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what would you do if your parents sent you away because of your sexuality. Would it be for the better or worst? follow Kelly in her topsy tervy look back in life. With her weird aunt and even weirder school. will she be able to survive her up side down world or end it all.

Note: this story is not a true story or based on life just things that can happen in life and how funny fate can be.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Back Flash

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



My life changed soon after my parents caught me with my girlfriend in a normal situation aka if I was not born a girl and my parents not homophobes this would be no big deal. My parents stopped taking to me that, and then they sat me down for a family meeting. “Kelly dear your father and I think it would be best to send you to your aunts.” My mother said it in her usual timid, quiet, and slow way. I answered with an abrupt “Your only being prejudices you sending me away for being gay!” I always regret saying that to my ever timid mother. “No we are only.” Just before my mother could finish my father stated loud and furiously “Yes we are you are a disgrace to this family why couldn’t you be like your older brother and sister.” I snarled silently only latter would he find out about his prostitute daughter and drug dealing son. “I’m sorry Honey please pack your things it’s for the best.” Back then I could only laugh at how ironic that was. When I finished packing I went to say my good-byes, I gave my mom a hug, and tried to shake my dads hand but he only gave me a look of disgust and anguish.


As I pulled up to the house I wondered what she was like. What side of the family was she from? Then suddenly the house door flung open there stood my aunt proud and stiff like an old portrait. I approached slow and curiously when I reached the porch she pulled me in and slammed the door shut. “So you are my sister’s child come now Kelly that is your name right?” She said this faster than my mind could process. With that she took me to the room I would spend eight years in. I will always remember that room when I walked with my head hung low she opened the door an icy chill crawled over my feet. I curiously looked up expect a dusty 18th century colonial room but only to see a modern room of red and white walls. The bookshelves loaded to the brim with tales and adventures of my favorite authors. The room was decorated just how I always wanted it to look like. My bed shaped like a circle with a blue blanket on top, and pillows that felt like soft clouds. A hot red work desk with a yellow office chair placed next to the light colored oak bookshelves. Two square orange knee high stool stood center on top of a bright colorful rug. Still to this day I wonder if it was just a coincidence or my aunt did it to make me fell welcomed. My aunt sad to me with patience and kindness “You are welcome here breakfast is at 7:30 am on week days on weekends 10:00 am lunch on weekends is at 12:45 pm dinner is at 6:30 pm everyday do not be late or you won’t eat you will be going to Saint Ellen’s all girl catholic school be there at 8 am it’s two doors down lunch will be provided for you there.” She finished speaking and left me to unpack. “So this is where I’ll spend my years.” That’s the thought I had while unpacking little did I know of the danger a head at the time.

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