Destroy Me Painfully chapter 1

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A woman falls in love with a girl and ends up in ruins. The girl destroys the once innocent woman.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Destroy Me Painfully

Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012



Destructive Love


Her cold fingers at my throat. Black eyes pierced through me, ripping me to shreds. I could barely force air down my throat. She was a panther, in that moment, that moment just before the kill. Then suddenly she let go. Blood rushed to my head. Dizziness overwhelmed me. I opened m mouth to let the cool air rush into my lungs, but in that moment, she kissed me. Her lips were as cold as ice, but soft. And passionate. I did not care that my lungs were screaming for air, or that the woman in front of me had just tried to kill me. Passion filled my lungs with more than they could hold. Passion made the pain id been through since the first day I met her worthwhile.


I clearly remember the first day I met her. It was in September, it was still warm. I was at the ocean with Colton. He had his arm around me, as always. The beach was completely empty. It was seven o'clock in the morning. Colton had gotten me up for a pancake breakfast and then a stroll on the beach.

The truth is that until that day I had felt nothing but love for Colton. He was and is the sweetest man you will ever meet. Colton was just about to tell me about his plans for a new seating order in his history class, when I saw her. She came running from the row of houses to our left, nothing but a blanket wrapped around her. She sprinted across the beach and ran across a little peer about 25 yards from us. Within the fraction of a second, she dropped the blanket and dived into the water. I still don't know why, but that picture, the picture of her exposed body in front of the sky, a silhouette, burned itself into my retina. The girl had disappeared. The picture stayed, but the girl was gone. Me eyes hungrily raided the ocean for a sign of her existence. A sign, that I had not made up what had just happened. Then I heard the sirens, police sirens, and Colton nudged me in the side. He pointed towards a small road a few hundred yards behind us, where police cars were racing towards us. The cars screeched to a halt, a few feet away from us. Six policemen got out and came over to us. They asked us multiple questions about what we just saw. Colton answered all of them. They took down our information, but none of them seemed to be looking for the girl. I walked over to the pier. Nowhere. I could not find her. I sat down, while Colton was still making our testimony. The sun had just gone up a couple minutes ago. Suddenly I felt something grip my ankle. It was a hand, like five gripping tentacles wraping around my ankle. I wan startled, yet I stayed calm. For some reason I did not scream, I simply turned my head, so I knew the policemen couldnt see my mouth, as I mumbled “Who are you?”. For what seemed like forever I got no response, then I heard an almost animalistic sound coming from under the pier. Slowly I put my head to my chest, so I could see the woman. She could have not been more than 17 years old. I could only see her perfectly shaped face, because her body was submerged in the dark water. Her eyes were staring directly into mine. They were of a deep black. I thoughtn of my brown eyes and felt ashamed, because they were not as radiant, as vibrant as hers. I took another quick glance at her. Her dark hair was floating around her face, like a perfect frame. Her hand still gripping my ankle, was glistening from the wet.

Then I closed my eyes. Till this day I m not sure why I closed them, I guess I was blinded in a way, I had never seen the beauty of a person so clearly.

Give me your wallet I said!”

I got goosebumps. Her voice was ruff, yet sweet. Like in a trance I slowly slipped my hand in my pocket and handed her my wallet. Her hand hungrily snached for it. Her hand let go of my ankle.

Jennifer!!” My eyes snapped open as I jerked my body around towards Colton, so that I nearly fell off the pier. “Im done, lets go!” Startled, I got up off the pier and quickly scanned the edge of the pier, but the girl was gone. I walked over to Colton. The policemen had gotten into their cars and were starting their engines. “ What was that?” I asked quietly. “Well if you would have stayed here, you would have heard it, I mean seriously, they thought you nwere acting suspicious. Why do you have to go off and be sentimental at the most inconvenient times??”

Sorry. But what did they say?”

Not much really, they did not want to tell me anything, just that they are chasing that girl, and then they asked me a few questions to her appearance and about the neighborhood.”

I glanced over to the pier as we started to continue our walk. All I could see was the lumped up blanket. Why had the cops not taken that as evidence? Why had they not searched for the girl? What did the girl do? Well she took my wallet, I knew that, but that did not really concern me too much. I only had my bus card, a library card and a few fives in there. My credit card was safely in my purse at home. Anyways I only had myself to blame, since I gave it to her willingly.

Would you like to go for a cup a of tea at the starbucks on Smithson boulevard?”

Ehm... sure!”I answered without having even heard the question. I kept replaying the events that had just occurred in my head.


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