The Chaos Chronicles

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Sweet intoxication

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Submitted: December 13, 2009



The Storm and The Cave

The setting sun cast an Autuminal glow across the bleak, barren mountainous landscape. Astride a crystal white horse was a tall, slender figure clad in a midnight black cloak. The person seemed to be agitated, for they often glanced behind their shoulder, as if to check to see if something was still chasing them. But there was nothing chasing the person and the horse. The beautiful white stallion also, though it may just be due to the rider, seemed to be nervous. He jumped slightly in fright when a flock of starlings flew above their heads in their usual show, before they went into the forest to roost.
The hooded rider forced the horse into a gallop, as they began their ascent up a steep, well worn path, that would take them up and over the mountain, before descending into the habitet valley below. But already, the sun was setting, the intimidated stallion was struggling, and storm clouds brewed nearby.
This rider didn't have much luck.
Shrugging off their hood, to reveal long blonde hair and a pretty face, the young woman looked around for some sort of shelter, already knowing that they wouldn't make it back to Death's palace.
" So much for that celebration tonight," she muttered sourly, icy blue eyes taking in every possible shelter. The stallion bobbed his head slightly, as if to agree.

Then, finally, the rain began to pour. It blew right into them, forcing them to slow down to little more than a steady trot. The girl dismounted, and led the weary stallion further up the mountainside, which was a rather foolish thing to do. Now, hail and sleet mixed in with the rain, driving them to near stand-still. Then, as if things couldn't get any worse, the wind gradually began to strengthen, until it became almost unbearable.

It whistled down the hillside like a banshee screeching for revenge, calling blue bloody murder. The sky was dark, even though the sun had only just gone below the horizon. The sky was full of dark, looming, angry storm clouds, which were building in volume. A sudden flash across the sky alerted them that lightning was upon them, and the worst had still to come. Now nearly crawling on hands and knees, the dark rider winced as the loud booming voice of the thunder echoed through her ears, probably damaging her eardrum.
" Oh crumbs." she hissed in annoyance. Why, of all days, had she decided to explore the land, to try and find the icefields, where she would one day live? Why didn't she do it yesterday, when it was a beautiful, calm sunny day?

Then, out of nowhere it seemed, appeared before both drenched horse and rider, a small cave entrance; shelter!
" A cave! Come on, Icefire! Run like the wind!" cried the girl, and they both rushed like madmen to the shelter. But they had misjudged the distance, for when they finally reached their destination, both were thoroughly exhausted...and wet.

The black clad girl patted her horse, and poked her head a fraction inside the cave. For some strange reason, her heart was pounding, not with the excersion of their flight, but with....anticipation? Was she anticipating that this cave would hold no dangers? Or was it something else?

But by now, all this thunder, lightning, rain, and wind had taken its toll on Icefire, and he finally decided to risk everything and gallop back the way they had come, into the forest, without his rider. He neighed loudly in her ear, then turned around and fled.
" Come back, Icefire! ICEFIRE!" she begged, tears beginning to pour down her smooth cheeks. She slouched to the ground, miserable. Why her? Why?

The cave was right next to her, but this sudden, unexpected event had made her forget it completely. Her hands were numb with the cold, but she made no attempt to warm them. " What have I ever done wrong, except for being in the stupid prophecy?" she gritted her teeth together in anger, sworn to blame somebody for her misfortune. It was always her that got the blame, always her that was second-best to Daciana, her stupid, fat, ugly, older sister.

When she had been born, an old wizened man named Time, for he was Time, had predicted, no, proclaimed, that herself and her sister would be 'eternal rivals'. At first, they had been close, playing together and with Jack, her twin brother. But, as time passed, Daciana grew to become obsessed with the meaning of the prophecy, and so severed all friendly connections with her younger, innocent sibling. She had been the brunt of every prank, every evil deed committed...but now, now it was time for payback.

" I will not grovel at her feet any longer! From now on, I, Sekrite, will fight my evil, possessed, demonised ugly brat of an older sister!" she rose to her feet, then cursed sourly. Her backside was caked in mud.
" Oh, for-"

" Silence!" bellowed a masculine voice from inside the cave.
Sekrite sprang up several feet in genuine fright. Heart pounding, she turned timidly to the entrance, and gulped.

Nobody was there.

" H-hello?" she mumbled, visibly shaking with both cold and fright. The sky was, by now, pitch black, so she could barely even see her own hand held in front of her face, let alone the entrance to the already dark cave. She heard somebody chuckling, then winced and started as a small light appeared.
She shivered as the figure of a man appeared, wielding a small lamp. She studied his features, noting them with curiousity.
The man wore a dark travelling hat, dark clothes, and strangely, wore a half mask on the right side of his face. She blushed slightly as he beckoned for her to enter.
" W-who are you?" she whispered, as she stepped inside. She unfastened her cloak, revealing a slim, white dress.

The man smiled warmly, and replied, " I am the Keeper of the Night,"

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