The Essence of Shadow (Completed)

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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Submitted: May 04, 2011



There were few times in Winna's life that she had been shaken to her very depths. She had always been the brave girl; never afraid to dive off the highest rock, stand face to face with the Wolf King or brave the dangers of a roaring forest fire. But the look of pure hatred in Kaden's eyes was more than she could bear. Those eyes which were so full of warmth and unending love were replaced by a fierce, swelling rage that pierced Winna and made her quake with fear and uncertainty.

"What....what did you say?" She stuttered, trying to keep her voice from shaking. Kaden waited pateintly to be released from his binds as those stunning eyes stabbed through her, "I am not a criminal, you have no right to keep me here against my will. Release me." Winna's hands shook as she untied him, the knots becoming damp with her sweat. Taking a breath, Winna watched him nervously, "Kaden, I don''t know what Lumin told you, but whatever it was, I'm sure it isn't true. If you would just talk to me, I'm sure we can discuss what.."

"I don't want to talk to you or anyone from the village. You can all just go to hell for all I care. I hate you, I hate everything about you." With that, Kaden gained his footing and left out the doors of Elder Fala's house with Winna shivering behind. This wasn't Lumin, it wasn't any outside force come to destroy her; this was Kaden and the ice in his voice and the hatred in his heart blinded her. Her affinity with nature and the delicate balance kept by them all pulsated and wrapped around the young woman like a swirl of frost. 

She wished he had yelled at her. If he had screamed and raved then at least she could have reacted and calmed him. Instead he was quiet, intent, giving the fall sense of serenity in a world of chaos within his words. This was not the Kaden she knew, this was not the Kaden she loved, this was someone very different. Falling to her knees, Winna wrapped her arms around herself, trying to quell the shaking that errupted from her soul.

Kaden stepped through the door and stopped when he heard, "So that is how you talk to your girlfriend now? I always suspected you were a prick, but this is something new." The voice belonged to a young, red-haired man who was glancing in the window at the now broken woman. Kaden's eyes narrowed, "You think I don't know why you always teased her? She is your's now, go and be with her. I want nothing to do with this village or it's people. And since I never cared for you in the begining, I suggest you back out of my way, Seto."

Seto stood straight and reguarded his oldest rival cautiously, "Are you threatining me?" Kaden focused his energy to his right hand as it ignited, "I'm warning you." Seto Whispered to himself as a swarm of hornets emerged from their hiding places, "You know, I always warned you that your mouth would get you in trouble and today is the day you find out why. We aren't children anymore and if you are going to treat the one person who has always been there for you like that, then you are lower than mud."

With that Kaden extended his arm and shot out a well measured fire ball at Seto who called his bees up to defend him from the blow. As soon as the fire had dissolved he swiped out as the angry insects went to defend their caller, stingers errect. Kaden growled softly and pushed a wall of flame at the Whisperer, sending him sprawling backwards and hitting the cottage with a force that made the walls crack.

Hearing the commotion, Winna broke out of her trance and sprinted to the door just in time to see Kaden throw Seto, "Kaden! Stop this now!" Those piercing eyes flicked towards her as he closed his fist and turned away. Winna watched the man she loved depart, his anger and betrayal steaming off him like waves of fury. What darkness had filled him to make him lose control this way? Losing no time, Winna ran to Seto who was curled in a ball, shaking with burning pain.

"Seto? Why did you do this? Why did you take him on like that?" Winna placed her hands on the burns and concentrated as Seto mumbled, "Isn't it obvious? You really aren't the brightest are you? Slug face?" Winna's blue eyes scanned his wounds as she pondered his words before inhaling deeply and using her affinity to heal the burnt skin of her childhood bully. Closing her eyes, Winna focused as the red, throbbing pain lifted through her arms and into her mind. It wasn't a pain she was used to dealing with and it burned her to her heart.

Hissing in agony, Winna made herself hold on until the last mark of flame disappeared and Seto was left completely renewed. Winna gasped and fell as her head swam with exhaustion. As Seto caught the woman who had healed him, he allowed himself a moment to bask in her presence as he was never able to do when she was awake. Winna laid helpless in his arms, her waves of chocolate hair flowing gracefully down her delicate shoulders. Seto sat with his back supported against the cottage wall and craddled the exhausted healer to himself.

"You really are dumb if you didn't notice, Winna. The reason I teased you, was because I liked you so much and I didn't know how to say it. I wanted to help you, I wanted to be the one to help you find your affinity, but whenever I tried to be nice or to talk to you, I got nervous and put up a wall against you. After a while, I guess I didn't know how to break that wall and be who I wanted to be with you. I'm sorry I've been such a jerk. You didn't deserve it, not any small bit of the mean things I would say. I'm sorry.....I'm sorry Winna....."

When he heard the faint groan from her unconcious form, Seto felt his heart melt. She truly was the most lovely girl he had ever seen. His green eyes turned to the forest line where Kaden's form had disappeared into the trees. What had happened between them? What made that jerk act this way? Seto didn't know what had changed, but to see Winna as hurt as she was, pissed him off on a level he couldn't express.

Kaden stalked through the trees as silent as a midnight cat; his feet barely making any kind of noise as he twisted around the trees. The clouds that darkened the sky hadn't lifted as nature reacted badly to the disturbance in the balance. Large rain drops began to fall and soak the land as Kaden stumbled and fell against one of the large tree trunks. Winna's face flashed before his eyes as he buried his face in his hands. How could he have treated her like that? How could he have put that sorrow in her eyes?

"Have you forgotten me?" The voice whispered as Kaden shook his head, "No, father, I haven't, but Winna...."

"Is in the same village that massacured our lives. Imagine the family we could have made together? Imagine the joy in your mother's heart if I had stayed with you. They took that away, Winna took that away from us. Don't you care about your father?" As if the darkness were sap, it stuck to his mind and clouded his sight, filling him with hypnotic rage. There was no other path for him, only the road of revenge that begged for his travel.

"I will avenge you father, but I don't know how. Tell me what I have to do." Kaden waited as the voice which wrapped around him like black silk whispered seductively, "There is a way. One way taht will make all this pain disappear. That will right the wrongs done to us." Kaden held his breath as the rain dampened his face and wetted his hair, "Tell me what to do!"

"The entire village of Rinsha can be brought down in a single stroke. There is one person who holds all of the light and hope for them. The healer of nature, destroy her, destroy Rinsha and we will be free." Kaden's golden eyes widened, " want me to kill Winna?"

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