Edge of Heaven

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Kylie is one of the most popular girls at school, everybody loves her. The first day after summer vacation a new student transfers into her class. Turns out he is a student from England, but also a model..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Edge of Heaven

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013




She woke up by the sunlight on her face. It was bright, and warm. Slowly she sat up in her bed, rubbing her eyes. "Morning already?" she thought to herself while looking down at the bedside table. It was 9 AM, which meant school had already started. And it was the first day of school after summer vacation. Kylie jumped out of bed while grabbing some random clothes out of her closet, before running downstairs to grab her backpack and run out the door with coffee in her hand.

Kylie was naturally beautiful. She didn't need much makeup on her face to look pretty. She had long brown hair with blonde highlights, which was naturally straight. Her eyes were chocolate brown and she had long black lashes. She had the looks of a supermodel… or at least that's what Kylie's been told.

When Kylie arrived outside the school she had already finished her coffee. She ran across the building hoping to sneak in, without someone noticing her. While looking behind her, as she bumped into someone in front of her.

"Ouch!" she screamed as she landed on her butt.

"Oh I'm sorry… I didn't see you there" a male voice said.

Kylie was too busy collecting the things that had fallen out of her backpack to even notice the person she had bumped into.

"Need any help?" he asked reaching his hand out to her.

She frowned "No thanks!" Kylie grabbed her backpack without even looking at him, throwing it over her shoulder while turning around to walk away. She looked down, to see the hole in her dress. "That fucking bastard ruined my dress!" she thought to herself before entering the school building.

Kylie entered the classroom to see everyone sitting at their desks, but no teacher around. "KYLIE!" a bunch of girls yelled as they stormed towards her. Kylie was like a god. Everyone loved her. Yes she could be a bitch at times, but everyone adored her. Kylie was a straight-A student, and she was good at everything she did. All the guys at school fell in love with her just by looking at her, she was gorgeous. Kylie didn't believe in love so she never dated anyone. She thought that boys were a waste of time.

"Where is the teacher?" Kylie asked surprised.

"We don't know… The teacher hasn't been here yet" the girls replied.

Footsteps down the hall became louder as the door opened behind them. They all turned around to see Mrs. Smith enter the classroom.

"I am so sorry for being late," the teacher said while walking to her desk.

Mrs. Smith was what you would call a 'typical teacher'. She was always wearing the same clothes, big glasses, no make up and her breath smelled horrible. She was probably in her early 30's but with those looks, it seemed like she was over 50…

Everyone took they're seats as she turned around to write a name on the blackboard.

"Today we've got a new student with us" Mrs. Smith said amused.

On the blackboard, the name "Dylan Conrad" was written.

"He just moved here from England," the teacher continued.

All the girls in the class started squealing. Kylie leaned backwards to hear what the girls were whispering.

"Oh my gosh, a student from England? I bet he's hot!" the girls whispered to each other, full of excitement.

Kylie rolled her eyes, but continued to listen.

"I bet he has the hottest British accent!" another girl whispered back.

Kylie kept shaking her head; she didn't understand why girls were so hooked on boys. And so what if he was British…Who cares? She thought to herself annoyed. Just as she leaned forward again she froze still. "Wait, didn't the boy she bumped into have a British accent?"

"Dylan, you may now come in" the teacher said with a smile.

Kylie looked up - spotting the most handsome guy she had ever seen.

He was wearing a white shirt with a V-neck, dark jeans with black converse shoes. His body was perfectly fit, and he had black hair with ice blue eyes. Those were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, and they were staring at her. Kylie felt herself blush as their eyes met. She looked down, trying to hide that she was blushing.

"What had gotten into her? She usually never blushes over a boy! Especially someone she didn't even know!" she thought to herself.

"You may sit over there!" the teacher pointed to the seat behind Kylie. Dylan nodded as he made is way to Kylie's desk. The girls kept watching him while he made his way over to the other side of the classroom. It was obvious that they had a crush on him. As Dylan crossed Kylie's desk he leaned down to her and whispered,

"Sorry about the dress" before he sat down in the seat behind her. There was no doubt about it; this was clearly the man who had bumped into her this morning. Kylie put on a frown face as she turned around to face him.

"You should feel sorry, this was an expensive dress!"

He looked back at her with a smile. Her face expression changed from angry to confused, why was he smiling?

His smile was as perfect as his blue eyes. Kylie felt her cheeks become red again. She turned back around to face the blackboard. "What had gotten into her?" she thought to herself. She noticed everyone looking at her. Kylie was used to having people looking all the time, but now it seemed like they looked at her in a different way than what they usually do.

That day passed slowly. This had been the longest school day Kylie has ever had. She tried to focus on the teacher but couldn't help thinking about the handsome boy sitting behind her. Oh how she wanted to turn around to see his face, again. Kylie just remembered a trick her sister had thought her a few years back. The trick was to drop the pencil on the floor, and get the guy to pick it up for you. Kylie looked down on her pencil, considering whenever she should do it, or not. Before she knew it the pencil slipped out of her fingers and landed at the end of her desk. A few seconds passed and there was no reaction. She slowly looked over her shoulder, not wanting to be obvious that she was looking at him. To her surprise, he was sleeping.

"First day of school and you are already sleeping in class?" she thought to herself.

Kylie bent down to pick up the pencil she had dropped. She felt embarrassed.

Finally the school day was over. She grabbed her backpack and pulled it over her shoulder.

"See you tomorrow Kylie!" the girl giggled and left the classroom.

Kylie waved back with a smile. She looked down on her phone while walking towards the door. She had over 5 missed calls from her boss.

