The Immortal - Sealed in Royalty

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Calena Redwood is just an average immortal...until she finds herself trapped in the body of the youngest Immortal prince Alex...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Immortal - Sealed in Royalty

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



Calena woke up slowly. Her body clock was telling her it was morning and it had not failed her yet, but it didn’t feel completely true at the same time. Opening her eyes, she looked up at something black above her. Puzzled she sat up and looked around. She was looking at the closed curtains of a four poster canopy bed.
‘A very comfortable one at that’ she thought. ‘But still not mine!’
Worried, she scrambled over to the side and pushed the curtains open. The room beyond seemed to be styled in some kind of gothic Victorian castle style. Frown creasing her brow she walked over to the window, only to find it boarded up.  She dropped the curtain and looked around the room instead; she kind of liked the style of the place. Old but elegant. She sighed and it sounded wrong in her ears. Scratching her head she frowned when she discovered her hair wasn’t what she was used to. Spotting a mirror against the wall she ran over to it and took in her reflection.

‘That’s not me’ she though panicking. ‘That is not me!’

For looking out of the mirror was a man! His black hair only just reached his earlobes with his fringe covering one side of his face. The eye looking at her green not her own chocolate brown and he was only wearing what seemed to be black jeans. Though his torso was definitely well defined and there was no doubting he was very strong. A tattoo lingered on his shoulder, looking like a mass of intricate patterns one could get lost in by staring too much. The tattoo curved over to his back spreading out over it as though it was trying to claim him as its own.

Calena stared in the mirror for what seemed like the longest time, taking deep breaths. She was not the type to scream and she wasn’t going to now. She looked around her again and wondered how she’d got here.

She rubbed the back of her head as a numbness started there. She wasn’t sure what she should be doing now. Just then a blast of red hot pain shot through her mind and someone seemed to be yelling at her.


“What the...?”


‘Well if you’d shut up then I could tell you!’ Calena snapped back at him, becoming annoyed now. ‘My name is Calena Redwood and to be honest I don’t know how I got here, who you are or what to do now!”

Silence for a few minutes then: ‘I know you’re telling the truth. I can sense it from your mind. Well Calena, I don’t know how you got here either but what I can tell you is that you’ve entered the body of Prince Alexander.’

‘P...p..prince Alex?’ Calena stuttered. The youngest of the Immortal princes?

‘How?’ she asked.

‘We’ll have to figure that out but for now you have to get dressed’ Alex said.

“Right” Calena muttered in a deep voice. “Then we have to figure out where my real body is.”

“That too” said Alex tiredly.

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