I'm not broken... yet?

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: June 06, 2013

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Submitted: June 06, 2013



“Hello” “hi Mr. Laden this is Sam a detective from the Chicago police station I have some good news, we found your daughter Pepper and she’s alive”  “you, you found her….?”  “Yes we have and I know you must have a hundred questions but I can’t get into all the details over the phone but she’s here at the police station.”  “I’ll be right over thank you, thank you for finding her.” 

Joe hangs up the phone grabs his car keys and heads out the door.  He lives only an hour from Chicago and would have never thought that his missing daughter could only be an hour away.

One hour and fifteen minutes later….

“Mr. Landen sorry to make you wait um… let’s talk in my office.”  Joe walks in and sits down as Sam shuts the door and sits at his desk “so when can I see her, is she alright, I'm so happy you found her words can't descrive how I'm feeling?”  “Mr. Landen you need to know some things first… early this morning around 12 or so we were watching the home of a man that had made a deal with us last week that he would be an informant for the police.  The deal was that he would get taped conversations with another man who is powerful and highly dangerous.”

Joe looks at him in a confused way “what’s all this have to do with Pepper?”  “I’m sure nothing but the informant was killed early this morning and we found Pepper leaving the same area the gun shot was made from and she hand the gun on her.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying she’s only 15?”  “I think Pepper knows who shot the informant and is covering for him.  She can leave with you today but we will be in touch with her over the next few weeks.Pepper was held overnight here because she shot at us and hit some cops causing minor injuries.”  “So are you charging her with anything?”  “No I think she shot at us out of fear we were chasing her not knowing that it was a teenage girl.”

Joe stands up but Sam tells him to sit back down “Pepper broke a cops nose and wrist but there aren’t going to be charges placed on her.  But before you meet her I think you should talk to the social worker who’s talking with her now?”  Joe looks down at the ground and then back at the detective and takes a deep breath “what about her mother?”  “I have no idea where Tracy Heart is, Pepper hasn’t said much all she told us was her last name and that’s it.”  A knock comes to door and in walks a skinny women with her hair pulled up into a tight bun sitting on the top of her head.  “Joe Landen this is Haley Green she’s been speaking with Pepper for the past hour I’ll let you two talk.”

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