"I wonder what he wants now…" she thought to herself annoyed.

Even thought Kylie was only 16 years old she had a pretty impressive job. She did commercials for make up products, clothing, accessories and shoes. She was even offered a modeling job for Victoria Secret!

Before Kylie got the chance to hit the call button she bumped into someone again.

"Hey watch where you're going dumbass!" she yelled, looking up to see Dylan standing in font of her. He had a surprised look on his face.

"oh wow, you've got a pretty big mouth. Don't you missy?" he asked, almost amused at her.

Kylie rolled her eyes at him while continuing to look down at her phone. He smirked as he walked out the classroom. She could feel her heart beating faster as he walked past her. "What is this weird feeling?" she thought to herself confused. Her thoughts got distracted by her phone vibrating against her hand. She looked down on her phone to see her boss calling. She pressed her phone gently against her ear.

"Hello?" she said.

"Kylie Parker! It's been so long since we last heard from you!" The assistant said happily.

"It's only been 1 day since we last talked…" Kylie continued sarcastically.

"Only a day? Well it feels like forever! Anyway the boss wants you down here as soon as possible. He's got something to show you!" The assistant continued to speak in a pleasant voice.

"Show me?" Kylie asked confused.

"Yes, please come as soon as you can" she laughed a little.

Kylie groaned as she continued to walk out of the school building.

"Ok, I'll be there in 20 minutes" Kylie hung up the phone call.

Kylie leaned her head against the buss window, watching the cars drive by. She had already changed before going to work. She couldn't show up with a ruined dress. "What was it that was so important?" she thought to herself. She continued to look out the window. The bus rolled up to a bus stop as the driver turned around to look at her.

"I'm guessing this is where you are getting off?"

"Yes, thanks" Kylie smiled as she stood up.

She signed as she walked off the bus. She looked up at the building her company had. It was huge! Her black heels walked across the bus stop and over to the building. There were people coming in and out of the building all the time. They all knew that Kylie worked there. They smiled and waved at her, she couldn't help but smile back at them.

"What a nice per of shoes you've got Kylie!" the assistant said as she greeted Kylie in the doorway. The assistant continued, "Follow me! I'll show you where the boss is".

Kylie nodded as she followed her. The assistant was a redheaded girl who was probably just in the 20's. Kylie didn't like her much because she was obviously just sucking up to her. She's one of those girls who sleep with the boss just so they can get promoted.

"He's in there. Just be sure to knock on the door before coming in" the assistant said, as she walked off. Kylie gently knocked on the door before coming in. The room was bright white as she walked in.

"Kylie, you're finally here!" She could hear her boss say. Her boss was dressed in a black suit (like always) while holding his cigar.

"Tony!" Kylie replied with a smile. "Sorry to bring you down here on such short notice" he continued,

"It was an emergency". Kylie leaned her head to the side, confused.

"What kind of emergency?" Kylie looked around the room. There were probably 15-20 people in here working. Some were putting up spotlights, while others were putting up cameras. Big packages were moved back and worth.

"What's going on here exactly?" she asked. Tony looked across the room,

"One of our models called in today… Turns out she was in an accident". Kylie gasped,

"Oh my gosh! Is she OK? Who was it?"

"Yes, she's fine. And It's Miranda Kerr" he put the cigar in his mouth with a disappointed look on his face. Kylie was even more surprised now than before.

"Miranda Kerr?" she thought to herself. That was the supermodel from Victoria Secret, one of the most famous supermodels! She was dating the hunk Orlando Bloom.

"Anyway, we need someone to step in for her, and I thought you would be perfect!" Tony slightly started smiling.

"Me? Step in… for… her?" Kylie asked confused.

Kylie didn't know if she should be excited or scared. Kylie has had model jobs before, but this? This could be a huge step in her career! She couldn't turn this down. No matter what!

"Yes step in for her. She was suppose to do a photo shoot for Armani"

"Armani? That's so cool" She thought to herself, smiling wildly.

Tony saw her expression. He could tell that she was excited.

"Don't get too excited, I haven't explained what the photo shoot is about yet!" He grinned. She twisted a strand of hair around her finger as she bit her bottom lip

"What is there to explain, Its ARMANI!" she giggled.

Tony rolled his eyes as he smiled at her "The photo shoot is for Armani underwear" he explained. "You'll have to pose in only underwear with a guy. Can you do that?"

Kylie's face expression changed from happy to serious

"Wait, only underwear? Isn't that illegal? I'm only 16…"

Tony laughed, "No it's not. I already checked"

Kylie wasn't sure about this. It felt a bit wrong. What was she going to do?

"Look, if you're not up to it. I'll just ask someone else" Tony said sweetly. Not wanting to pressure her.

Kylie started to shake her head, "No! I'll do it"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! I'm sure…" she tried to smile.

Deep down, Kylie still wasn't sure if this was the right choice. I mean… Posing in underwear with a guy? A little too extreme for her taste, she thought.

"Trying out new things, won't hurt right?" she asked with a smile.

"Right" he nodded.

She continued to smile. Feeling a little bit more relaxed now.

"We started preparing the photo shoot scene for today…" Tony tried to explain.

"So that's why there are so many people here… working,…" she thought to herself.

"Are you ready?" Tony asked, hoping she would say yes.

Kylie laughed before answering, "Yes I think so. I'll try my best"

"Bloody Hell!" a male voice yelled out across the room.

Kylie turned around as her eyes widened.

"Oh yes I almost forgot, this is the guy you are modeling with…" Tony pointed.

She could feel the butterflies in her stomach.

"It. It's…Dylan!"

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