The Essence of Shadow (Completed)

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



Kaden's legs felt heavy, as if he was walking through mud as he numbly followed Lumin's directions. Narrowly avoiding a tree branch that launched itself from the wood line, Kaden wondered how much more unbalanced his world would become. The wind whipped leaves past his head, the clouds rolled in their blackness and the trees groaned as he twisted his way around a stubborn thorn bush. It was there that the chaos around him numbed to the sight before him.

"Here it is Kaden, here is the place they killed your father. His blood stains this stone just as they would intend to do to you someday." The words echoed in his mind as Kaden stiffened. Would they really choose him over everyone else in the village? Would Winna choose him? The voice in his mind pushed him forward as he stepped closer to the sacrifical alter where to his horror, crimson stains still exisited. Everything Lumin said was true, this proved it.

Kaden felt as if his stomach would heave as he pictured the false memory Lumin planted in him again and again. Lumin's voice became soothing as he pressed, "Don't worry my young Whisperer. All your anger and frustration will end soon. Just to the left there is a hidden shelf, press the smoothed stone and withdrawl what is inside." Kaden stumbled over to the arrangement of stones and pressed a shaking finger to the smoothed rock which served as a buttom to unlatch the lock on the shelf. Reaching inside, Kaden felt the chill metal of the blade long before he laid eyes on it.

"There it is. That is a sword that will end any Whisperer, no matter how powerful or how quickly they can heal themselves. It has been dipped in a poison that will infect any who are cut with it." Kaden withdrew the weapon and held it up properly. The blade had words written on it in some language he had never read before and to his amazement, there seemed to be a stream actively moving through it. Upon closer examination, Kaden confirmed that there was a pulse of poison still flowing through the blade.

"This is....." Then it felt as if his world spun. Everything became blurry and distorted as the fire Whisperer tried desperately to hold on to himself. Little did he know that when he held the blade for more than a few seconds, Lumin fully took control of his host and spread his evil through the young man's body. The struggle was more difficult than the spirit of chaos expected, Kaden had an annoyingly pure heart, but even fresh snow can be corrupted by darkness given enough time.

Twisting the sword one way and another, Lumin smiled through Kaden, "Ah, it is good to have a weapon in my hand once more." Lumin felt a stirring within him as Kaden fought to take control again and he smiled, "Sorry friend, I don't have time for a chat right now. Got to see a girl." With that he turned and made his way back towards the village, thoughts of Winna squirming in his grasp floating through his mind. No one would contain him ever again.

Winna walked through the village of Rinsha as it's many families huddled in their homes. You didn't have to be a Whisperer to feel that something was horribly wrong with their world and all eyes turned to the young woman who held all their hopes within her. Winna walked with purpose, the energies of the fallen elders flowing through her with each step. Her mother and father watched from their home as Lena called out to her, "Baby, what's happened?"

Winna turned her blue eyes towards her mother who twisted a dish rag in her elegant hands. Years of experience taught Winna that her mother only did that when she was nervous and she spoke words that fell like sunlight in the darkness, "It will be all right mother. I'm going to make everything all right again." Her eyes turned to her father whose strong arms were around her mother's trembling form, "In case I am unsucessful, I need you to get everyone out of the village. Something is coming and I may not be able to fight it. I need you to make sure everyone is safe."

Her father's eyes searched his daughter's determined face, "What's coming exactly? What has caused all of this upset and chaos around us?" Winna opened her mouth to answer until a different voice replied, "It's Kaden, isn't it?" Winna turned to take in the form of the woman behind her. Jessah looked as if she was colder than usual, if such a thing was even possible. Winna watched her warily as Jessah's golden eyes that looked so much like Kaden's, pierced through her.

"So is it Kaden? Is he the one who has created all this pain in nature? Has Lumin finally taken him?" Winna nodded slowly and waited for the anger and disappointment to come from the frigid woman before her. Instead, to her amazement, Jessah's face darkened and her honey-colored eyes which held so much bitterness and anger filled with tears, "That bastard! How many more times will Lumin hurt me? Was one man I loved enough, that he seeks to take Kaden as well?"

"Jessah...." Lena whispered as the woman cried angry tears, "I know that I haven't been any kind of mother to Kaden. It hurt too much to look at him, let alone love him, but I will be damned if Lumin takes his soul the way he did Kidick's. Save him Winna, my son." The emotion Jessah displayed made her seem so much younger and strangely, more beautiful than she already was. Was this the person she had been before Lumin took her husband from her? Would Winna become this if she let him win? Placing a hand on the woman's shoulder, Winna squeezed gently and nodded, "I will do what I can."

As the wind howled fiercely, Winna felt a darkness that dripped with evil quickly approaching. It was time to act and she took one final look at her parents, the people who loved her, before she went to meet the man she loved and the demon within him.

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