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The continue of Crismine Shadows....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Continue of Crismine Shadows

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Chapter 3



My first encounter with a vampire or ok second cause my mom and brought home a vampire when I was a little girl but still I was amazed and shocked all at the same time. She has watched him fall to his death then looked at me with anger in her eyes.

 “what are you doing out of the hotel! I thought you were talking to your friend.” Dana said

 “I was but then the line went dead as I was talking to her, I even tried to call the office to talk to them but the phone would work and everything was still plugged in so I went to go tell the office the phone stopped working” Susan said

She looked even more angrier as she shook her head looking around making sure there weren’t anymore surprises. She grabbed my arm and we walked back to the hotel room I sat down on the bed wondering what was doing on.

Susan. “ok you gonna tell me what just happened? I was almost killed by a vampire.”

I saw she was again starting to pack all our bags.

 “we’re leaving and going straight over to her house, they are getting closer, the man that was about to kill you was one of them. You didn’t tell him your name did you?” Dana said

 “well yeah, he was choking me”

 “SHIT! Now they all will know who are too and come after to instead to get to me now we have to leave and hurry. Now that they know about you they will hunt you down to get to me. And all they want to do to me is kill me, so now we are both dead” Dana said

I helped her pack up our bags she quickly gave them the key back and we took off.

” It was just that one man that you had killed how is it they all will know who I am now and come after me I don’t get it” Susan said

 “he sent them a message immediately the moment he found out you weren’t me and you told him your name, vampires can telecommunicate with each other, they even do that with images so now they also know what you look like” Dana said

Crap. Crap. Crap was all I could think of my mother at first was running for her life and now with me almost dieing they will come for me, so now I’m like my mother and running for my life. Does this mean I wont ever have a life again? No of course not that’s why she is bringing me to her vampire chick friends house so that way I wont have to worry about that and run for my life and maybe we could make our lives there and she wont be going away so much so often. Maybe living with a vampire family wont be so bad then again I’ve never done so, so then again I may have to watch out for my kneck all the time. Well this really sucks.

The drive was incredibly long all night drive mother looked like she was on a mission and  nothing but determination on her face to get there to get us safe once again. When we got to the house it was four a.m and surprisingly it was in a nice neighborhood and the house itself did not look like a family of vampires lived there. It was bright even against the moon light with a garden and a white fence if anything it looked like a little old lady would of lived here with her cats. As we step up to the house the door opens reveiling the pail vampire women then I had last seen as a young child, she greeted my mother with a smile showing her fangs and an open hug.  My mother continues to go into the house leaving me behind and not even bothering to introduce me to the vampire, but vampire looked at me other wise and greeted me same kindness she had showed Dana.

“ hello Susan it is nice to see you again, welcome to my home please come in” Tiara said

I step in and the place could almost be as bright as it is outside in the moon light the walls are white and dicorations from what seems to be from every time century is in the living area with a family photo of her and four other girls in dresses they all are wearing dresses but from what looks like a different time frame which I cant seem to put a fingure on. I look around and see a girl who seem to look about my age, then another one following after that looks a little older then her but not by much. Dana hugs the girls hello and then turns to me to introduce me to them “this is my daughter Susan; Susan this is Helen and Iris” as she points to them they both say their hellos as I say mine. Then they all go out to help unpack the car which for vampires isn’t very long they as in Tiara, Helen and Iris all go super speed and finish unpacking the car with in less then five minitues more like 5 to 10 sec.

