I'm not broken... yet?

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



After the effects of being slightly tasered wore off and after the hospital checked her over making sure she was ok Pepper was brought to the Chicago police station to be questioned.  They placed her in a little room and left her there for about an hour hoping that the pressure would build and make her crack.

“How does she look?”  “She’s just been sitting there, she doesn’t look afraid or panicked just calm. She hasn’t spoken at all since she came too at the hospital either.”  “Yeah well she can’t be any older than 15 but yet this girl broke James’s nose and wrist along with injuring a few good cops.”  “But that doesn’t make her a killer yeah she had the gun but come on that shot was done by a professional not some teenage girl.  She’s probably just covering for the person who did and that’s why she had the gun, look let me question her maybe I can get her to talk?”  “Go ahead I’ll be out here watching the whole thing.”

The door opens and Pepper’s face remains calm as the police officer sits down in front of her.  “Hi its late are you tired?”  Pepper say’s nothing just stares at the man with a blank face. “My names Sam and I have a daughter around your age, you know I bet your parents are worried about you after we get done you can call them.”  Still she say’s nothing and study’s this man just like he’s doing to her.

“I know you didn’t kill that guy but my partner out there thinks you did and because you had the gun and was close to where the man got shot you are looking pretty guilty.  But see I don’t think you did, I think you know who did and are just covering for them but if you tell me the truth then you can get out of here and go home and put this all behind you.” 

They stare at each other for a few minutes and Sam stands up and walks around the room.  “Look kid can you at least tell me your name?”  Pepper thinks about this for a few minutes “my name is Pepper” she says in her confident voice “do you have a last name?”  I can’t use Tom’s last name because then there’ll be able to track him but I can use “Landen”  “what did you say?”  “My names is Pepper…. Landen”  “I’ll be right back.” 

He walks out of the room and looks at his partner “that girl say's she is Pepper Landen, Pepper Landen went missing 11 years ago.  Her father gained custody of her and a week later when the child and a social worker went to her mother’s house to get her things the mother Tracy pulled her into the house and took off. I was just starting out at the small police station in Alabama when all this happened years went by and there was no sign of either one.A lot of people thought Tracy went crazy from all the drugs and drinking and ended up killing herself and Pepper but because we couldn’t find any bodies the case remained open all this time.”

“So that’s the missing child?”  “Yeah…. I think it is, she should be around the same age and this girl sitting in at room just gave me the same name.”  “But where has she been for 11 years and where’s the mom?” “I don’t know but I’m positive that is Pepper Landen and her father Joe Landen has been holding out hope all this time for his daughter to come home.”  

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