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Submitted: March 18, 2016

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Submitted: March 18, 2016



"Oh my god, I know right?!" I exclaim to my friend, talking about this guy at a party I had went to the previous night.

"Guys are such pigs, you could do better Dia." My friend Ali tells me. i fix my makeup in the mirror. Not excited for English next block. Puckering my lips at myself I tell Ali I have to go get my books for next class, if I'm late again they'll call my parents and I'll never hear the end of it. And with it being my eighteenth birthday in just 3 short days I do not want anything to go wrong. Little did I know at this time that my entire world and everything as I knew it to be was going to change very soon.

"How was school Dia?" My mom asks as I walk in the door, a smile spread on her face. My mother is always such a happy and care free woman. She cares so much about everybody, more then herself, and will do anything to make a person smile. I love her, I couldn't really ask for a better family.

"Good, thanks. I have a test in biology tomorrow." I tell her, as I hear my dad's footsteps coming down the satires. He asks how school was and I tell him. He gives me a hug on the way by to get a cup of coffee from behind my mom, kissing her cheek on the way by. I want love like them one day. They always have the time to show heir affection for eachother, rare in today's fast paced society if you ask me. 

"I'm gonna go up and study a bit, call me when dinners done." I say before heading up the stairs to my room. I plop my backpack on my bed and pour out the contents, grabbing my binder and my notes from bio and placing them on my computer desk. I grab out my phone to see a text from Ali reading: 

Hey, me and Parker got into a huge fight, can I come over tonight? Don't wanna go home. At all. Save me?

I reply with of course and settle into my chair, beginning my studying. Later Ali shows up, I can hear her greeting my parents downstairs, then her feet ascending the staires. She pushes open my door and immediately upon entering collapses onto my king size bed face first, mumbling something into my pillows in exasperation. 

"What?" I ask her, laughing.

"He cheated on me Dia." She says after sitting up and facing me, tears well in her eyes and one escapes down her cheek. But almost as quickly as the tears came she wiped her face and you couldn't even tell. I tell her I'm sorry and that she deserves better, she laughs it off and agrees with me. She's only 17 and they were together for 2 years. They'll probably work it out though, they always do, I sigh audibly thinking about it. Ali looks at me quizically and all I can do is look at the ground. I don't want to say it to her, but this isn't the first time and she always takes him back. 

"Well you have studying to do I can see, I'm gonna go see if your mom needs help with anything." And with that she's off the bed, out the door and I can hear her feet descending the staires. I hear her talking to my mom and drown out their voices by plugging my headphones in. Drowning in the lyrics and forgetting all about my studying. 



  "Happy Birthday sweetie!" My mom exclaims excitedly and sits beside me on my bed. She has a huge smile plastered across her face, eerily I think of her as the Cheshire Cat, and oddly enough i think it could work. I giggle at the thought and say thank you, my dad embraces me and hands me a small box wrapped in silver paper with a little black bow in the center. I smile awkwardly and begin to unwrap it, I hate being watched. Inside there's a small silver chain and attached to the chain is a small silver fairy with emeralds for eyes. I gasp at the sight, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I exclaim my thanks and get up and hug my father tightly, he returns the gesture and hugs me so tight I think I'm going to explode. I laugh and I gently take it out and request for my dad to fasten it around my neck. My mom looks at me admirably.

"Your dads right, that fairy does look like you, her eyes are almost the same as yours dear. I guess yours are more special tho, wit that ring of golden around your pupil, I made a beautiful young woman." She smiles and pulls me in for a hug. "I love you mom, thank you so much, you too dad. This is so beautiful, I love it!" I exclaim. They leave shortly after and I begin to get ready for school. I tie up my dark brown hair in a long braid and head downstairs after I'm dressed and ready for the day. I eat the breakfast my mom made and head outside to the bus stop.

Once at school I immediately look for Ali who is, as usual, waiting by my locker for me. I get my books for my first class which today thankfully I have art in which Ali is in my class. We walk to her locker, she explains how her and Parker made up and are back together, again. I saw that coming, I tell her I'm happy for her despite the anger raging in my stomach protesting how much I hate Parker. We walk into art and Mrs. Robertson asks for us to be seated and continue our projects, which is a free assignment, it just has to be a sketch, graphite pencils only. I've decided to draw a dead tree surrounded but living ones. I think it could speak volumes to some people, including myself. I expresses the idea that we are all kind of dead inside when you look at us closely, we might seem alive and well and beautiful to everybody at first glance. However when you look closer you see how dead we all already are. 

