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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Gemini

Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



God I hate doing night duty here, literally nothing ever happens. It’s probably the most boring job within this government...whatever you want to call it. Which is probably why they all give it to me.


Hearing a twig snap to her left her head snaps in that direction quickly. “Who’s there?”


“Calm down kid, It’s just us.” Eyeing that they have their usual prisoner, Gem looks at her shoes avoiding his eye contact. She always feels guilty when they bring him in, I mean he’s obviously around her age, he doesn’t look a day over 20. So knowing that this could easily be her, or any of her friends sent chills up her spine.


“Oh, uh.. sorry, I just.. yeah sorry.” Walking in the opposite direction she cringes at their next comment.


“Hey kid, why don’t you come along with us, eventually this’ll be your job so why not learn what we’re doing now?” he smiles like it’s the best job in the world which makes Gemini shiver yet again.


“Actually, I was just about to get off so uh.. not tonig-”


“Oh, the boss’ll understand. Come on.” Reluctantly, Gemini followed them to the building and down a trail of white hallways. Which easily reminded me of a hospital. Oddly enough it gave me an uneasy feeling of familiarity, kind of making me sick to my stomach..


~ ”Come on, you have to make a choice. We don’t have much time. Come on Calum you need to make the decision kid.. “

“I.. I can’t I don’t want to bring this life onto either one. Its a horrible life to live… Why can’t they both go into the dome? Or both stay here?” she slaps him, hard across the cheek.

“Don’t ever let me hear you say that ever again. You hear me boy? You know we can’t have them both in the same place, twins are frowned upon, they’re different.”

“Ye- yes..” just then a pair of little girls about 2-3 walked in.

“Mommy, Calum, what’s going on?” She turns and looks at them.

“Nothing girls, go play.” Calum looks at them as a tear runs down his cheek.”

‘Halley is going inside the dome, she’s too innocent to live this life. Gem is stronger, less naive, she stays here.

Smiling softly, “now, was that so hard boy? Run along, take Halley and put her on the other side, well, you know the drill, do that first and then take her to some family. She’s their problem now.”

Walking away Calum goes to grab Halley, but Gemini grabs her hand pulling her back. “No, don’t take her..”

“Gem, baby I have to, I’m sorry, you won’t even remember her in a few minutes.” a tear escapes his eye as he walks off with Halley to a large white room with a red door marked ‘AMNESIA.” ~


Kid, hey kid you okay?”  


“huh, what?” she carefully looks at her surroundings not really sure what just happened and shakes it off… this has been happening often recently though.. “Oh, yeah, yeah I’m fine.”


“Well, okay let’s begin then…”


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