HEX: The Cursed Vampire Hunter

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The end of the world is around the corner, a vampire new to town is hellbend on killing her and she fall in love with the one she shouldn't have. Can Hex find a way to do all this or will she die trying.


Chapter 1 (v.1) - HEX: The Cursed Vampire Hunter

Submitted: November 28, 2012

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Submitted: November 28, 2012




I sat perched on the tallest building in Shadow Falls with the midnight light shining around me. I blended into the darkness completely with my long leather coat, my black boots, the only thing giving away my position was my flaming red hair. I watched the ginger vampire, who I had been tracking, he was on his way to the local hunting place 'Pixie's Club'.

I sprinted along the rooftop until I reached a sudden drop. I jumped and landed siliently onto the stone ground of the shadow filled alley. I watched the ginger vampire again, it looked like he was making his way towards where I was hiding, he must have been waiting for me to make my move.

He came into the alley with his hands up as if saying 'I don't want to fight' but I knew his kind too well and all they ever wanted was the kill. I slowly put my hand under my leather coat and felt for one of the many freshly sharpened stakes I had hidden there. My hand grasped one and before the vampire could acknowledge what I had done I threw the stake at his chest making sure I missed his heart and the stake splintered inside him.

He fell to his knees and whimpered. 'I only wish to convey a message,' he said between grunts of pain.

'What's the message then? And don't bullshhit me because I don't have the patience' I growled not wanting to waste any more time on this piece of dead meat.

'Lucifer is coming to town and he wants to meet you,' he gasped, the pain taking over his undead body.

'Lucifer is nothing but a fairy story. You do know that the devil isn't real,' I laughed because I knew that Hades ruled the underworld and the Lucifer was only a story to tell little children so that they would behave.

'The vampire called Lucifer is on his way so you better be prepared,' his voice revealed the excruciating pain that he was is and I knew that the splinters would soon pierce his heart.

I decided to leave him to die so I turned and just as I was about to leave the alley the ginger vampire uttered words that made me very angry.

'Lucifer is coming to kill you so you better watch out. After he kills you vampires canhunt freely and then they can take over whatis left of this pathetic planet.'

I turned around before he could even know what I was going to do. I pulled another oak stake from my jacket and threw it at such speed that it shot through his heart and smashed into the brick wall on the other side. All that was left in his place was a small pile of dustbeing blown away in the wind.I had to find out more about Lucifer and the only way I was going to get that information was to go undercover in 'Pixie's Club'.

Half an hour later I was sitting in one of the red leather booths that belonged to Pixie's Club. Without the comfort of myblack coat I could only carry two stakes, one in each of my leather boots. I waited tolay eyes on a vampire who could tell mesomething about Lucifer and then I found him.

John Smith, as he is know by now, but it used to be Kyle Koranda, he was a vary famous vampire who helped many army generals come to power,although now he prefers the quite life in Shadow Falls. He may not be up to very much lately but hestill knowseverything about anything that goes on in this town and he was my next target. All I had to do was make him think I was the perfect target for him.

I got to my feet and made my wayto the bar,tripping on the way to make him think I was weak, andhe followed me. He putone of his muscular arms on my shoulder and uttered the words 'dance with me'.

We danced fora while and eventually he took me out the back door into the alley where I had destroyed the ginger vampire earlier that night. It took all of three seconds for John to try and bite me but I was prepared. A kick to theface and another to the stomach was enough tomake him stumble for a few seconds, that was allI needed to pull a stake from my boot and point it againsthis chest. He thenstupidly tried to push me againstthe wall but I spun around and threw him against it with so much force that cracks were madethrough the sandstone.

'I want to know everything you do about the vampire known asLucifer!' I was angry that he had tried to fight me but it was to be expected.

'I should have known it was you, Hex, when I saw the flaming red hair. And why should I tell you anything, you are only going to kill me?'My reputation had preceded me and he knew who I was, whatelsedid he know about me?

'I promise I wont kill you if youtell me. I'll let you go because you have not been very much trouble lately.' I was tellingthe honest truth i would not kill him, in a mannerof speaking. He thought about my offer for a minute before replying.

'Deal. All I know is that he is very strong and he is travelling with a witchand another vampire. Another thing that rumours say is that he wants to kill you. Many people believe it but...' his voice trailed off as he realised my grip was not being loosened.

'You said you wouldn't!' his voice sounded desperate.

'I said I wouldn't kill you butit is impossible to kill something that is already dead,' I laughed as I thrust the stake into his heart. Almost everytime I make that verysame deal with any vampires, they fall for it. I walked out ofthe alley and made my way home.

If Lucifer wanted to kill me he could try but I would be ready to take him on. Before he arrived I would have to go and seek council with the Witch's Coven ofAvalon.

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