On The Floor: Life as a Dancer

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Novel about a girl's dream to become a dancer. Will her dreams come true? Or will life chew her up and spit her out? 7/4/12

Chapter 1 (v.1) - On The Floor: Life as a Dancer

Submitted: July 06, 2012

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Submitted: July 06, 2012



Hi, my name is Brooke and I love to dance. Dance is a way to express myself. If I feel anger I dance or when I feel sadness I will dance. I have a goal for the future and it is to become a dance student at the ellite school named Juilliard.


"Come on, Brooke. You need to bend more!" my dance teacher shouted from across the dance studio. "I know you dream of becoming a student at Juilliard, but with the way you are dancing you are going to get laughed out of the audition."

"Yes, I will try harder. I am sorry Miss Abby." I told my dance teacher.

My dance teacher started her first dance company when she was my age. So, she started her first company when she was fourteen. She is an excellent choreographer. So I hope with her skills and her ability to train she will help me climb the ladder of success.

"From the top, Brooke. I want to see you do a better back bend." she told me. "Five, six, seven, eight."

From that eight the music starts to play. I start on the floor and pose creepily. Staring into the audience. I get to my feet slowly and then the music speeds up. I do a cartwheels across the floor. Then came the silent part where I stare again. Then the music starts up again and then I do the scorpion. I prance around the room like a baby zebra. The music volume is dying down and I end in the splits.

I hear clapping. I turn over and look at Abby with a smile. "Good job Brooke. You had me believe the story a little bit more than you did last time."

I can feel myself start to glow. "Thank you, Miss Abby." I get up and hug her.

"Today's lesson is over. You may go home now, Brooke."

I run to the changing room and get back into my sun dress and high heels. As I am leaving the studio I run into my rival dancer. Her name is Veronica. I hate her with a burning passion. "I saw you perform you terrible dance routine. What are you suppose to be? My guess is that you are just being your awkward self."

"No, the story behind my dance that Abby created is that I am a girl with multiple personality disorder. Couldn't you tell from the music changes or how the dance went from creepy to joyful? Or are you too stupid to realize that?" I said.

"Whatever. It doesn't matter. I am going to beat you anyways at our next competition. I almost always do." Veronica told me with an evil smile on her face.

"I have beat you before Veronica. What makes you think I can't this time?"

"I don't have time to play this game Brooke. We will keep going back and forth until I win. So we are going to say I won and I am going to practice." she said as she walked away from me.

I could feel the my anger radiate from my body. I can't stand her. I am going to beat her. I am a great dancer. I can do this.

I keep trying to boost my ego while I walked home. I was not going to let Veronica get the best of me. She always tries to get inside my head. That is how she usually beats me. Not this time. I am going to try and play her game.

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