“thank you for taking us in. they had found us at the hotel not sure how but now they know her name and everything else, they attacked tonight they attacked her thinking it was me, they know of Susan now I don’t know what else to do. I could do a spell but any witch they have on their side could brake through and I don’t know what other creatures from your world that they have recruited. I had to come straight here, I am sorry if I have burden you in any way you are my dearest friend and now all of everything of whats going on in both worlds I needed your help. “ Dana

Wow Dana was begging I didn’t know much of anything to do with vampires but with the plea in her voice I didn’t understand if she was that scared for me why didn’t she just leave me with Tom. But then again after that attack tonight I can see why Tom wont have anything to do with it and apparently he knew this world and that kind of group that is on the hunt for my mother to know that if he helped then he to would be in danger.  He knew from the very start of what my mom was into and he was angry with her cause of her stupidity in dragging me into this, he knew that my life would be in danger in fact the time she came back to get me he knew immediately that it was. But he also knew that if he had stayed much longer that he would be in danger as well, poor Tom having to go off like that I would be angry too as much as he was. Everything was starting to make more sense now the reasoning for secrecy, the hidden life the behavior that Tom have had towards my mother and I. 

Tiara just smiled and had a warm glow about her “Dana dear, do not fear. You are here now all will be well and is well, you are safe under this house hold you and your daughter will be safe. They who are after you will not find you so easily, they had tracked you down from your scent but now that you are here the scent is faded. But stay cautious and do not let your guiard down it is your scent and your daughters that they will still make hunt for. They may know that you are here now for as we know, but with our gifts from the Theeba sisters we have advantage to walk while the sun is out”. Mother then looked a bit more relaxed and gave her thanks, Tiara spoke in very weird language that I understood but different like what seemed ancient times but again I could put my finger on it. Maybe it was the time I couldn’t think straight I followed Dana to a room down stairs that I assumed we would be staying in. I was so tired the moment I saw a couch a layed and went out.

When I woke  a blanket was on me and all our stuff from the car was in the room the, room was dark but comfortable it was like a living room or a TV room down stairs. As I was getting up I saw mother still sleeping on a bed that I didn’t see last night must of put it down after I was out. With my stomach growling I went up stairs I had no idea if I would find any food in the fridge and I highly doubted that anyone was up after all I’m in a house full of vampires. It was early morning around 8am wow I never get this early especially with what time I went to sleep, must be the nerves and all. The house around was surprisingly bright I walked to the fridge seeing nothing but blood bags? I looked in the freezer and again nothing but frozen blood bags, wow.  As I close the freezer door Tiara pops there making me jump and nearly scream

“sorry I did not mean to scare you. I thought you may like to know where food was” Tiara said

Feeling like a fool I just nodded she lead me to a cabnet where ALL the good stuff was of course the things you can store then make. I looked at all the food with a smile on my face thinking ‘this should take me maybe a month to finish off ‘. I looked at Tiara “Thank you, what are you doing up this early? or in the light? Wont you burn?” she didn’t laugh at my question just simply nodded her head in reply to my thanks then closed the door then explained “I have decided to wait for you to rise from sleep to talk with you and explain, your mother wont wake for sometime, and I have a special ring that allows me to walk in the light so that I may not get hurt by the suns raise”.  She lead me to the dining room of course after I got my breakfast so as I start to eat she started to explain of what was going on.

“I hope you will find staying here to your comfort and enjoy staying with us, tonight you should meet all my girls. You have grown much like your mother has said and look very much like your father and other parts of your family and some little of your mother is in you as well”. “as your mother has explained to you, a group of my kind or from my world are after your mother and from the story she has told me from what happened to you last night are now after you as well, I am sorry you are having to run for you life but feel safe that you are safe here.  Even though your in a house full of vampires we handle our thirst very well we do not hurt humans we do not draw attention to ourselves as you have already seen the kind of neighborhood we live in and the house we live in we try to stay to humans as close as we can be with out drawing attention to ourselves henths forth out of harms way.  Most from my world do not like to mingle with humans we do what is best to blend in and mingle therefore most from my world will not bother us. And so that is how we have lived for many years and so stop people from questioning us because we can not age we move to a new house much like this one in safe quite neighborhoods. This is why your mother has drove you and her self here, the people who are after you guys will not want to draw attention to them selves by the humans all around us, and also since you are here with us you both will be under all of our protection”.

