A Witch's Journey.

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***DISCLAIMER*** This story contains some religious content that others may not wish to read. Please do not troll this page or post religiously offensive comments, or try to incite any religious hate.

Melannnen has always known that she was different, but when she moves to the spooky village of Cross Ness, she realises that the villagers have more in common with her than she first thought. Will she learn about herself, or will she let her true nature slip away?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Witch's Journey.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012




This story has been written with the help of a great many people, all of whom are invaluable. I would therefore like to thank the following people:

Lannah - your knowledge and wisdom (and unending patience with sending me links!) has been a true bonus. Thank you for sending me endless links, pointing me in the direction of books and articles, and for supporting me throughout everything.

Jonathan - you are the best fiance in the world and this would not have even been thought of without you! Thank you for loving me and keeping me buoyant (and plying me with food and tea!) for the last age and a half - I love you so much!

My mum and dad - although you probably won't read this, I'm going to thank you anyway. Thank you for raising me, loving me and giving me the life that I might not have had. Thank you for all the support, love and random arguments over silly things - you are the best parents I could ask for.

My coworkers  - you are the best team a girl could ask for, and I love you all to bits! Thank you for the silly jokes, the compliments, the hugs and all the rest of it (not the pizza or salad bar though, you can keep that!). Here's to the future!

My lecturers and other friends - you know who you are, and you know I love you to pieces. Thank you for being the fantastic people you are, and keep doing what you're doing. I'll see you all soon!

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