Of the Sea

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I'm starting up a novel, I hope you enjoy it :)
Please leave constructive comments that will help me build in my writing, it would be very much appreciated!

"Of the Sea" is about a young girl named Marisabel. She lives with her mother and her sister in sunny California.
She finds that the world, and even herself are not what she had always thought they were. With a budding romance, Marisa tries to find out more about her past, with loyal Zale and the enticing Kai by her side. Did I mention they were princes?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Of the Sea

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



Chapter One


Marisa closed her eyes; it had been a long week. She had started her job as an intern at the local lawyers’ office her mother works at. Hearing a commotion, she opened her eyes to address the chaos barreling towards her in a grey suit.

“Marisa! Have you faxed the papers I gave you to the police department? They need the files as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir.” Marisa said, smiling sweetly.

“Good. Continue on, then.” Marcel said stiffly, turning on his heel.

She rolled her eyes, huffing to herself. She should be happy she got this job; she owed it all to her mother of course. Although, working in a lawyer’s office had never been her dream job.

To pass time, Marisa looked into her compact mirror that had used to be her grandmother's. She had always cherished it more than anything she owned. She studied herself; looking at her blue eyes critically. She had always thought the colour was weird. Her eyes were the colour of the caribbean ocean, her mother liked to say that they had the look of the ocean after a storm. Her long brown hair was pushed behind her ear and she stuck her tongue out at her reflection.

Checking her watch, she smiled. It was 10PM sharp, and she was off work. Marisa grabbed her jacket and practically ran for the doors to exit the building. Forever, she hoped. Unfortunately, until tomorrow would have to do.

Fumbling around her purse Marisa finally found the keys to her blue BMW beetle. Hopping into the car, she pressed the gas pedal down and sped off towards her home.

Marisa noted how little traffic there was, which was unusual for California in general- never mind the main roads.

Turning her head, Marisa saw a white light. “What in the world?” She said, twisting to get a better look.

Suddenly she saw it- a white floating orb of light moving around her car. And in the next second, she felt the impact of the guardrail, and suddenly, there was nothing at all as her car descended through the air.
Marisa screamed as the water beneath the bridge rushed forward to meet her.

The impact of the water rivaled the impact of the guardrail, the windshield already smashed from before. The world went black, and as fast as it had disappeared, the orb of light returned.

“What are you?” Marisa shrieked, trying to free her seatbelt. The water was quickly taking over her car and the black water made it almost impossible to see anything in front of her. Wrenching herself out of the seat, she tried her door.

“Damn it! It’s jammed!” She yelled. Raising her foot, she kicked what was left of the windshield, causing the water to pour in even more. She was sinking, fast.

Marisa swam down, through the broken windshield and out of the way of the sinking car. Now disoriented, she had no idea which way was up.

Marisa let some of the little air she had left go and watched the bubbles go straight up. She began her desperate strokes upwards, trying to fight the hysteria.
She watched as the orb ascended with her, and despite everything, she reached out to touch it.

Marisa gasped as the orb exploded into white light that seemed to consume her, until she watched it form a bubble of light around her. Her lungs burned, she was nowhere near the surface. Panic was set in full force and she fought the urge to hyperventilate.

A lot of good that would do me. She thought.

Silent tears welled in her eyes, knowing she would never make it. Even the white light around her seemed to dim as her brain started to shut down with the absolute lack of oxygen. At last, she gave in. Her last thoughts turning towards her family- her charismatic mother, with no matter how many loser boyfriends betrayed her, she still kept up her genuine smile. Her little sister, Lena who had a real love for life and compassion for anything, would miss her terribly.

I love you.” She said into the water, continuing to swim upwards. I’ve failed you. I’m sorry.

The blackness closed in on her, and Marisa could swear she saw a boy, as shocked to see her as she would have been if she weren’t drowning. Fighting the urge to pass out, she dimly watched as another orb of light came towards her, as mysterious as the boy himself. As the orb pierced the bubble of light she was in, he reached out and touched her arm- a feeling that Marisa would never forget.

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