Mage of Magic: The land of pure

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The time had arrived for the struggle of the Morgan's kingdom which was Wizard's once, different students from diferent culture and countries are now united to stand against them...
So the journey begins with Jessica...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Maze of Magic: The land of pure

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The Maze of Magic
Chapter one: The departure of Jessica
It was a soft morning of winter, sun was showing its golden rays under which several people were sunbathing at beach. It was almost ten in the morning. From a little way behind from the sea was a bungalow, which was cover with several trees, servants and house cleaners, running here and there. All were having decoration ornaments and the huge expanded garden was being decorating by them. It seemed to be having some celebration here. Upon the huge golden gates of the house was a metal bar upon which was wrote the name "Gale's Villa". This home belonged to Mr. Andrew McKenzie and Mrs. Patricka McKenzie. Mr. Andrew was well-known businessperson. In addition, he was attending a meeting with his workers at his home. Mrs. McKenzie was also participating at that moment, as she is also business partner of her husband. She was wearing long grey high-necked royal robes, and her jet-black hair tied up so no hair would slip through. She was standing stiff and was ordering the house cleaners how to decorate the chairs and to arrange them.
Mr. Andrew was also hurrying all around and was looking as though prim as usual. He was shouting all around for instructions while knotting the tie. The only person who was not involved in these arrangements was Jessica McKenzie who was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie. She was standing in front of her wide window bulging outwards towards beach. She was standing there watching outside towards the beach, she seemed to be waiting for something. Maim Venira, her governess, was hurrying towards the study room holding a bundle of books. While working she peeped inward to see Jessica " Hello darling, what are you up to? " she asked kindly. Jessica turned and asked with hope “Did you receive it? Did it arrived?", "Oh not yet dear but don't worry Mr. Peter is keeping an eye on the posts, hope it’ll arrive in a moment" she said hurriedly and turned to work. Jessica was a bit disappointed but started to stroll along the window, playing with the lock of hair with her left fore finger and waited She was hoping it would arrive as soon as possible.
After half an hour, her wide bedroom door was a knock and an envelope slipped in. Jessica hurried towards it and started to open it. Upon its top a blue stamp bears,"MO MO Motive" written. She tore it apart and started reading it aloud.
"Dear Jessica,
I received your letter. Do not worry I know your conditions. You would be bored of that occasion around but do not bother I have sent your father a letter and he obviously will accept it. I am going to call you to my home for your study matters. I hope you will not be studding stupid useless subjects from your mad who-man teacher. You will be coming to my home very soon. So keep packing, as you know your father can order you anytime.
I have already started to get your type stuffs. So be happy and keep smiling.
Waiting impatiently,
You’re Granny
Tiffany Simons
Jessica was so happy and excited that she, without thinking, ran to pack up. She was confident that her father would not drop her Granny's words. After she packed up all the necessary things including her teddies and room slippers, it was almost lunchtime. Venira called after her for lunch. She went happily to see what her father would say. When she arrived at the dinning table, her parents were already present there. Her mother, with the same look of disgust and her father with the busy expression, He cleared his throat, looking rather serious “Jessica have a seat, we want to have a word with you". Jessica took the seat beside her father and in front of her mother. Jessica gazed at her but Mrs. McKenzie was busy with her plate and cutlery. “Taste it how’s that Maim, if we try this out tonight?" said Mr. Peter, handing over some delicious looking prawns. "My favorite!" exclaimed Jessica jumping a bit from her seat, but her mother glared at her with her heavy lidded eyes. Jessica fell silent at once. “Jessica dear Grand mother had written to me about your further studies. She wanted you to visit her; I hope you won't bother her to complain me." Jessica gave him a little nod. However, her heart was leaping with delight. " When exactly?" she asked her father " As you know I'm bit busy with business these days so I think you should go by train or ferry but not alone. Venira will be keeping eye on you." " but when?" she asked again with little impatience " But Andrew cant we teach her at home?" her mother wanted to speak further but he waved his right hand indicating her to stop talking and began again "I've decided that you should depart tonight. Of course as you know from tomorrow we'll be much more busy and your classes might begin a week later" " Okay!" said Jessica although her eyes filled with tears of joy she didn’t pretend to be so happy as she knew her mother wasn't happy with this decision at all, so, silently, she started her lunch.
