I'm Not Him

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 07, 2013



It had been a whole day and Jackie still hadn’t come to completely. Ronald only left her side to go to the restroom. He hadn’t eaten nor had he showered. Their children were at Jackie’s mother’s house. He knew that they were concerned about their mom so he decided to give them a call and let them know the update.

“Hello?” Mr. Williams, Jackie’s father answered.

“Hey old man. How are you?” Ronald chuckled in hopes of easing the worry that he knew his in-laws felt being that Jackie was their only daughter.

“I’m about as well as could be expected” Mr. Williams sincerely expressed. “How is everything going over there?” Mr. Williams asked.

“She’s doing a lot better, but she still hasn’t come to.” Ronald said staring at his wife’s body. He reached over and grabbed her hand. “I wanted to just check in and let you all know the update. Hmph, I guess there’s not really much of an update, but I’ll keep you all abreast to what’s going on.” Ronald said with tears in his eyes. He initially called to talk with his children, but he had a flash back of Calvin leaning over his wife’s body, and he immediately became saddened.

“They are doing ok, I would say, son. I love my daughter and grand children with every ounce of my being, and I am truly concerned. It seems as though everything shut down in our lives in less than a day’s time.” Mr. Williams tried to hold back tears thinking about his baby girl. Jackie was always a Daddy’s baby. She was his pride and joy and he just couldn’t figure out how he would manage if something happened to her. Michael’s death was hell for him. He and Michael had just started to develop a relationship. Ever since Michael was a little boy, they stayed at odds. Michael always respected his father, but he felt as though he was too strict. He was a momma’s boy until his death. As Mr. Williams would think back over the issues that he and Michael had, he realized that many if not all could have been avoided with simple communication. He felt like he failed Michael in so many ways, and while Jackie was an adult when Michael passed, Mr. Williams felt it was his responsibilities to his daughter, grandchildren, and now son in law to show them all the love and care that they deserved. As for Calvin, well neither Mr. nor Mrs. Williams cared too much for him. They had tried their best to talk Jackie out of marrying him, but she was too hard headed. Jackie had sworn that he was the love of her life, and he was but only until they got married and she saw that flip side of him. She dealt with much more than her parents knew about because she loved him that much and as a result she covered him until she couldn’t any longer.

“Oh, by the way Pops, did you know that the doctor said J is pregnant?” Ronald said trying to find something good in this terrible situation.

“Well Lord ha’ mercy! You gotta be kiddin’ me.” Mr. Williams sounded so excited.

“Nope!” Ronald mustered up a smile.

“How far along is she?” Mr. Williams knew that his baby had to come through this because she had to give life to his fourth grandchild.

“I believe she is three months. They are still running tests on her though.”

“Wow! Well are you excited?” Mr. Williams could hear excitement in Ronald’s voice, but there was also an uncertainty that he felt in his heart.

“I am! I’m just confused.”

“Confused? Why?”

“It’s just… the fact that she went to the doctor last month and found out that she was pregnant, but she didn’t tell me. Then coming up here and seeing Calvin. It’s just a lot for me to comprehend right now. I wish she could talk so that we could discuss this.”

“I know son, just give it some time. You’ll find out everything that you need to know. Don’t stress yourself.” Mr. Williams concluded.

They ended their conversation with Ron talking to the kids. After he got off the phone with them, he reclined in the chair beside Jackie and took a nap.

“Baby!” Jackie whispered laying flat on her back in her hospital bed. Ronald jumped to his feet. “I’m here Honey.” He said. Tears rolled down his face as he thanked God for bringing his wife back to life.

“I love you so much baby! I swear, and you know that I’m not a swearing man… but Jackie I swear I’ll take care of you and our unborn child. I’ll make sure all of your needs are met. I swear!” Ronald said. Jackie mustered up a smile, hearing how much her husband loved her. Then suddenly, tears rolled down her face. “Kiss me.” She whispered.


She raised up on the side of the bed as if she had never been down. Ronald walked closer to her to make sure he could support her in case she decided to get up. Jackie arose from the bed leaning over towards Ronald. He wraps his arms around her for support.

“Mmm…” She moaned leaning over his body wrapping her arms around his neck. She began kissing him on his forehead and then worked her way down to his lips. Ronald let out a soft moan as he moved his hands down her back to her tear drop shaped behind.

