The Dragon Elements. A brief history

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This is my novel. I am posting this as a raft draft. Please note that none of the names nor the name of the book is for certain yet but overall this is where I want to begin. I'll love your opinion on this please would love to know if this needs more work or if I can start writing the first chapter...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Dragon Elements. A brief history

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Submitted: October 31, 2012



The Dragon Elements. A brief history.

5 Million years ago 4 gods and 1 godess decided to use there elmental powers to create a world filled with people of diffrent short and creatures such as centours, trolls, Truns and Gonda. The six main peoples were called Men Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Dwarfs and Eaglonians. Each differs from the other in sence of looks desire and abilities.


The elves gained imortality, but the dwarfs gained ages up to 800 years old so the disicion was made that one group of men will be called the Nomaty tribe. they will aswell gain imortallity. Men only grow to 90 at most.


The Goblins Gained a life span of 500 + years and the orcs aswell. Eaglonians also gained imortallity and along with the Elves a rare form of wisdom.


This world consisted out of 4 elements: Earth from the god Eon.

Water from the god Peslecto.

Fire from the god Eshnur

Wind from the godess Ria.

All of this was overlooked and controlled by the king of gods, Osarli.


The gods, not wanting to be continuessly irratated by the peoples, decide to give the world a gift that will keep all  at piece. The gods so doing made sure of no religion and tried to ensure that they will never have to help this world maintain a balance.

They created 7 sirens in the form of men women. These sirens also gained imortality, but if one should fall to sickness or a blade another shall be soon after born. They gained the gift of magic and the power of the 4 elements. Also they recifed intellegence and wisdom not even mached by the elves or eaglonians. They were the piece keepers and also the keepers of natures balance. In each war there hand across all nine oceans.


20000 Years ago a great war between kingdoms of men and realms of elves broke out. The eaglonian tribe Wartlats finally saw a chance to gain the wealth that the kingdom of

Etra had and attacked. Goblins and orcs joining there armies attacked the dwarfs for they wanted the mines the dwarf clan Uancia had. The world broke out into war having other creatures draged in.


A couple of creatures and people decided that they wanted no part of this uneccasary war and in the haert of the forest Liara they styarted building farms and houses. They stayed there and not minding all. This they called the Woodland.


The sirens out of wich 4 were still origanals sworn them and all sirens to follow to Woodland. As the gods see this they new that there world will fall. The sirens shal keep the forest growing and expanding while they stop caring about the world.


So they each created a dragon The wind dragons, fire dragons water dragons and elemental dragons. These dragons soon retored balance but retreated them selves to ther own worlds.

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