After lunch, she marched directly towards her bedroom and glanced at her cupboard for a while as if she had left something important to pack. She leapt on her bed and started thinking about the days she will spend at her granny's home. Granny knew what Jessica liked about her interests. She knew what I like! Moreover, she had started collecting my favorite stuff! What would be that? She thought excitedly but did not find any clue. Laying there on bed Jessica had not realized that she slept with her room slippers on. She was not aware of hustle bustle outside, the house cleaners and servants preparing the food. Jessica was an individual person, who would rather like to read books and spend whole time within her room then attending the boring guests. In short, she was allergic to guests. Presently, she was dreaming of her granny’s home and the time when she and granny will be having fun together. She was smiling in her dream. Suddenly the knock on the door made her jump and awake, "Come in!" she said drowsily “Oh dear you still aren't changed?" said Venira rushing in and hurrying all around to check for travel bags. “What’s the time?" asked Jessica sitting in her bed, still sleepy. " My dear within half an hour the driver will be ready to drop us on sea port, and you're asking of the time?...Your mother wants you downstairs within 10 mints.." she said in a hushing voice, Jessica jumped towards the washroom and Venira opened her cupboard to pick out dress for her to wear. Jessica was so excited; she had never been to live with her granny. She washed up quickly with the continuous knock of Venira outside. Then she changes in a long pistachio color frock and a big silver color bow tied at her back. She then noticed Venira, who was for the first time, dressed so gracefully, in her mauve color dress and hat. Jessica thought venira was looking rather pretty. Venira took Jessica's travel trunks while Jessica picked her favorite little bookcase that her granny gave her as a present for her fifth birthday. “What about your luggage?" she asked venira as they went downstairs “I’ve already loaded it dear... It's you who's late...” she said with a slight smile, “Mr. Peterson is waiting downstairs for your luggage to be hand over" she said kindly. As they reached the leaving room she found her mother standing there talking to Mr. Hall, who was their neighbor and her father's business partner. Peter ran towards them to take the luggage. Mrs. Andrew gazed at Jessica and then at her hand, she understood and hurriedly handed the bag to Peterson and stepped towards Mr. Hall. “That’s our daughter Jessica May as we've told you!" said Mrs. Andrew “Oh hello...!" he said casually and Jessica nodded “We are sending our dear daughter for further studies to Venice," she said with her eyes wet. Jessica, for the first time, saw her mother cried for her, or was that just in front of Mr. Hall. Ignoring this act of her mother, Jessica asked, “Where’s father? I've to bid him for the last time," she said not looking at her mother but to Venira. Mrs. Andrew said nothing but just pointed towards the door beside her and started beaming again to Mr. Hall. Jessica went inside the room in where there was a small-decorated storeroom; her father was busy in searching something. He was so busy that he did not notice Jessica coming in. He pulled out a bundle of papers talking to him; he said, “found it... Oh! Sorry being busy... Sorry!" he straightened up, “So you leaving ...?" he said grinning and stepped towards her. He suddenly became serious and tapped Jessica on shoulder “hope you'll be happy there... but...” he said pursing his mouth, “You remember my words... No friends! Don’t trust anyone" Jessica nodded, lowering her head slowly. " Coach's arrived dear" she heard Venira, " Oh coming!" she said and for the last time she glanced at her father with tears in her eyes, " You sure I won't come back again?" she asked innocently, for the first time she thought of her parents and her own home. “O’ course you will... But you will be a grown up woman" he said with a slight smile and both hands on her shoulders. Jessica saw her father looking at her with such kind in eyes. She started staring at the floor and then headed towards the leaving door and for the last time glanced over the entire house. Mrs. Andrew also tapped her on back as she walked outside, her eyes wet and hands cold as ice. Her parents never allow her to go outside within all her six years of life. She was nervous and was sad in some corner of her heart. She marched towards the coach, who had four black horses tied in front to drag it and the carriage was black in the shape of pumpkins. When she stepped in, it was all red from inside .it had hanging red curtains at the both sides to cover the windows. Jessica and Venira sat side by side. She took the seat at the left side, uncovered the window, tied the curtain at its corner, and sat silently. She heard Peterson’s instruction to the carriage’s driver and the groaning of horses. The driver whipped the horses and they started to move forward. Their clattering sounded like rain drops. Jessica felt the carriage moving like a wind. The whole city seemed to be running in front of her eyes, she never had been able to come out and see what a beautiful place she was living in. She saw Different group of kids playing basketball and giggling girls at the corner bench. She wished so hard if she could be one of kids who were having so much fun. However, I know I cannot have friends, Father's words... Huh! Like a priceless stone in the corner of my home, that is what I am and I shall be... mother cried at my departure...did she? Was that just acting in front of Mr. Hall? Father also talked in a different manner today... But how can I be happy with just two tears shed for me and two taps at my shoulder from my father...Every parent isn't like that...!She talked within her head as she saw parents with their kids out for shopping. Their fathers and their mother playing with them held some small children. Jessica gave a little hiccup of cry but realizing Venira’s presence, she stopped crying. She looked at venira, but she was lost in her handbag, was searching something. Jessica resumed her seat and watched outside.
