I'm not broken... yet?

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



She blended into the night with her gun in hand pointed at the building across the street at the target.  Pepper could see two girls who didn’t look much older than her half-dressed dancing around him she rolled her eyes with disgust.  After one of them got out of the way she pulled the trigger and the bullet flew into the man’s head he was killed instantly.

“A clean shot Tom will be pleased and it’s only a little after 12am” she said to herself while she put the gun back in its strap that hung around her right shoulder.  As she climbed down from the building she heard cop sirens and saw flashes of red and blue lights heading in her direction.  Tom told her about police and she wasn’t about to let them take her so she pulled out her gun once again and started running as fast as she could. 

Pepper could hear some men running behind her and so she started shooting and the men returned fire.  She looked back as she was running and let out some more rounds hitting 2 of the cops now only one was behind her.  When she turned the corner someone grabbed her arm “you, your just girl” he said in a shocked voice but Pepper did what she was taught to do and stated to fight. 

With her free hand she swing and at the man in uniform and hit him in the face breaking his nose then she pulled the hand he had around her arm back breaking his wrist as well.  The police office yelled out in pain as he fell to the ground but Pepper just started running again but she didn’t count on the only cop she didn’t hit with one of her bullets being right behind her.

She felt a slight surge go over her whole body and she started to feel dizzy and weak and as her gun hit the ground the sound echoed loudly in her ears as everything slowly slipped to darkness and her limp body fell back.

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