Shimmering Rebirth

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This is my new book!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys like, comment, and fan me for it! Here's the real summary....:)

Zack, Daniels, and Ellen are sent to an inter-dimensional world weirdly similar to a bad-vidogame. Later they find out that the world they are trapped in is nothing but a counterpart of today's modern day world, but instead of the world being run on energy, gas, and power, it's a place filled with magical entities and mystical beings, and the place is run on something known as the MIST. Some of those mystical beings are so powerful, they want to takeover.

(Gosh, talk about a bad videogame. More like a cheesy fairytale story)

When The trio meet Gaia, a well known socerer, they join forces to save the bad videogame world and consequently their own. Join them in a tale so powerful, so mystical, and almost romantic, you'll love every chapter of it!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shimmering Rebirth

Submitted: September 19, 2009

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Submitted: September 19, 2009



Chapter One

The Beginning and the Belief

Earth, Lightning, and Water...

Words of prophecy and legend......

Could this get any nerdier?......

Let's start differently!

"Oh come On!!! What the heck! It's just one C! Why couldn't you just drop the grade?!" The six foot tall athlete in the blue cleets whined. "You gotta low grade and that is what's gonna get your butt kicked off of the soccer team whether you like it or not!" The principal walked off in his tight pants(compared to his fa-enlarged body) and dress shoes not caring about anything the sixteen year old was trying to scream into his ears. Zack's anger was unmatched at the moment resulting in his foot creating a dent on the locker walls.

Later, he arrived home, wlaking in a distressed, close to limping way. He couldn't bear the thought of getting kicked off the soccer team. Who would defend Gus' right with such a bad eye he has? Who would make the shot into the goal when it counted most? Who would lead the Northside Rockets to victory?

He arrived at his doorstep, frustrated. He looked under the rug; no key. He glanced into the mailbox; still no key. He just remembered about how he had rushed out of the house that morning to go to practice, and he told his mother that he had already done the job of placing the key somewhere where he could find it aftershool.He turned his back toward the door and slowly slid down to a squat in utter depression, sighing. Slowly, his eyes drifted ff into a deep sleep.


She walked into the lockeroom. Swimming practice had ended and it was her turn to clean the bleachers from all of the messes the rivaling teams' visitors made whenever there was a swim meet. It disgusted her to think ofhow people disrespected them. For a long time, the school tried to sue the other teams but to no avail. After their final attempt in August, 2006, it really didn't bother them much. Unfortunately, not caring about the mess, doesn't mean that it'll get cleaned. So, every other week, someone was scheduled to clean the bleachers. This week was scheduled for Ellen. Afterwards, she gathered her things from her locker, vaguely noticing the fact that her charm was missing.

Her mother had given that charm to her on her very first birthday. Ever since her mother died on her fifth birthday, she cherished it as much as she would her mother herself.

She began to panic. This was the first time she had ever been apart from it.

Suddenly, she heard voices trailing through the halls outside the lockeroom. It was Gretchen Ganly. She was the local friendly neighborhood bully who wasn't brave enough to land a punch on someone her own size.

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