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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Halley

Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



Walking out of my apartment after the storm finally stops brings upon a picture of utter horror. Everything is ruined. My yard was finally starting to look somewhat decent but now it’s just a muddy swamp. I’m not really sure why I try anymore, it always gets ruined. I walk into what I used as my art shack, even though I knew the contents of the inside would be ruined since the place had holes in its roof and no door. But it still broke my heart to see all my art, pieces I had worked weeks on torn to shreds. Grabbing one of my favorites and clinging it to my chest I fell to the ground and started sobbing.


It was almost like she appeared out of nowhere but within minutes Jupiter was beside me asking if I was okay. I nodded slowly and wiped my face, I hated when she seen me cry. “I’m fine Jay, it’s just… my’s..gone..”


“I know, I saw, I’m really sorry Halley…”


“Why are you apologizing? It isn’t your fault.”


It was odd to see Jupiter look so ashamed. She turned away and avoided my eye contact for a second but then she looked like herself again as she smiled at me and said in awe, “Hey, I have an idea!” She smiled. “Let’s recreate them, together!”


“I don’t know Jup, it took me weeks to finish all those, we can’t recreate them in just a day..”


“Then let’s not do it in just a day, you act like this is the last time I’m ever going to see you Hal.”


I looked down sheepishly because I actually live in constant fear or Jupiter leaving and never coming back. Whether it be because she gets hurt, or whether it’s her finally realizing how messed up I am and not wanting the burden of being around me any more. Either way, both would kill me pretty much equally. “Yeah...yeah we can do that Jupiter, I would love for you to help me” I try as hard as I can to put a smile on my face but I know she can see through it, she always does.


“What’s wrong Hal? Is everything okay?” She rushes over to my side as I burst into tears. I’m not really sure what for though. I mean, yeah there was my art this time, but things like this happen often. I kind of just...break sometimes. Almost like I hang on for so long that sometimes my body physically can’t any longer. She coos me while slightly twisting my hair walking us into my apartment so we don’t have to sit on the wet ground. Sitting down on my bed she lays us back and wraps her arms around me. “Hey, hey now, it’s okay Hal, I’m here, I’m right here you’re safe..”


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