My First Love (An Autobiography)

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - My First Love (An Autobiography)

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



A lot of us have heard Rihanna's song "We found love in a hopeless place." For me this is true. I am going to say this now, no I did not fall in love on the Jersey shore. I found my first love in my second year of college. Yes, I realize I am a late bloomer in this department. But, who am I suppose to tell fate where it is suppose to go? Back to my story. I fell in love. The funny thing was I wasn't even searching for it. Love hit me like a big yellow bus. This person took me to the stars and put me through hell. This is my story. (WARNING: To conceal a person's identity, I have added ______ to protect the name of this person.)

It all started in September 2012. I was hanging out with one of my best friends. Her name was Kelly. She made me meet one of her new friends. She brought her friend over named _____. This person was so unique and captivating that it was a little alarming. I was afraid of my friend's friend. I didn't say much to this person because I am a shy person when I am around new people. I am pretty sure ____ thought I was awkward. Kelly and ____ and I played apples to apples. The only time I would talk to ____ was to pick their card as the winner.

A few days later Kelly was hanging out with ____. I really wanted to hang out with my best friend. I asked Kelly to ask and see if I could come over to _____'s dorm room. At first it was a no because ____ didn't know me but then Kelly told ____ that they did know me. So, Kelly came and got me to go to _____'s dorm room. It was a little strange being in this person's dorm room and I hardly know them. After five minutes of being with Kelly and _____, _____ tried to give me a lap dance. I was really taken back by this because I have never had someone be themselves when I'm being so timid. Kelly, Ronda, ______ and I watched the movie Norbit. After watching Norbit, _____ asked me for my cell phone number and made me promise that we would go get coffee at Starbucks when ______ gets paid. I gave____ my number and we talked through the rest of the night. I didn't feel so uncomfortable anymore.

As time progressed so did _____'s feeling for me. In let October the tables were turned on me and somehow and some way I became the lion and ____ became the baby gazelle. _____ had me so confused about myself that I cried for a day and a half. I never felt the feelings I had before. They were so real and so scary that I had no idea how to react to them. Kelly tried to help me stop crying but she didn't really help me. After I was crying I realized that what I was feeling felt so good and it felt so bad at the same time. For all I know ____ could of just been playing games with me and maybe ____ really didn't care about me. After crying for a day and a half, I had to go see how ____ felt about me. When I got to _____'s room I knocked and I was allowed in, The first five minutes of being in ____'s room I just stood there and laughed. I was so nervous I had no idea where to start so I just started laughing. I blurted out after my laughing fit "Do you like me?" That probably wasn't the best way to start that conversation but I cannot turn back time. _____ told me that now was not the time even thought there were feelings there that could not be denied. I was okay with that answer. I got my closure. Little did I know I really didn't. A few hours after ____ told me now wasn't the time we went to the movies on a date. ____ bought the tickets and popcorn. I bought the sodas. Although I was so confused, I also felt so amazing,


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