Surrendering to the Flames

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Back to the Present

Submitted: November 11, 2009

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Submitted: November 11, 2009



( Chapters 2 and 3 was a flashback, this is back to where we left off)

Erik had never felt more useless and worthless in his whole life. His love had been taken, and he was badly beaten. Tears threatened to fall, and he let them, too tormented to let them stop. His black hair was matted with dark red blood, from a wound he had received to the head, yet he did nothing to treat it. If anything, he thought he should suffer.

" What do you think you're doing? Crying like a baby when there's work to be done?" roared a ferocious voice from the end of the corridor. Erik looked up in confusion, and whimpered as the man cuffed him around the ear. Watery green eyes locked onto a dark hooded figure; his father. In one hand Death wielded a long, dangerous looking scythe, and in the other he held a torn piece of cloth, pure white.

" Sekrite!" mumbled Erik, and he wrenched the piece of silk-like fabric from Death's grip. He grimaced, as if he was in pain, and began to weep bitter tears again. This earned him another swipe from Death, this time with the butt end of the scythe.
" Oww! Meanie!" grumbled Erik, and for a moment, he felt as if he was a troublesome child again, wandering the lands with not a care in the world, until he met Sekrite had bleak night. Since then, his life had changed forever.

" Hurry, my son! We must track down Sekrite, before it's too late!" cried Death, and both son and father began to race each other down the corridor, in the direction that the enemy had gone. As they passed through ancient looking doorways, and climbed antique stairways, Erik felt as if something, or somebody, was following them. True enough, as they stood panting by a wooden door, the sound of claws scratching on rock came towards them. They froze, ready for anything.

But they were pleasantly surprised when the beautiful white wolf, Snowflame, appeared, tail held high in the air, and a bounce in her every movement. Erik shuddered, for those wolf eyes reminded him strangely of Sekrite's. A single, noble tear trickled down his red cheeks. Death hugged his son, but Snowflame had no intentions of sitting around and playing the fool. She gave a short, sharp howl, as if telling them to follow her, and raced down the corridor, back the way they came. Erik and Death followed.

Erik only realised that his father was not with him, when Snowflame stopped, and scratched at a door, the secret exit of the castle. Glancing around, he tried to look for Death, but shrugged and opened the door. Snowflame snuck through and bounded through the forest. Erik, blinded by the light, staggered through the doorway, and down a small, woodland path.

He soon found heavy footprints in the ground, then the signs of a scuffle of some sort. This was where Snowflame now sniffed. " What you got, Snow?" whispered Erik in a soothing tone of voice, for he was always gentle in the way he spoke to the clever wolf. Snowflame wagged her tail, then started to follow a track of slightly smaller, lighter footprints, leading towards the distant mountains.

Erik felt overwhelming joy. " Dad! Sekrite's not being held captive! She escaped!" he raced back inside the castle, making sure to shut the door, not realising that the white wolf was still outside, and down the myriads of corridors, eager to find his father.

Suddenly, something hit him on the back of the head, and he knew no more...

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