The Prom Queen

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My novel 6/27/12

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Prom Queen

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Being a teenager is no walk in the park. Trust me I know. I am a teenager. I am sixteen. I know being a teenager is hard because puberty hits you like a freight train and your hormones make you a walking horn dog. But for me life is tougher. My life is ticking like a time bomb and I have no idea when my bomb is going to blow.


"Charlie! Stop it!" I squealed.

"Haha. Alright. I will stop. Only for you!" he jokingly said. Charlie is my boyfriend of two months. I think I love him. And he is suppose to be taking me to our Junior prom.

"Maddie it is time for Charlie to go home. You have a doctor's appointment early tomorrow, remember?" my father shouted from the stairs.

"Okay dad." I replied.

"I love you babe." Charlie said as he did a peck on my lips.

I gave him a hug. "I love you too. I will see you tomorrow." I smiled as he exited my room


I woke up at 5:15 in the morning to get ready for my doctor's appointment. I woke up with a major headache. I also had a hard time walking to the bathroom. I got in the shower and felt dizzy. I think it was just my headache making it hard to do activities. I got done with getting ready by 6:45 in the morning. By 7 I was waiting in the waiting room at the doctor's office. Reading a magazine. Reading articles about Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, and One Direction.

A woman in hot pink scrubs call my name. "Maddie Magic?"

I stood up and walked over and told her "That's me."

She did the normal stuff. "How are you?" and "Boy you grown up from the last time I have seen you!"

She weighed me and asked me some questions. "Doctor Jepsen will be with you shortly."

"Fantastic." I said inside my head.

Time passes slowly. Minutes feel like hours. I can hear each tick the second hand makes. Tick. Tick. Tick.

The doctor finally came in. "What are you in here for?" he asked me.

I reply "I am here to find out what is causing my migrains. It happens almost every morning."

The doctor takes an x-ray of my head. I hear the machine taking the photos of my head. Click. Click. The doctor leads me back to his waiting room. I sit in there looking around the room. Waiting for him to tell me what is wrong and how he can fix it.

I see posters of soon to be mothers and obese people. I read the posters like ten times before the doctor even shows up.

He opens up the door and is face does not look good.

"Is everything alright?" I asked worriedly.

"There is no easy way to say this" he told me. "I checked your x-rays and well it seems like you have stage two of ependymoma."

I give the doctor a puzzled look. "Can you put that in simple terms? As you can see I did not go to Harvard for medical school."

"It means you are in the second stage of cancer in your brain."

After he told me the news his mouth kept moving but nothing was coming out.


I am shocked. I do not even remember driving to school. How am I going to tell Charlie and my family about my about my cancer. I feel ashamed and pissed off. I walk into the locker room and stare into the mirror. As I stare I feel hot water fall from my eyes. I hear noises behind me. I turned around and noticed that I was in the guy's locker room. Really? Can this day get any worse!? I run out of the men's locker room. I pull out my cell phone and sent a massive text to Charlie and my family. "I found out what is wrong with me. We need to talk about this after school."

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