Passing through streets, roads and tree-covered paths they finally reached the Seaport. It was a crowded area where people gathered for departure. Jessica approached there and watched people climbing up the ferry. It was the biggest ferry Jessica had ever seen, “What have you put in that bag Zack? It’s moving." she heard a women in red frock examining a bag in a hurry which she was dragging with her “Nothing special Mom it is just Turger, my pet" said a soft voice from behind that lady. He was a tall and strongly built with deep blue eyes and jet-black hair, which made him, look indifferent and peculiar then others especially his silver tie knotted around his neck. He was grinning at his mother as she panted him for bringing pet in his bag. The boy gazed at Jessica as he walked through the stairs in the ship. “Jessica!" a voice came from her left side was Venira waving at her to come forward. "This isn't our ship dear," she said as Jessica approached towards her. "Hey Venn I can't see any other ship" said Jessica observing around. “Haven’t I told you that? Well Mrs. Simon's going to send us private boat...,” she informed her." But we'll be alone there?" asked Jessica “O` course! We can't travel with such common people," said venira rising to her full length. “But we are one of them “said Jessica annoyingly.” Jessica you are the only landlady of the whole Britain" she said bowing at her but Jessica held her shoulders and straightened her again. “Don’t you ever do it again Venira, you are like my mother...,” she said looking into her eyes. Hearing these words Venira's eyes filled with tears looking into Jessica's “You’re so different..." she said innocently but soon looked away from her to the sea.” Oh...I've forgot.." she said pulling out her right glove and touched the sea twice, Jessica didn't understood what came to Venira " Just checking the warmth" said Venira smiling. POM POM! “Oh dear, ship arrived we must better get going...” Venira said as leading the way through the far left away from the place where other people were. A silver grey color gleaming boat was on the way towards them with such a speed that the splashes of seawater were approaching them. As it grew nearer, it was neither ship nor boat but an intermediate in shape. The ferry was greater then boat and smaller than ship. It was so shinny that Jessica watched her clear reflection in it as it stood in front of them. A very little fat bald man appeared from the pointed door, who was wearing white shirt, silver neck bow and grey pent. He jumped out of the ship and bowed at Jessica, " Is this the future princess Jessica May Gale going to take journey with Dove Arnold the captain, and should be received by Queen of Italy?" he asked speaking continuously and sighing the ground. “Yes...” answered Venira nervously while Jessica glared from Venira to the little man. The man bowed much more then before and outstretched his right hand towards the gleaming grey pathway which ended inside the ship. Venira lead the way while Jessica was still in shock of the man's words.
