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Propose Day –

Happy morning with the chirping of birds feels like they wish us. The brisk air and the first cup of coffee is quite enough to feel fresh. This morning was special for her, the day was not like the same for her, she was planning to express her feelings to swastik, her love. Horn buzzing downstairs, Avni's co-workers were there to pick up her. Coming there, shouts Avni. “Hurry up we are getting late”, says one of them. Why are you being so late, you don't look the same as earlier, is there any problem?? Asked Tasneem. Nothing like that, it's just I slept late last night, says Avni. And you were talking with the same guy, says Tasneem. She nodded, after a gap of two years we have become friends instantly, says Avni. Just friends or more than that?? I was expecting more from you, winks Tasneem. I was thinking to tell him the truth, says avni. Truth??? About what ?? Asks tasneem. Should I propose him? Asks avni. Obviously not, let him propose you first, says tasneem. But why?? I mean what's wrong with that?? Questioned avni. Nothing darling but boys does not take seriously such a relationship where girl asks them first and it's a fact, claims tasneem.

But what's a big deal how does it matter who asks first?? Argues avni. He will propose you if he likes you tasneem says with an ease. I can't understand the reason if I like him then I should express my feelings without thinking about anything else whether he accept me or not, I don't think this is gonna affect our friendship, exclaims avni. I wish so, utters tasneem.

In the evening after returning from the office, she ordered some food from nearby restaurant, she felt exhausted because of workload. She turned on the music of her collection as it works as a therapy for her. She rested for a spell and then looked up to mails and other accounts. There was a mail for her new job interview. She looked into the link and find out the details, she has to go there the day after tomorrow. She was happy that she finally got it, willing to share this news with Swastik and the door bell rings it was the delivery boy of the restaurant.  She kept the dinner aside and logged in to chat with Swastik, and there was a message from him, “hey Avni..Please answer me when you got the message” for a second she got worried if everything is fine with him but without thinking about anything she did the reply.

For some minutes she waited for a response, her heart was sinking down, hoping if there is something exciting he wants to tell her or he is gonna propose her but there was no reply. She decided to log it off, as she moved the cursor to exit button suddenly she got the message.

“Hello I am shrishti, Swastik's sister. I want to tell you that Bhai had came with an accident when he was coming to Bangalore to meet you, he wanted to surprise you , he wanted to express what he feels for you and let you know that he loves you. He told me about you and you're helping heart but now he needed me to tell you about his love for you”!

Avni got struck with that, she was not able to think, to feel anything she felt numbed. Her heart was literally stopped after reading this message, tried hard to regain some strength, held her breath inside, she asked her Is he fine now?

“No.. he is in ICU” replied shrishti.

 Avni doesn't know how to react on this, should her be happy that he loves her, that she finally know about his feelings for her, that he feels the same for her as she feels for him. Should her be glad that she can spend her life with him without even knowing about his condition or should she cry because the person she loves, was admitted, with whom she wants to spend her life is in ICU. To whom she was deciding to propose is fighting for his life, the life of her first love is in risk. She closed her eyes and tears rolled down through her eyes over her laptop. “Please inform me about his health if there is any recovery you found”, message sent by avni. “I will”, responded shrishti and got offline.

Submitted: December 06, 2014

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Very good chapter full of love romance. Like it.

Sat, January 31st, 2015 6:54pm


thank you so much

Sat, May 23rd, 2015 10:46pm

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