she said and then her head came to his sight.

"Listen closely, all this is a game and it's all about being quiet okay? Just be quiet no matter what" she said with a smile, even though tears were steaming down her face.

Why was mother crying, if it was just a game? Instead of asking he just nodded.

She smiled and took her head under the bed and kissed him on the forehead and then went out the bed again.

"Stay here" she said and then stood up.

As she had just stood up the door opened, though it was impossible to see whom it was but he could see man's boots, however he didn't recognize them.

"You!" he head his mother spat, "this is your doing?".

He felt his throat close again. If this were a game then why was his throat closing? and why was his palms sweaty? And why did his mother sound so angry?

"Where is he?" the man asked.

He saw the shoes of his mother walked backwards as the man's walked forward.

"Safe, from you!".

He heard the man chuckle and suddenly he threw himself forward and then a second after his mother felt down on the floor. He took his hands to his mouth to stay silent as his mother had told him to do. He could see the lightning lighted his room up, he could hear the rain and thunder from the outside but it all faded away when he saw blood coming from his mother's body. Her head was turned towards him and she was gasping for air.

This was no game, he knew that now but he also he knew that his mother wanted him to stay quiet. He felt something wet on his cheek and then he realized he was crying.

She smiled though her gasping and then she stopped gasping, her eyes half-open looking straight into his yet, with no light in them.

Shortly after the man had walked out but he didn't come out from the bed, he just kept looking at his death mother's body.

Sadon had found out later that his father died in battle, he had protected his mother from a sword when they were on the way to his chamber but his father failed to protect himself. He never found out who the man was there killed his mother that night. The only thing he saw that night was his boots and that wasn't enough. When the man had walked a maid had found him and since his parents were now lying in their grave he became his father's friend’s ward.

He felt a tear streaming down his chin so he wiped them away fast and took the clothes there was now hanging over the screen.

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