“Baby, I missed you so much. I thought that I was going to lose you. I… I just… I don’t know what I would do without you. Now you’re pregnant with our baby and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so in love with you Jackie Sparks.” Ronald whispered. Jackie slowly moved her body closer to his as she unbuttoned his shirt. Kissing on his chest and rubbing her tongue down to his navel, Ronald felt like he was in heaven. “B-Baby you are the b-b-best. Oooh!” Jackie looked at him and smiled as she worked her way down to his pelvis. Rubbing her tongue across his pelvic area and her lips across his pubic hairs, she felt his manhood grow at least three inches. “Arise and Shine baby.” She joked as she grabbed his muscles making a complete circle with her index finger and her thumb. Dropping a little slob on his penis she motioned her hands up and down and in a circle gripping him tightly. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he rubbed his hand through his wife’s long silky hair. Jackie placed her lips at the head of her husband. She moved them up and down teasing her husband as she smacked her lips. “Baby, I don’t ever want to lose you.” Ron said. At the sound of his plea Jackie tightened her grip even more giving him the best pleasure he could’ve ever imagined receiving. “I’m tired baby.” Jackie said looking up at him. Ronald bucked his eyes seeing his wife’s eyes roll to the back of her head. “Honey, I love you!” She whispered as she took her last breath. Ronald’s face felt numb. “Jackie!” He yelled. “Jackie, baby! Don’t die on me.” His body began to shake uncontrollably as tears rushed down his face. “No!!! Baby please don’t leave me!” He screamed. His body shook uncontrollably. “No! No! No!” Ronald wept.

Suddenly Ronald felt a hand on his shoulder awaking him from the horrible dream that he was having. Shelly, the RN on duty stared at him as if he were a piece of candy. “Sir, I’m just here to check her vital signs” she said. He looked over to the hospital bed seeing his wife lying there stiffly. Shelly walked past Ronald squeezing in between his knees and the bed. Her biscuit shaped butt rested on his lap. He tries to ease up but Shelly backs that thang up on him.

“Excuse me ma’am.” He politely said trying to determine if he was truly uncomfortable or if he was enjoying the scene. After a dream like the one he just had, he was hornier than ever— fiendin’ for some GOOD lovin’. Shelly checked Jackie’s vital signs. “Everything looks good sexy soldier.” She mumbled the last part. “Oh and She’s not going to die. We are taking very good care of her.” She said walking past him rubbing her behind against his now erect groin. He let out a slight moan as she looked back and smiled licking her lips. “Here is my card. I am an angel sent by God to make your life better.” She gave off a devilish laugh. Ronald looked her up and down, admiring her beauty. She was about five feet seven, easily 145 pounds, about a 36 C cup, and a fresh hot caramel color. She was beautiful. If he wasn’t saved he would have definitely been interested.

“Lord what have I gotten myself into?” He began to pray. “I repent father. I’m feeling so lonely right now without my wife. Lord I need you to forgive me, and help me to be focused on you. Keep me in perfect peace as you said you would in Isaiah 26:3. Help me Lord. Bring my wife back to me. Maybe I have been a little inconsiderate. I know that you told me that the devil was trying to destroy my family by any means necessary, but the blood of Jesus prevails against you satan.” He started out praying in his head but shortly thereafter he started praying loud, and then he grabbed Jackie’s hand and prayed. He had a prayer life, but for some reason with him being overwhelmed by the current situation, he hadn’t prayed nearly half as much as he normally does. “I decree and declare that IT IS SO!” He said with a confused look on his face, hearing the voice of a beautiful woman whisper “It is so” along with him. He looked around the room and didn’t see anyone. He peaked around the curtain of the ICU and only one was nurse was at the nurse’s station. She was engrossed in her Charles Dickens novel. He walked back in the room assuming that maybe he was just hearing things. Feeling kind of hungry, he decided to call and order pizza. His favorite pizza was hamburger, but for some reason he ordered pepperoni which was Jackie’s favorite. “Man I am really missing you baby.” He said leaning over with his head on Jackie’s arm. Even though she had been in the hospital for over a week, she still smelled like she was fresh out of the shower and in her Chloe perfume. “Baby, you are my heart!” He leaned and kissed Jackie’s hand. “Is that so?” He heard this woman’s voice again. Looking up at Jackie her eyes were still shut, and she looked as though she hadn’t moved. “Lord, am I going crazy?” He said jumping out of his seat again looking around for a female. Everything was still the same. He walked back into Jackie’s room, and saw what he knew to be a total miracle.

“Oh my God!” He said.


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