My Unwanted Adventures: Half Way Peak

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A follow up to something I had written when I was 13. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unwanted: Love Month

Submitted: August 30, 2014

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Submitted: August 30, 2014



Evenings are always the perfect time for stories as we have at least already said before. They get our small family of wolves relaxed and ready for bed.

  Another evening has come and another time for stories. Our children have had their supper and baths and sit in our small house inside the hill. A fire is crackling away to keep us warm.

What about a story?’ they ask.

What about a story?’ we repeat.

Tell us some more stories about Papen,’ they all insist to us.

I wouldn’t mind a story,’ says their Papen to us.

We go to the bookshelf and take out another book. We go back and take our seat on the floor to prepare for a story.

Their Papen lies beside us as we open the book and tell our family a story about a little vampire’s year in Pocono during a war with his adopted older sibling. This story happens when their Papen is yet to walk on all fours as he is now.

And now our story begins.


I have told six months of unwanted tales and I have another six months to tell.

These stories are about some adventures set in Reath, the twin planet of Reath. In that world is a war going on between the Araxs and the humans. There are also doorways into the immortal dimension, where vampires live. But I am not going to talk this time. Some other time, maybe because I have this set of stories to tell instead.

With his belly empty and his mind full of adventures, there was a little boy whose life is never going to be the same as it was before he met his adopted older sibling.

And what might this boy’s name be?

Sparrow Shio.

Of course I suppose I mustn’t forget to include someone in Sparrow’s life that was and still is an important part of it. She is his adopted elder sibling, his protector, his sort of friend to whom is the type of advice giver that gives good and helpful tips which are constantly ignored.

The widowed queen of Araxs Wisper Reich Nemec.

And I, as I have said before, am Shade, an imaginary thing in Wisper’s head which you would normally call a personality. I am the second personality, Kira is the first, and will not only be the personality of Wisper during these adventures but the narrator of tales which I really don’t want to tell you about.

But I am because when you’re out of ideas to not be bored you tell people about recounts of somebody else’s naïve little adventures which may’ve been avoided with common sense.


Unwanted: Love Month

Love Month had reared its ugly head once again.

Think of Valentine’s Day but instead of it being on the day a guy died for marrying people it goes on for a month and isn’t dedicated to the guy who died. And instead of giving people chocolates and roses we get given processed foods which are in the shape of hearts and since no one likes pricks they give people whatever flower they come across. And instead of the month being publicised, it was kept hushed and only people who had had a brush with romance realise what it is.

Why wouldn’t they publicise it? Because everyone that has come to realise what it is and don’t have anyone suffer from loneliness, rage quits and the burning desire to destroy all of the flowers that they come across.

Why did I pick Valentine’s Day as an example?

Sparrow Shio wandered around Pocono, the tiny pocket of Reath, the twin planet of Earth. He had his boomerang out to hit things with. You could easily tell he was angry.

If you were to come across Sparrow you would think he was a girl with long black braided hair and dressed like a boy.

‘If no one wants to play with me then I don’t want to play a game with them,’ he declared.

Now normally Sparrow was one of those little boys who did not just have one sweet tooth but his entire teeth were but if you were to see him then you would think otherwise.

Sparrow made his way to a hill that he had never seen since he and his friends had come to Pocono. It was just out of the town but nowhere near the big electric fence soldiers put in.

That hill was quite steep, ideal for rolling down but a terror to climb up. And what prevented it from looking like a hill?


‘Stupid Flowers!’ he cried as he marched up the hill, kicking every flower in his path. ‘Stupid, dumb flowers!’

When the boy reached the top, he lay like a rolling pin and he rolled down before continued the cycle over and over. He stopped when he heard growling from the top of the hill.

‘Oh great,’ he thought. ‘I just can’t be alone, can I?’

Just as he prepared to leave he realised the moaning was a lot like an animal growling. Curious, the boy made his way up the hill since that’s the most logical thing to do.