As they entered the ship, it was a huge round drawing room much larger than Jessica's home was. There were mirrors all around the room resembling the house windows but Jessica did not notice them from the outside. The man behind them disappeared in the right opposite door. Venira marched straight and settled on the left round sofa placed near to the window, gazing nervously out of the window towards the road Jessica followed her and asked all what came to her mind, " What did he said... did you noticed? Did you hear that? Princess? Queen? I don't understand it...,” she said jumping on the seat opposite to Venira looking at her. Venira jumped and glanced at Jessica but then gazed back at the window. The ship now began to start, “Did you hear me?" asked Jessica narrowing her eyes... “Yes...Yes dear...,” said Venira nervously smoothing the folds of her frock. The little man appeared again this time he was invisible behind the huge trolley, which was full of the seafood cooked in different manner form other. He bowed at Venira and handed over the plate to her and holding the big plate of fried trout with one knee on the floor, “To the future princess from your most loyal slave...” he said in a similar squeaky voice, bending his head right angled with his chest. Venira picking the trout piece from the plate and placing in her owns “Thank you! But if you will not bother to mind it is not me who is your princess but it's her...” she pointed towards Jessica with her spoon. Jessica glared at her while the man's watery blue eyes widened; he snatched the trout piece back from Venira's plate and turned his position towards Jessica in the same manner he spoke “To the future princess from your most loyal slave...” Jessica giggled at him, took a small piece of it for his heart, and tried to pick the Prawns dish. Before Jessica could reach the plate the small man picked it and held in the same position again revising the same “To the future princess from your most loyal slave...”, “Huh! Thank you so much...” she said picking a plate full of prawns and wished if the man could stop staring at her. “By the way what's your name?" asked Venira understanding the Jessica's uncomfortably. “I’m Dove Arnold, the captain of the Traveling inn." he said raising to full height and placing left hand on his belly, and head still lowered.“In what?" asked Jessica” Traveling Inn, that's where you are now, your majesty." he said bowing at her again. Jessica raised her brows, “Isn’t it a Ship?" she asked " Oh no no ..." he said standing again “You are talking about that huge boat? No...It’s not...” he said nodding his head. Venira waved Jessica to leave the topic so Jessica fell silent and concentrated once again towards the prawns.
Jessica ate much more than her whole life. There was nobody to glare at her, or to forbid her to take full plate. She ate the Chocolate grapes for the first time as a fruit. Venira as usually finished before her and Mr. Dove showed her way to her room. When he returned he stood there in front of Jessica serving each and everything in front of her and insisted her to eat. “Mr. dove!" she asked him “Yes your majesty?" he said bowing again “Please keep straight , I want to talk to you" she requested him, " Sure your majesty" he said standing straight but still not looking at her. “Who’s the ship's driver?" she asked noticing that there was no one but them. “Driver? Your majesty! I have informed you it is not ship but is Traveling Inn. ...No your majesty it's not the common boat, neither it had any driver, it knows where to go and where to stay." he said in the respectful manner. Jessica widened her eyes," It knows where to stay?" she asked, “Yes your majesty... it does”. Jessica stood looking out of the window and turned slowly towards him " Are you sure about what you said just now?" she asked looking still amazed, " your majesty, how could your loyal slave lie to you?" he said bowing again." okay! .. I think I'm feeling sleepy, will you show me my room?" she wanted to get rid of this mad person as soon as possible. Mr. Dove showed her the way leading and bowing on all they way. There were expended coiled stairs of white marble and silver railing. She moved slowly while her frock was dragging on the stairs. She was so sleepy but she was looking so grown up, she was six but looks like young woman. She climbed rolling and rolling so did not realized which way she went but at the peak, they turned left and were a whole portion of white marble with the same silver shine. “Here your majesty!" he said still active and bright, Mr. Dove stood outside while Jessica moved in. It was mirror round door with no handle or anything as she stepped on the door matt the mirror moved aside and made Jessica jumped. Inside of the door was much more beautiful than outside. She was expecting just a room but that was a wide sitting room with cream color sofa sets and all was carpeted cream color with the same cream color curtains. Jessica moved across, the sitting room further expanded to Dinning area and in front of her was a huge mirror and aside it was the same mirror door, which at once opened to great garden. It was more beautiful than at her home. At the boundary of the garden were grown multicolor flowers. The flowerbeds were grown in such manner that all the flowers and there petals were in same sequence and there were no outgrowths. She headed back towards her room there were stairs going down, she climbed down the stairs. As she was going lower, the lights felt turn to bluish. As she reached the bottom " Oh my..." her eyes widened and mouth fell open. She was standing in the sea, she waved her hands around her but there was no water. Still she was gazing at the moving fish and trout’s and dogfish in there groups and jellyfish and different aquatic animals. She rubbed her eyes if she was dreaming but that was true. She moved towards them to examine it. As she stretched her hand to touch a small gold fish circling around her, suddenly a big whale of length equal to a ship appeared before her, it was swimming fast towards her. She clapped both hands on her face incapable to cry she tried to settle down but there was no floor no ground she was standing in the air; she waited there for it to act. However, nothing happened, she slowly removed her left hand from her eye, as if the whale would be still watching her, but it was gone. Everything was same as before, so she returned struggling as quickly as possible towards the stairs. and then looking for her room, but there was no other door except a huge mirror she stood there wondering all the way she crossed, she touched the mirror and it opened at once, she stepped in and stood holding on the mirror door. She did not want to look back so touched the curtain to roll it across but she have not had touched it yet the curtains itself rolled across the door leaving no patch. Her heart still heaving Jessica hit herself on her head as not getting what was happening; she threw herself on the bed, which was double in size than her own. Beside the bed was a large window showing the garden and the sky. What is happening today? What kind of ship is this? Not ship its traveling inn. Everything is so different here. Everything! Even dishes and food! Never mind of that humankind he seemed to be sick! She said to herself revising everything she spent whole night thinking until dawn.
