I'm not broken... yet?

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



She stands back up and runs towards him to hit from behind but he turns around and hits her in the face knocking her to the ground.  “Nice try but you’ll still second best to me.  You have 40 minutes left of practice but I have people coming over soon we’ll be in my office so keep the sound down.”  She stands up and say’s “I’ll keep it down but have you thought more about what I asked you?”  “Yes I have and I’ll talk it over with the rest of my men.  I know you want this means to you Pepper and you’ll have an answer soon.” 

After she gets done she heads up to the kitchen for something to drink and then heads up to her room.  While walking to her room she goes past Tom’s office and decides to listen for a moment.  “Tom Pepper has only taken care of three targets and you were with her on those jobs.”  “Dean I know you don’t like the idea or much less a women but a girl who’s better than you but she is and I know that she can do the job.  “I’m not threatened by her but I don’t think she has enough experience to do this kind of work yet.”

The room goes silent and all eyes are on Tom who stands up and walks over to pour another glass of vodka.  “How could you not be threatened by her?  Dean you have been my number one hit man for years and you’re good at what you do but she’s the perfect weapon young beautiful teen girl who would think she’s a killer?” 

“Sir she’s excellent at fighting, shooting guns but killing people she’s only done that three times.”  “I can do it” Pepper walks in the room and say’s in a confident voice “sorry I was walking by and overheard.”“It’s alright since we are talking about you, you think I should let you do this on your own tonight?”  “Yes sir, I can do this you know I’m the best in this room besides you” “I know and that’s why I’m letting you do this one on your own.  About what we talked about if you do this job tonight like the last ones then I’ll make you my number one hit man or women rather.”  Dean stands up about to object but Tom pushes him back in seat “don’t start Dean my mind is made up.”

Pepper looks at Dean with a sly smile and then back at Tom “I won’t let you down sir “I trust that you won’t.  Here is the information you have till 1am to get the job done, call me once it’s done and be back here by 1:30am.”  She takes the envelope and walks out of his office and up to her room to look over the information and get ready for the night that will once again change her life dramatically.

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