Cakes, Kisses and Magic Wishes

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A teen love novel, laced with magic written by me and a friend.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cakes, Kisses and Magic Wishes

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A teen love novel, laced with magic written by me and a friend.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 24, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 24, 2013



Chapter One


“Oh my, you look amazing!” said Cameron as she opened the front door. She scanned him up and down like he was a stranger, forgetting who he was. The purple carnations he was standing by which embroidered the front of the house, contrasted well with his bright blue eyes.

“Thank you, you look pretty nice yourself,” a tall, well built boy grinned, his blonde hair flopping in his beautiful, shimmering eyes.

I can't believe this. There is no way this is real, it must be a dream, she thought to herself.

She sat up in her bed. Cameron sighed as she realised her long suppressed dream had been her nightmare for years. Why couldn't she meet someone who was just like the boy in her fantasy?

Her blue eyes darted around the room until they settled onto her buzzing alarm clock. Hitting it on the snooze button, she dragged herself out of her warm bed and out onto the cold wooden floor. Getting up is always the hardest part of a Monday morning, she thought as she shuffled downstairs to the kitchen to get her cereal.


Her red school bag bashed against her legs as she ran to school. Cameron had missed the bus which meant she was going to be late, for a change! She slowed down to walk casually past the cute boy's house who had smiled at her the other day. He'd probably already left, but she stopped her mad sprint anyway.

Cameron skidded to a halt through the school gates just as the bell was ringing. Panting and puffing, she took out her timetable and horror of all horrors, she had an entire hour of being bored to death in an overheated room with a cranky teacher. Yes, Geography.

She ambled and dawdled to get there as slowly as possible. Maybe if she walked so slowly, that the lesson would be over before she got there. She could snoop around the school, look into the staff room, see if those poor saps on detention really do spit in the soup.

Unfortunately, Cameron was never that lucky. She ran into one of the nastiest teachers in the entire school.

“Why are you not in lessons?” Mrs Nedimier screeched. “Are you lost or is your education getting in the way of your daydreams? Well? Answer me!”

“Mrs Nedimier, I just arrived because I missed the bus-”

“Ah! You admit it! At three o'clock I expect to see you at detention.” Mrs Nedimier flounced off, leaving Cameron to her thoughts. Best be off to Geography, can't risk running into her again. Cameron moved as swiftly her legs would allow.

“Late again Cameron,” sighed Mr Gallagher.

“Sorry,” mumbled Cameron as she made her way to her seat.

“Cameron, today we're learning about the differences between urban and rural areas...” her teacher's voice droned into a dull roar as she slipped back into her dream world.

The black silk covers shimmered with the silver sequin curtains in the moonlight. The door opened a fraction and Cameron lay on the bed watching the cute stranger approach and pull back her gossamer curtains to her bed chamber.

“Wow! If beautiful saw you right now she would be beside herself with jealousy!” the stranger simpered adoringly in his slight Irish accent. “Is your name just as pretty as your face?”

Before Cameron could even murmur her name, the Geography teacher slammed his ruler loudly on her desk.

“So? Cameron? Answer me!”

“Sir, I, um.....” Cameron started.

The teacher rolled his bloodshot eyes. “Don't tell me you haven't been paying attention again Cameron? Right, I asked you to point out one of the main differences in crime between a rural and urban area. Can you answer me that?”

Cameron bit her lip. “You haven't been listening at all have you? A rural area is in the countryside, whilst an urban area is exactly the opposite. Now can you tell me the answer?”

“Urrrmm... well...”

“Detention, Cameron.”

That was a double detention in just one morning; a new record. As she stumbled through the crowded, dimly-lit corridors, she sighed loudly enough for everyone to hear. Her energetic, bouncy and exuberant best friend Zoe bounded up behind her, her blue backpack moving in time to her vigorous high leaps. Zoe often talked without drawing breath and today was no exception.

“Hey, Cam, how was your weekend? Did you dream about your dream guy again? What happened in the dream? Did you see anyone today? Was your first lesson really boring? I heard you arrived late, is that true-”

“Slow down.” Cameron interrupted her over enthusiastic best friend. She breathed deeply, as she often did when she was trying to take in what Zoe had spurted. “My weekend was fine. Yep, I dreamt about him. He was standing outside my house and he was telling me I was beautiful, his gorgeous blue eyes staring into mine. Then in Geography, I had this stylish new bedroom that was black themed and he came to see me, talking to me in his slight accent. It might have been Irish. No, I didn't see any boys today. Yes, as you know, Geography bores me to tears and I arrived late and I've already got a double detention and it's only nine on Monday morning.”

“I've got maths next. Though at least we're together for this one, eh? I've always been rubbish but you're brilliant and you can always help me understand what sir's banging on about.” Zoe was still talking at a great pace. If there was a speed talking competition, Zoe would be the world champion.

“Have you had any sweets this morning?” Cameron queried, thinking the speed might be down to a sugar rush.

“No. Well, only about five flying saucers. And a can of coke.” Zoe admitted sheepishly.

“Whatever, let's just get maths over with.”

Like the teacher in Geography, her math teacher droned on and on about equations and algebra, making everyone's heads ache. Also like Geography, Cameron zoned out and dreamed about her dream romance. It was a shame, she thought earnestly, that no one in her class was good looking. They were all ugly idiots who messed about something chronic, thinking it would impress the girls. All it did was ensure that the girls wanted to go out with them less. Some other boys were nerdy and uninteresting in dating and the worst kind of boy was the ones that think they are the best in the entire universe and why wouldn't you want to got out with them?

Luckily, her math teacher rarely asked her to answer questions because everyone knew that she wouldn't be listening. He picked on the swots who couldn't bare to miss out on the latest in solving equations techniques.

The day dragged by like this, with lots of boring lessons that most people fell asleep in. Music, Drama and Dance weren't so bad, in fact she almost liked them, but the absolute worst lesson had to be History. It was bad enough with a supply teacher, but Mrs Nedimier's voice screeching about the Victorians was too much to bear. There was a class joke that Mrs Nedimier knew so much about the Victorians because she was a Victorian. Cameron tried to get sent out as often as possible so she wouldn't have to listen to the nails down the blackboard type screaming from within the old lady's throat.

Just as she was walking out of the school gates at the end of the day, Cameron's phone alerted her that she had a new text. The caller ID told her it was from her mother. Whenever her mother contacted her, it was because she needed to pick something up. Since no one could know what her mother wanted her to get, she ran to her private place; the woods.

The gathering of trees made a great shield, no that no one could tell she was there. Her favourite spot was within the fringed branches of the weeping willow on the edge of the forest. Cameron went there now to check her phone.

'Hey sweetie, can you pick up a pound of newt's eyes and poisoned dragon's liver? To make that potion, you can use the leftover money to get a nymph's heart. Love and kisses, Mum'

To any ordinary teenage girl, this list would seem strange and you would wonder where to find such things and whatever for. However, Cameron was no ordinary girl. She and her mother had been blessed by mystical beings at birth to bestow magical powers to defend Earth's helpless inhabitants in case of intergalactic invasion.

Cameron's mother was ill. Only two weeks ago, she had fallen victim to a curse. The only cure was a little known cure-all that ran in their family. Concocting the potion was a complicated process which took a number of months. The poisoned dragon's liver and pound of newt eyes, were some of the ingredients that needed to be added at this point. Cameron smiled to herself and emerged from her hiding place in direction of the magic apothecary.

© Copyright 2016 l1ghtningst0rm. All rights reserved.

Cakes, Kisses and Magic Wishes Cakes, Kisses and Magic Wishes

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult




A teen love novel, laced with magic written by me and a friend.
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