In the middle of the class I feel as if somebody just stabbed my shoulders and drug the blade down three or four inches. I have to keep from screaming out and I bite my lip so hard I see a trace of scarlet fall to the floor. My mouth fills up with the taste of iron, i get up without saying a word to Mrs Robertson and nearly run to the washroom, barely making it before I start violently throwing up. I feel my hair being held back, and I hear Ali's voice quietly asking if I'm ok. I couldn't get an answer out before another wave of heat hit me and I threw up again. I've never felt that pain before, it stopped me from breathing. I exclaim what happened to Ali after I regain my composure slightly. Leaning against the stall wall, sitting on the floor, in tears as the pain hits me again. This time I can't hold back the sob that escapes my lips, my still bleeding lip sprays blood Onto the floor. Ali looks at me with worry in her face that almost immediately turns into wonder as another splitting wave of heat hits me and the pain in my shoulders comes back twice as hard, knocking me to the floor with its intensity. I reach out for Ali and she clasps my hand tightly.

"Ohmygod Dia...." She says with wonder in her eyes staring at me, I wince and sit up, confused by the look on her face. She half drugs me to the mirrors and I gasp as soon as my reflection comes into view. 

"No way" is all I could get out as I stare at my reflection in shock. I had two wings coming out of my shoulders. Bright vibrant purple, blue and black, shimmering under the neon lights and swaying slightly as I stood there. Me and Ali stay there staring in brilliance for at least ten minutes without saying a word before Ali finally asks what we're both thinking: "are you a... Dia are you a fairy?" She asks, staring at me still wide eyed and confused. She couldn't even understand how I was feeling, I just had two wings come out of my back. It really hits me in the moment after she asks it. My head feels like it's swelling and getting foggy, I can hear my heart beat ringing in my ears, my lesg become shaky and I can't holy myself up. I collapse to the floor and Ali barely catches me as I lose consciousness and the world around me turns black.

I wake up at home, my mother and father sitting on the foot of my bed and Ali holding onto my hand beside me. I look around at all their faces. All with wonder and confusion in their eyes, for a split second I thought it was all just a dream. Bu t it's not, I can see my reflection in Ali's eyes, I can see my wings. My mom keeps staring and my dad is the first to speak.

"Darling, we need to talk." He says cautiously, I nod my head in response, signaling him to continue. "Let's start with the first, most important fact, you... Dia... Are a fairy." He says it quietly and slowly, as if worried or scared of how I'll react. I still gasp hearing it, despite that I must've known this the second I seen wings coming out of my own back. I heard stories as a child of fairies and monsters, demons and Angels, all the while thinking it was myth and legend. But I see now that it isn't... If fairies can be real who knows what other secrets the world has kept from me. Vampires? Werewolves? Pixies and trolls, magical kingdoms with wizards? Who even knows anymore. 

"Darling, we have something very important to tell you... Now don't get mad Dia, we never told you for a reason." My mother says softly, almost inaudible by the end of her sentence. I hold her in a hug and tell her it's ok. Not expecting at all what was to come next. "Darling.. We adopted you when you were first born, your real mother and father are fairies, just like you. They didn't want you growing up in their world, it was far too dangerous, so your father and other found us and told us to take care of you. They told us to await the day of your 18th birthday, it's today that your fate was decided. You would either start your transformation into a fairy, or you would stay human... " my mom starts, she kept talking but I couldn't hear a word of it, just a soft rumble of noises all mashed together as my head felt as if it was being filled with liquid. I clasp my hands over my ears tightly. My breath faulters and my ears start ringing, I can see my mom reaching for me and Ali clasping my face. Their yelling or saying something to me but I can't hear anything except with ringing in my ears and then.... It all goes away. Everything turns black. 

I wake up alone, in my bed. Everything is so silent it's almost electric, I try to call out but nothing will escape my lips. I get out of my bed and walk to my bathroom, oblivious to my wings and other transformations. Forgetting momentarily about everything that happened. Until I get a full view of myself in my mirror. Huge wings behind me, shivering and glimmering around me, my ears are pointed, like an elves, my hair has gained turquoise highlights all through out it. My eyes have become a very intense emerald and the gold around my pupil has intensified and is almost.. Shiny like real gold. Most importantly, there's these tribal designs framing my eyes, thin black lines curving and spiraling around my eyes. There's more down my arms and framing my bellybutton. 

