The Chaos Chronicles

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 14, 2009



Where is Sekrite?

That night, Death returned to his palace to confront his lover, Nature, and the others on the missing Sekrite. Most of them, such as Jack and Reaper, a young boy no older than four,

agreed that The Keeper would protect her, for there had been the rumours that a faerie had been contacting her for the last three years, and the source, to nobody's surprise, had been

rumoured to be The Phantom.
Erik, the son of Death, or as we shall know him by, Erik of the Dark, had his doubts though. He was, for some strange reason, jealous of this Keeper, who was he? Was he to be trusted?

How did they know that his sweetheart would be safe? And would she fall for him, instead of somebody more eligable like himself?
As a small group of close relatives gathered in the library, a small, cosy room with many bookshelves and books, and an elegant, Victorian style fireplace, which held a warm fire ablaze.

The soaked Death snuggled up to the flames, and retold his tale of how he found Icefire about to be attacked by a Mountain beast, and then realising that Sekrite was not there.

" I came to fathom that during the start of the storm, as they were coming back, Sekrite must have tried to find shelter, but something must have drove off the poor stallion, he did seem a

bit tetchier when I found him. Anyway, I think she found shelter in his cave, and he, already knowing her deeply, and her, loving his voice, and trusting it, must have gone into the bowels

of the mountain," murmured Death, sipping a cup of warm brandy.

Nature looked enraged as she rose quickly to her feet. Her narrow face resembled his daughter so much that he almost gave a cry, but held his tongue, and listened plaintively as she

screeched, " Why didn't you go and look for her? She could be in danger and-"
" Mother!" bellowed a loud, feminine voice. Everybody turned around and groaned loudly, cursing luck.
For the speaker of that voice was non other than Sekrite's arch nemesis, Daciana.

" Enough of this worry, i'm sure dear sweet faerie touched Sekrite will be perfectly okay in the thunder and the lightning," giggled the sweet, fake innocent voice of the older, uglier, vile

sister. Nature gazed at her daughter in sheer horror, as if repulsed.
Jack, a skeleton like his father, pulled his hood down to reveal his skeleton face, and spoke clearly and loudly, " Daciana, you don't care about anybody but yourself and stupid Lord Luck.

We don't care about you. All we want to know is whether The Phant- I mean, the Keeper, is taking good care of my twin." he sat back down in a brown leather armchair, as if to end the

Daciana twirled a strand of short brown hair with one chubby finger as she gazed angrily at Jack. Everybody was silent, wondering what she would do. It would not be wrong to say that

everybody feared Daciana a tiny bit, because of her marriage with the cursed Demon Master Lord Luck, whom had already impregnated her. This had caused scandel, for one, Daciana

hadn't been married to the man when she had gotten pregnant, so there had been a quick and relatively quiet wedding, and two, she was dispised by most.

It was not entirely her fault, because of the prophecy, she had been condemned to become rivals with her younger, more elegant sister. Yet, Jack had always wondered why she hadn't

forgotten about the prophecy, and stayed friends with her sister? That way, the prophecy would of been cancelled out, and none of this would of happened.
For it was due to Daciana, Lord Luck, and their supporters that had forced the young woman to go in search of a safer place to call home. Had it not been for their argument this morning,

the near murder of his twin, Sekrite would still be here, celebrating the birthday of Cynthia, their cousin, the Goddess of Water, and one of the Elementals. But now, due to Daciana, as

usual, this had ruined everything.

"How dare you Jack! I mean no harm against you, just my sister!" snarled the pregnant she-devil of a woman. Jack chuckled at that thought, and flipped off his sister, before running out of

the room as fast as he could, to safety.
" Oh crap," he gasped, as he heard his sister swearing at him, and the sound of fast and heavy footsteps approaching. " Why do I always have to stick up for Sekrite? Geesh, you'd think

the phantom would protect her, but no...always freaking me," he swore loudly as he tripped on a step, and tumbled down two flights of stairs, before he fully gained control. Battered and

sore, the skeleton teenager looked up to spot none other than.....

" For Time's sake, Erik, I thought you were the demons!" panted the boy, as he rose to his feet. Erik grinned sheepishly, and bounded down to check him out.
" Hey, Jack, about this guy. Why did you call him the phantom?" asked Erik in a curious tone of voice, but which betrayed him straight away. Jack rolled his eyes and noted that Erik had

always wanted to know every little thing, no matter how important.
" Umm....well...." he began, fumbling with his hood. Erik slapped him hard, forcing him to stop and glare at him in annoyance.
Around them was a candlelit hallway with a flight of golden steps leading back the way they had come. There was a few large wooden doors leading to different parts of the palace, but

they had never really been in this part before.
"Nice," remarked Erik, before turning back to his friend, "So, about this keeper or phantom or faerie dude. Who the hell is he, and why is he messing with my love interest?" the young man

blushed a deep crimson, never before actually revealed his true feelings for the blonde haired Ice Goddess.

Jack ignored that part, and sighed wearily. " Oh, if you must know. The Keeper of the Night, or The Phantom, is known as Erik, and-" here he glared at Erik, to silence his remark, " Yes, I

know he has the same name, but so what? Anyway, if you must know, your full name is Edward, so...."

" Grrr." snarled Edward, as we shall now know him.
" Anyway, Erik first spoke to my dear Twin three years ago, and she has falling in love with his voice, and now probably with his looks. Because, apart from the half mask on one side of

his face, he's actually quite good-looking, well, his mask actually makes him look sexier-"
" Hang on a minute!" interrupted Edward. " Why does he wear a half-mask?"

Jack sighed and perched on the edge of a gilded stair. " Because he is deformed on that side of his face."

Edward froze, and stared at Jack in horror. Jack, confused, cried out, " What?"

" A deformaty? Oh no..." he trailed off.

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