Surrendering to the Flames

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Who is Death?

Submitted: November 11, 2009

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Submitted: November 11, 2009



Sekrite tried to speak, but shock and fright made her hold her tongue. The hooded figure, unperturbed by the mute girl, grasped a pair of oars, and began to row away from the cliffside, out towards the open sea. The drenched girl held on tightly to the sides, large waves making the boat bob up and down like a rubber duck in a draining bath tub. Sekrite had always been a bit frightened of boats, and of drowning, but she did not let these fears known to her 'saviour'. She felt more like a prisoner, not like a survivor.

Finally, as the clouds opened, and rain began to fall, she faced the cloaked man, or woman, and mumbled, almost incoherently, "W-w-w-w-w-who a-are y-yu-you?". Her hair clung to her back, her exposed skin was freezing and raw, but at least she was alive. Sekrite only wished that she could see the person's face. He didn't seem to have heard, or understand, her. Sighing, the soaking, shivering girl glanced around, and then she realised something.

What of her family? What happens if she was captured and taken to some distant island, and never seen again? What if-

No! It was being silly, she was overreacting!Of course she was!But doubt still sat in her stomach, and as she turned back to look at the figure, her stomach did a somersault. Licking her salty lips, she was about to speak again, but thought better of it. She remained silent for what seemed like hours, shivering, frightened, and lonely.

" Well? Aren't you going to ask where we're going?"boomed a deep, strong voice suddenly. Startled, Sekrite turned around to look at the man, and shrugged. The man laughed loudly, still rowing non-stop, then asked, " What is your name, dear?"

Sekrite, still slightly startled, could only stare idiotically at the hooded person, who laughed again, and ceased rowing. They bobbed and moved aimlessly through the choppy waters, drifting, strangely, back to shore. Sekrite, recovered, spoke, " name is Sekrite. It's a weird name, I know, but I didn't choose it. It was on a note on me when I was a baby, and I was abandoned my parents. I was adopted by two wonderful people, and they had an amazing daughter called Georgia." she didn't know why she said this suddenly, but a sudden feeling in her said that she could trust this unknown person.

The man sat there, seemingly thinking, for a while, before he picked up the oars, and rowed back towards the cliffs. Sekrite was confused. Why had he rowed all that way out, just to row back! It didn't make any logical sense, well, not in her mind, anyway. " Urm...sir-"
"Please, call me Death." he chortled.

Sekrite froze, was thisa joke? But she obliged anyway, and spoke again, "Why are we going back to the cliffs, Death? Why did-"

Yet again, he interrupted her. " Peace, my child. All shall be explained after we reach your home."he didn't say another word, even though Sekrite pestered him about what he meantby home.

Soon, the rain stopped, and the sun returned to the land, beckoning the creatures to come out of their shelters to bask in the life-giving warmth. The wind also had gone, and the sea became slightly calmer, though not by much. Sekrite watched in fascination as songbirds burst into trilling, wonderous melodies, making her soul lift. Death rowed constantly, never seeming to get exhausted. Finally, they reached the base of the cliffs, and Sekrite shuddered.

" Why are we-?" she asked, but was stopped by Death wagging his hand at her to silence her. Glaring at him, Sekrite muttered a well chosen curse word under her breath, but unfortunately, he heard.

" Button it, or you'll be swimming with the fishes!"he growled, and if Sekrite could see his eyes, she knew they would be glaring at her. Just then, she spotted a small crevice in the cliff, and pondered over why Death was rowing over there.

" Why are we rowing over to the crevice?" she said super fast, so that he wouldn't interrupt her. Chuckling, he glanced at her, but made no motion to explain it to her. Grumbling, the girl and the man watched as they were enveloped in complete, silent darkness. An eerie, passionate feeling bounded into her heart, her soul, and she gave a small gasp. Death looked at her, and grasped her cold hand firmly. She winced, but held on tightly, and watched in awe as the boat somehow propelled them towards a beckoning light.

" Where are we going?" she spoke, her voice echoing through the tunnel. Death turned to her and squeezed her hand, as if to reassure her.

" We're going home,"

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