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A day to begin - The rains are those that melt hearts a rude one's to a flabby one. The breeze, the sound producing falling raindrops on the ground, the view seen from the window makes you feel fresh and loved. It works really well for her. Whenever she feel alone, she wish she could feel the breeze of gentle wind, feel the fragrance of soil, which comes during rain, closing her eyes and feeling herself which was tough in a city as Bangalore. Fortunately, it was raining and she was feeling herself fresh and joyful. She completed her office work and had a cup of coffee, then exited for the office.

Being a single child she has never up to on boundaries that her parents have set for what she feel blessed. Of course she miss them, who lives in Dehradun she miss the weather of Dehradun, the greenery there, conversations with parents, the hangouts with friends on winters when they go out just to have a cup of coffee in the high coldness, these are the little things which makes a simple moment to a memorable one's and now whenever she feel low she invite her friends to join her or everyone go out to party and a movie.

The hours slipped away as usual and she returned at home from office. She refreshed herself had a glass of water and turned on the music and looked up for mails. She found a ping from a guy named Swastik on her social network account, visited his profile and looked up for his information and questioned him if he is the same guy of her college.?

After some minutes, she got a message.

Yes, I'm the same guy. :-) He replied

Avni: oh how are you?

Swastik: I'm 5n, you say?

Avni: I am alright

Abruptly he got offline She cross checked whether the message has sent and had her dinner then fell asleep.

Submitted: November 28, 2014

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Very interesting development of thought. Lee.

Sat, November 29th, 2014 10:10am


Thank you....:)

Sat, November 29th, 2014 2:44am

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