Surrendering to the Flames

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - My True Destiny

Submitted: November 10, 2009

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Submitted: November 10, 2009



Chucking her schoolbag onto the floor angrily, contents escaping, Sekrite launched herself onto her bed and wept bitterly. Tears poured down her smooth cheeks, soaking into the blue pillow. Downstairs stirred no life, for her parents were out in town. She was all alone in the world, she didn't want to carry on. True, her parents were lovely, and she loved them dearly, but they could never understand the pain she felt everytime somebody tormented her, calling her a freak, just because she was clever, and a bookworm.

Sekrite had tried desperately to prove them wrong, but with each day, she failed one simple task after another, all due to her background. The blonde haired girl rose to her feet, eyes puffy, and went to the bathroom. There, she examined herself in the mirror, and grinned in spite of everything. "Come on, Sekrite!You shouldn't pay attention to those bastards. They don't know the true Sekrite." her smile faltered, and she burst into a fresh wave of pitiful tears.

After a few moments, coughing and spluttering, the young teenager managed to trudge downstairs, and pull on her red Helly Hansen jacket. Sighing bitterly, and cursing under her breath to those hate filled bullies, she opened the door and put on her wellies. The wind was blowing from the north, right into the house porchway, which knocked her off balance more than once, as she hopped around, desperately trying to get the wellies on. Finally, with success, the girl straightened up and bounded down the road, towards the Westayre beach, not far away.

"Some fresh air does the world some good,"she thought with a slight hint of humour. It was a favourite saying of her deceased sister, well, she actually wasn't her biological sister. In truth, Sekrite didn't know if she had any biological family, she had been abandoned at birth, but adopted by two amazing people, Janet and Robert Egginton, who had a daughter, called Georgia. Silent tears rolled down her face as she remembered that only last year, Georgia had died via bullet wound, when she was down South.

"What's done is done," she sighed reluctantly, before clampering over the wooden stile, and into the field, which led to the beach. The wind was howling, the waves were crashing, and the sea birds danced in the sky. It was a sight to behold for the angry, lonesome girl, and she paused for a moment to take in a huge gulpful of sea air.

Sekrite licked her lips, and giggled randomly as she tasted salt on her lips. She started to run towards the cliffs, eager to watch the waves and see the seagulls, and other such luxuries she could enjoy, living so close to the seashore. Sekrite had never felt such joy before, even though she had been here myriads of times before, with Georgia, and then, after her tragic death, by herself.

Sekrite reached the clifftops and gazed down, spotting the swells coming right up the cliff, and rising up in a majestic spray, splattering her all over. Gasping, she edged closer, excitement and curiousity overcoming her sense of right and wrong. Suddenly, a rogue gust of wind blew her off balance, and she screamed loudly. Her arms flapped wildly in the air, as she tried to regain her balance, but with no success. Heart pounding, she fell over the rocky ledge, head first, plummeting to her sure death.

It seemed an eternity before she actually hit the water, and the force of that knocked the breath out of her. She gasped and frantically tried to swim to the surface, but with no success. She was a failure! She couldn't even save her own stupid life! She-

A hand grabbed her and pulled her roughly out of the water. Her mouth gasped in lungfuls of sweet, life giving air, and then she found herself on the bottom of a small, rickety wooden boat. Her clothes were soaking, her body shaking from the cold. Sekrite, still in shock, noticed her saviour for the first time, and whimpered.

It was a man cloaked in all black, and he looked like Death.

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