I took a deep breath trying to take all this in everything finally making sense I smiled at her saying my thanks for explaining cause my mother apparently cant explains things very well. Then asked her if she had a phone so I could call my best friend explaining that the phone line in the hotel was cut off. She shook her head making very good eye contact so far I’m liking this women.

“sorry we do not have phones in this house, we do not have need of them” Tiara said

“O” was all I could say then thinking ‘well this sucks’

“I do believe though that if you dress and go to our neighbor they will allow you to borrow theirs, just explain to them that I had to cut my line to due my bill being late. Now if you may excuse me I will retire now for the day, unless you have anymore words for me” Tiara said

“actually I do. It’s more curiosity if you don’t mind me asking you. You look exactly the way I remember you from when I was a little girl, how old are you and your girls” Susan said

“As human I lived for 29 years, as vampire I am around 6 hundred years old still considered very young for my kind” Tiara said

“so then how old where you when you had your kids? And how did they become vampires as well?” Susan said

“I had my oldest Vicky when I was 16, then Nodia at 18, Helen at 21, then Iris at 26” Tiara said

“wow sixteen you had your oldest?—“

“time then was much different and more simple then days like these, the age of 16 then you where considered to be an adult and were considered to have babies” Tiara said

When looking into her eyes it was like looking into someone who was very ancient and learned much patients and so so much more then again I couldn’t seem to put my finger on. I just looked at her in ah, at her age and yet for her kind she was still considered to be young. Wow was all I could think of then I begun to wonder how old her kids where. She still stood there waiting for me to ask more questions but I thought she would like her sleep so I thought to ask her later tonight then I could get to know her and her girls and get their stories, all this was becoming fastinating to me.

“O I have more to ask but go ahead and get some rest I can ask you later tonight” susan said

She bowed her head to me in thanks then went off into the hall which was kinda dark and closed the door behind her. I looked outside figuring out what to do today and what would I normally be doing if I were still at home, should I start calling this place home now? Living in a house full of vampires. I cleaned up my mess that I left on the dining room table and went down stairs to get dressed Tiara was right my mother was out and wont wake up for along time, so I decided while everyone was asleep to go ahead and take a look around the neighborhood and town and maybe ask the neighbor if I could use their phone.

The day was warm and sunny so far felt like a promising good day I decided to go try to borrow a phone first seeing that it was still early in the day and people haven’t left their homes yet. I knocked on the door to the house that looked like someone was home, a big women answered with curlers in her hair and a mask on smoking ‘ew’.

“hi, I’m staying with the girls over in that house” as I point to the house I came from, “Tiara didn’t pay her phone bill and I need to make a call is it ok if I use your phone for a bit?”

The women answered in a husty voice “O! yeah come on in. That family is pretty cool I like them are you a friend of theirs or family?”

I wasn’t sure in how to answer so as I came in “o close family friends”.  She pointed me to her phone and since this time I was out of state I had forgotten to ask them if long distance was ok.

“O I’m sorry I forgot to ask, is it ok if its long distance?” the women looked puzzled and still with the cigarette in her mouth “who you calling that’s long distant?” the women asked. Might as well be honest I thought “ah, a friend of mine my mother and I are visiting from out of state I called her last night but the phone line was cut off so we never got to finish out conversation”.

With me being this blunt I figured the women would shake her head and say no but instead “Well a young girl who is honest, good to know you girls are still around your mama raised you right, I would naturally say no but I like bluntly honest people so by all means go ahead just don’t be talking all day” the women said. As she talked to me I could hear an accent in her voice must be from the south she left the room and gave me some privacy I dialed Katie’s number it rang a few times before an answer.

“hello” said Katie

“hey its me Susan”

“hey what happened last night? All of a sudden the phone went dead, you ok?” said Katie

“yeah I’m good, last night was a little freaky though. Long story and not in the right place to tell it to ya”

“so then where are you?” Katie said

“out of state now, did you talk to your parents?”