A silvery white Arax lay on top of the hill. She had butterfly wings that were silvery white with a blood red pattern drawn into it. Her right eye glowed blue grey and her left was violet purple. Both eyes had blood red luminescence flames around the eye. She had whiskers and purred like a cat.

That Arax was the polar opposite of a normal Arax. She was significantly smaller than them. Normal Araxs were big black wolves with glowing blood red eyes.

The two exchanged shocked glances when they realised the other person was there. They turned around and dusted their bodies off before turning around to start again.

It you. Go way. I no want be round an-y-one,’ said that Arax.

‘So you’re alone too, Wisper-chan?’ the boy asked. ‘No one wants to be around me for some reason.’

Wisper frowned. ‘You no know what month it?’ she asked.

‘It’s spring,’ he said. Nobody actually remembered what the month was because there wasn’t much of a point.

The Arax explained to him the situation.

The boy lay on his back with his arms and legs spread as he watched the clouds pass him. Wisper lay curled up, grumpy.

‘I wanted to play a game with someone,’ he told her. ‘But it seems like I’ll be alone for the rest of the month. No one said they wanted to play with me.’

What game you make?’ she asked.

The boy rolled onto his stomach. ‘I call it floating stones,’ he said. ‘You go to a still bit of water and you push some leaves out so the first makes it to the other side and then the next is going to be closer to the first leaf and so on until all of those leaves are in a line like stepping stones. With two people it’ll be to see who makes the line first. What do you think of it?’

‘That game sort of sounds like it’d be fun,’ said Kira who, at the time, was living inside a diamond with a wilted rose that would have different coloured petals to show the strongest emotion Wisper had. Guess what colour it was then?

Sparrow’s eyes suddenly widened. ‘I just had a brilliant idea of a game we could play!’ he said.


This was by far the dumbest thing Sparrow had talked Wisper into doing.

Wisper was flying around, holding Sparrow with her front paws by his upper arms. She circled around hill like a vulture.

This no good thing,’ Wisper warned Sparrow.

‘I know this isn’t well thought through but it’ll be fine if the plan works out like it does in my head,’ he told her.

‘He follows the same logic that I follow,’ Kira told me.

‘When you reach the bottom of the hill,’ said Sparrow. ‘You need to get down low. Can you do that, Wisper-chan?’

Wisper obeyed his request and started to fly as low as she could. I was interested to know what was in that boy’s head.

‘A little lower,’ he told her.

Sparrow,’ Wisper said. ‘You touch ground I go low.

‘That’s the idea,’ he said.

Sill-y small Sparrow.

Wisper reached the top of the hill and swooped down. She reached the bottom and turned around, time closer to all of…

I then realised what the boy wanted to do.

Sparrow’s feet curved upwards. Every flower in his path got a severe annihilation from his feet as Wisper flew up.

‘That’s what Love Month does to you,’ commented Kira.

‘Turn to the area next to it!’ he cried at the top of the hill.

Wisper turned around and the boy continued to destroy all of those flowers in front of him. Once reaching the top of the hill, Wisper set the boy down. Sparrow turned to see her land beside them and the two had started running.

Sparrow watched Wisper start to change into a young girl. Her glowing eyes dulled. Her silvery white fur became knee length caramel coloured hair. She had childlike features with her ears and arms staying like an Araxs. Her whiskers, purring and tail remained. Wisper wore a black habit and a wide hat with holes in the sides to allow her ears to show.

‘How can you run like that with a long dress and long hair?’

‘What?’ said Wisper, breaking my concentration to stay up. She was running just like a dog.

Her left foot accidently trod on her dress. She lost all forms of balance and rolled down the steepest. Wisper landed in a small river with a splash and her head came up after a bit to breathe.

She looked at the hill expecting to see Sparrow running to her. But no, instead he was rolling down the hill towards her.

‘Oh sugar frostings,’ I groaned.

Sparrow landed in the water with a loud splash. He came to the surface with his knees on what he thought was a rock.

‘That was a brilliant idea…Wisper-chan?’ the boy started to look around, realising that Wisper had somehow vanished.