Gasping audibly I start to shake, I'm a fairy. Everything hits me all at once again, I'm adopted, I'm a fairy, who knows what else will happen. I start to get angry, I clench my fists beside my hips and feel the heat rising in my stomach and heating my cheeks. How could they lie to me like that? For 18 years, how could they let this hit me so suddenly? Why would they possibly do this to me? Who are my real parents, will I ever meet them again? A million questions buzz thru my head and I feel tears streaming down my face in frustration and anger and sadness. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and Start falling back against the wall, terrified from what I just seen. My eyes had turned pure red, the designs on my body turned from black to a fire red and it appeared as if they were seeping fire onto my barren skin. 

Shrieking I run from the bathroom and down the staires and start hollering for somebody, anybody. My mother is sitting at the dining room table, staring blankly out the window until she hears me and is startled out of her memory, no doubt. She runs toward me, looking terrified, but still amazed at the sight of me. She asks what's wrong, the panic visible on her face. 

"I ... Mom..." Then I get mad again, she isn't my mom. This reality hits me in the face again and I collapse onto the floor, she tries to catch me but I fight her off. "Your not my mom... How could you do this to me? How could you lie to me like that...?" Tears well up behind my eyes and I feel them streaming down my face, until I see my mothers... Jessica's face. She looks terrified and i understand why, I seen myself like this too, I look at my hand and see the fiery designs start fading back to normal. She gasps and stares at me, silently taking in what she just saw. I get up and move back away slowly from her, then bolt back up the staires, I don't want to see any of them. I calliopes onto my bed and let the sobs shake my whole body until I can't breath and sleep takes me once again. 

The idea came to me late that night when I awoke again. I'll just leave, who needs liars in their lives like that. Not me, I told myself while packing my suitcase with the essentials. I didn't know where I was going, just away from here, far away. I hear a blip and open my laptop, checking the message I got. It's a message from Ali, she obviously went home.

"Hey Dia, I went hoe, to do research on ... Well you. And I found this, so check it out. I'll swing by in the morning to come see you."

I click on the link and start scanning what I see. The insight on fairies, how you become one, where we are from, our abilities and powers that fairies can master if your born with these gifts. I scan more, mesmerized by what I'm reading. Fairies can harness fire, water, earth and air to do as they please, they can fly, even turn invisible in so,e cases of the very ancient and strong fairy lords. It's when I dug deeper that I found out what truly amazed me. Fairies can create a portal to our home land, a different dimmension called Akathya. All I have to do is preform the ritual once and I will be able to open this portal at any time, any place to go to my home land. I scanned the section quickly for what I needed for the first ritual. My own hair, my own blood, a few candles, water, dirt. 

"Here goes nothing..." I say to myself out loud. I look around me, I'm sitting in the middle of the forest close to my house, seven candles around me in a circle. One is in front of me, along with a bowl of water, a pair of scissors and some sage. I can feel the earth between my toes and I scrunch them into it. I take the scissors and cut off a piece of my hair, placing it in the bowl of water. Next I slice my pal, and a thin trail of scarlet seeps onto my palm, I squeeze it over the bowl and watch a thin line drip from my hand to the bowl. It goes a deep red and starts to thicken almost. I start to burn the sage and trail it around the line of candles around me. It's as if I was trapped in a bubble, the smoke started piling around the candles and formed a protective orb of smoke around me. I take some dirt from beneath me and out it in the bowl and watch it bubble and change in front of me. My veins go cold, what am I getting myself into? I think to myself. I take the candle next and place it in the bowl, it goes up into giant flames immediately and I can feel the fire snaking itself around me. Terrified I try to move but I can't, a million thoughts race thru my head, will I die right now? What's happening? Why can't I move? 

"Oh Land of Akathya, open your way to me, guide me to your realm and except me back into your world." I say as the site had instructed me, for a moment nothing happened and I feared that I missed it up, but suddenly it's almost as if the air itself in front of me split into two and a black whole starts forming righht there. I scream and try to run away, panic shooting thru my veins, cold like ice, I feel the fire snaking around me like arms, killing me into the whole in front of me, the harder I struggle the more it pulls me into the whole. Eventually I just let it take me and envelope me, excepting my fate. And I feel myself being sucked into nowhere, fast, before I know it everything around me is gone. Blackness takes me once again.

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