“yeah I did right after the line was cut off. They think this would be a good time for you and your mom to have some time together since you never really got that chance with your mom while growing up. So the answer your looking for is no, even though I did tell them you weren’t coming back, they said well then you can come back over during graduation then we all can have our big graduation party. So it seemed fair to me would that be ok with your mom?” Katie said

I sighed a big breath I wanted to tell her literally everything but something inside me felt like it was screaming no this isn’t her world. And for some reason had another feeling that didn’t feel to great that soon this new world would become mine as well, after a short little pause I replied before she could ask if I was still on the line “ugh. Ok fine sounds good to me, but if Rob ends up with a new crush or ends up with going out with anyone else during this new school year I’m gonna scream”. Katie laughed “yeah I bet you are, I’ll keep an eye on him for you make sure he stays on your team, anyways Susan I have to go call me up later and tell me everything if you can alright, bye” “bye” I say. I hang up the phone as I’m about to walk out I thank the lady “thank you for letting me use your phone miss”, “O any time dear, come back anytime yous feels like it”.

As I walk out side I was about to walk back to the house when I felt like I needed a good walk instead the sun was warm and beating on my skin and the morning was perfect, I so wanted to enjoy this while it lasted and not be one of those people who just lock them selves inside on a day like this. I walk around looking at other houses and thought ‘wow, what a perfect way to hide out then to hide out with humans mingling with them. Of course they thought it would be perfect nobody from their world would want to make any scene in front of humans and let alone mingle with them’. The walk was really good I looked around the neighborhood some schools where near by and a park was around the corner I thought to go ahead and lay down on the grass and relax some more soak in the warm sun.

As I lay down in the grass listening to sounds around me I couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched, I open my eyes to see who it was and didn’t see anyone after feeling a little paranoid probably due to last night of my near almost death by that vampire. Maybe walking around more would help so I get up and start walking til someone jumped right in front of me totally making me scream and thinking it was another bad guy trying to kill me I punched it in the face, then I saw it was just a guy a human guy. He backed away in pain with his arm up “ouch! O man, sorry didn’t mean to scare you”.

“o sorry! You scared me what where you doing up their”

“the same as you, relaxing but  I like going up in the trees you can see everything from up their then I saw you doing the same I was goin to come down and introduce myself, didn’t think I would be injured in the process”

“so then why didn’t you say anything when I came up? Like make a noise or something” Susan said

“again sorry, name is Tanner nice to meet you, you new in this town?”

Once I got a good look at him after he hid from me afraid I was goin to hurt him again he was the cutest guy that I had ever seen like super model hotness. As I talked my words kept on mixing together, I felt like an idot.

“myameis Suan”

“hahaha your name is what? Sorry didn’t hear you”

“susan my name is Susan”

“well nice to meet you Susan”

This guy Tanner was seriously good looking he was about 5’10 tan color skin that looked more natural then done by sun, he had dark brown hair that was short but wavy and grey color eyes and from his smile it was a really nice smile this guy Tanner could seriously be a model. He brought up his hand for me to shake “hi, nice to meet you” I say.

“so where you coming from? I lived around this neighborhood for a few years now and never seen you before, I’m always out side love the out side especially during the summer time” Tanner said.

“o I moved here just last night, I live like down the street and almost around the corner, I live with the—“ I said unable to remember the last name of Tiara so I just ended up saying “a house full of very pail white women”. Tanner laughed as he put his hands in his pockets he was so cute looking and when he laughed it made my stomach flip over, this guy made Rob look nothing in compared I did say I only had a long crush on Rob being his girlfriend would have been awesome guys everyone likes Rob he’s funny and really cute. However this guy not to be sounding all cold and all I wouldn’t mind if this guy took Robs place in my life, maybe moving over here wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“so where you heading anywhere? Or just walking around getting to know the place?” Tanner said.