The rock beneath him moved upward, startling him. Both of his legs spread out and he placed his hands onto the rock as it moved out of the water and lay on the bank.

‘Oh I’m sorry, Wisper-chan,’ Sparrow said, getting off her to sit beside her. ‘Are you okay?’

She crawled to some bushes and sat, hugging her shoulders.

Sparrow crawled towards her when her shoulder started to tremble. ‘Please don’t start crying, Wisper-chan,’ he told her. ‘It really was an accident. I thought you did what you did was on purpose. I’m sorry.’

He wrapped his arms around Wisper’s shoulders and began to hug her. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said again.

I couldn’t hold it back. Wisper’s mouth cracked open to allow a giggle to escape. In that instant, her mouth widened a little more to let a laugh out. Her lips curved as she smiled.

‘Wisper-chan,’ said a surprised Sparrow. ‘Are you laughing?’

‘Uh-huh,’ she said through her laughs.

‘Oh Wisper-chan,’ the boy pulled the pair back where they suddenly sunk into the water. They came up giggling like the pair of idiots that they were.


‘The sky’s on fire, Wisper-chan.’

The two lay on top of the hill at sunset surrounded by close to a million petals. They were wore towels like robes to allow their other clothes to dry in the sun. Wisper lay on her back. She stared at the sky while Sparrow played with her hair.

‘Wisper-chan,’ he said. ‘We are nothing more than adopted siblings, right?’

‘Yes,’ she replied.

‘Then why does everyone say we are madly in love and that we’re someday going to get married?’

‘Sparrow,’ Wisper turned to face him with a shocked look.

He realised where he was going and went red. ‘You’re right,’ he said. ‘How could I even think that?

‘I no know,’ she told him.

‘Well we’re not even friends,’ he reminded her. ‘So I don’t really know where this is coming from.’

‘Sill-y small Sparrow,’ Wisper said and reached to ruffle his hair making him smile. ‘They say to tease. Friend-s j…j…’

‘Jealous,’ the boy finished.

‘Yes,’ she reached over and seized the boy by his armpits.

‘Whoa,’ he said as she lifted him up and carried him over to her front where she placed him on a leg which she stretched out. He leaned against the other that she bent. ‘I guess that’s the reason. But they all have someone though. Do you think it’s possible that we’re missing something?’

The two were silent before they had the same answer.


‘You know,’ Sparrow said. ‘I liked today. We’ve done such a lot together today and this was the first time that I didn’t feel the least bit hungry.’

‘Kira I think day fun,’ Wisper told him.

‘You thought today was fun,’ he smiled.

‘Who did?’

‘You and Kira,’ he was getting a little annoyed.

‘Who they?’

‘You are.’

‘Are what?’

‘Wait, what,’ he clutched his temples. ‘Wisper-can you are messing with my mind!’

‘Oh Shade,’ Kira giggled.

‘So what are we going to do with all of these petals?’ asked the boy.

Wisper licked a claw a held it up. A special wind was coming. She balled a fist and slammed her paw on the ground.

A shock wave spread across the town as the hill collapsed. It was then that the wind I was waiting for appeared to carry every single petal. The two watched from inside that swirling and beautiful creation from the flat ground.

‘That’s the Wind of Reath isn’t it?’ Sparrow asked, watching the petals dance in the wind.

‘Yes,’ Wisper replied. ‘It take pet-al round Re-at-h for next six month. It make all watch glad.’

The two silently watched the petals fly through the streets of Pocono and a thought came into Wisper’s head.

‘How man-y kiss while watch?’ she asked.

The boy turned to her. ‘I’d say at least two,’ he said and he closed his eyes while tilting is head upward a little.

Wisper checked that nobody was watching before her own eyes closed. Kira and I became a single personality as Wisper leaned forward.

When the Wind of Reath left the two immediately moved away from one another and wildly spat.

‘Girl germs,’ Sparrow said while he wiped his mouth.

‘Vampire germs,’ Kira and I said as Wisper wiped her mouth.

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