Jessica woke up next morning with the shouts coming from outside. She rubbed her eyes and sat on her bed, recognizing that she was asleep not in night suit but the outgoing dress. She slipped out of her bed stepping slowly towards the glass door. It was Venira shouting, " I said let me go in..." " No no no madam, I cannot allow you to disturb our princess in the manner like this." it was the same bright squeaky voice "Mr. Dove?" whispered Jessica, " I said....LET ME IN.." she said and the voice grew nearer." Jessica...! Come out dear please...” she heard venira shouting. Jessica rushed towards the door as it opened itself, “What...What happened?" she asked staring from one to the other... Mr. Dove who thrust his both hands outwards blocking Venira's way and nodding his head in no-way direction and Venira trying to get him out of the way. Suddenly looking at Jessica Mr. Dove bowed and Venira shivering with anger marched towards her, “what happened?" Jessica asked in a worriedly, " Nothing but just this mad person didn't let me in." she said gazing angrily towards him. “Dove Arnold don't like to be called mad, your majesty. I will not want you to be disturbed while you are resting," he said in a same bright way still bowed. “Okay! Thank you!Mr. Dove... I would like to take breakfast." she said trying to send him away while Venira get into her bedroom." Huh! So how was night dear...?" she asked trying to be normal, "Fine thank you!" Did you tried to go downstairs?" she asked remembering what had happened last night looking to Venira who was wearing white long sleeved high necked dress, " No.. I was feeling too tired that I fell asleep ...Why?" said Venira. “Nothing just wanted you to see, it is beautiful," she said hiding smile, she got up and headed the beautiful marble washroom. “Where are stairs dear?" Venira called after her, “it’s the left front door. Do enjoy!" she said giggling and closing the washroom door. Venira went out, Jessica changed her dress, her long back hair half tied up, and half-tossing at her back, she was wearing light blue dress. She was looking very bright and active that day, she was tying bow at her back when she heard a loud BANG! Venira was coming with heavy steps and heavy breathe Jessica peeped out of the dressing room-door and gave a cackle of laughter; she was laughing with both hands on belly and rolling on the mirror. Venira was trembling hard and her chest heaving, her cheeks and ears were entirely scarlet and her eyes were filled with tears and said," Oh my... oh my dear... oh...oh my... It cannot be like this... I was so scared...oh my God...,” exclaimed Venira engulfing half words and sentences. Jessica's eyes were tearing with laughter, “Don’t naughty girl...” said Venira angrily, “You. You said you aren't afraid of anything...,” said Jessica still laughing. At this Venira also started laughing, " Breakfast is ready your majesty!" they heard Mr. Dove at the compartment door glaring at both of them. “Coming...” said Venira straightening up.
Jessica ate jam and bread with boiled egg and a mug of milk. She also ate green leaves, which Mr. Dove insisted her to eat, they looked like Lettuce leaves but according to Mr. Dove it is better for health and make you lucky. He called it “Mascot ting leaves" which were very rare. After breakfast they ate Jessica talked back at her seat " When will we arrive there Mr. Dove?" she asked closing her eyes as she felt a burn inside her. “We’ll be there in 2 minu and 5 seca, your majesty," said Mr. Dove in a business manner. “What’s minu and seca?" asked Jessica sitting straight in her seat “He mean to say minute and second, dear" venira corrected him. “Oh..." said Jessica leaning back again." And here we are!" said Mr. Dove jumping and Jessica when opened her eyes she saw everything blurred, she was trying to concentrate but the head was falling back her eyes gloomed and she fell down, just hearing Venira's cry.

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