“I was just walking around enjoying the sun and getting to know my surroundings” I said

“well I can help you explore more if you’d like” Tanner said

I nodded and looked down cant believe this kind of guy was talking to me so we walked away from the park my enjoying the sun and relaxing was greatly distracted by Tanner. So as we walked he took me to some stores and then we stopped at an ice cream place not far from the neighborhood, we went inside the nice cool building and sat down to enjoy the ice cream we talked some more.

“So how old are you by the way Tanner” I said

“18 just graduated enjoying this summer before I have to head off to college”

“O cool. Yeah I’m 17 going into my last year of high school, would have been better if I could of stayed in my home town to finish my last year then having to move to a new place and start over new for my last year” Susan said.

We talked for a little while keeping things simple to the conversation, then around noon we got back up to leave, I had figured it was probably a good time to head on back to the house and see if mother was up yet. So he walked me back home and when he saw of what house I lived in it was to his great surprise.

“Wow you live here or are you staying here?” Tanner said

“well as of last night just moved here”

“I know this family, the girls who live here…. Very cool” Tanner said

He seemed like he was going to say something else about them but then at the last minute decided not to. I wonder if he knew about them, he seemed to know a bit about the people in the neighborhood, this guy must get out. So as I was opening the gate I said my goodbyes. “bye” he said “see you around” then turned and walked the other way, he seemed more stand offish now that he knew where I lived, hmmm interesting. I went in the house all was still quite, walked to down stairs and saw my mother was up she was unpacking things and organizing them. She had already made up our beds she was a pretty fast worker if I do say so myself “so how long you been up?” I asked “almost an hour” she said.

As usual we didn’t really talk much but I decided to go a head and help her unpack our things, it didn’t really take all day to unpack things but it seemed it took ours as it usually does when you unpack things. When she was done she went up stairs to get something to eat as I stayed down stairs looking at my new surroundings, this area was like a TV room down stairs and we had our small area of it for our bedroom that we probably had to keep clean. I went on the couch and turned on the TV I found it weird they had a TV but not a phone ‘no need for one’ this was going to be annoying to not have a phone maybe I could talk Tiara into getting one. I flipped through the channels to see a cooking show on and the history channel they didn’t really have much choices with their channels.

Dana and I did our own thing for the rest of the day or at least until the rest of the house hold woke up. I went up stairs to eat at times and then just came back down to watch more TV thinking about going back outside again but the niceness of the weather had gone and it was a little to hot to be out. Dana didn’t really come down at all and what sounded like busy cleaning upstairs and probably went back out to get more food that was cookable then the pantry stuff. Tiara had a stove but no microwave which I found a little annoying but then again I needed to stop being picky and count my lucky stars from last night I didn’t die that my mom and come to the rescue.

Finally around dinner time I smelled something yummy so I went up to investigate to find that some of the girls were up and talking to my mother while she was cooking. I saw the younger which I couldn’t remember the name of and the second oldest which I hadn’t met yet, they saw me and introduced themselves to me. “Hi I’m Iris” as she shakes my hand “this is Nodia”, I say hello to both.

“we are so glad you have come to stay with us” Nodia said

“yeah its nice to have fresh blood around here” Iris said “not that we’ll be drinking from you or anything” she cleared.

“its nice to meet you guys too, what’s cooking?” Susan said

As Dana chopped up something else to put into what she was cooking not turning to meet my gaze “tonight we are having hamburger helper”, I couldn’t remember the last time my mother had actually cooked and prepared a meal for us so I sat down kinda near the girls kinda in astonishment as Dana was cooking. The next girl that comes in was the oldest which again I haven’t met “nice to see you again Dana” my mother nodded towards her for her hello the girl walked towards me with her hand out “nice to meet you I’m Vicky, I’ve heard so much about you. My mother and Helen should be coming in soon, then we can all talk” as she said with a smile.

When the other two girls came in I was eating my dinner and the others where talking about something that had happened a few nights ago about a TV show. When Dana and I where done eating we all gathered in the living room near the front door then Tiana started the discussion.

“There is much to discuss with each side of all our stories”

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