The Empire of the Vampire

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Susan Smith is an average girl who goes to an all girls boarding school when a new teacher, a man, called John Hunter arrives at the school and takes Susan to a cave where a group of extrodinary people are resting. they are vampires, and thy want to defeat their enemies, the werewolves, and rule the world. susan realises that the vampi are evil, so she and a boy who had also been captured, called Gerard, run away and find the werewolves. susan and gerry are drawn to the werewolves, and have to make a tougchoice. should they become werewolves?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Empire of the Vampire

Submitted: October 16, 2008

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Submitted: October 16, 2008



Chapter 1.

Susan Smith was an average twelve year old girl who went to an all girls boarding school. She had a brother who was in college, and a younger sister in nursery.

Susan's parents were well off, but Susan didn't really like being rich. Her father, George Smith, owned a large amount of corner shops and some supermarkets. he also owned his own factory in China.

Susan's mother was a famous movie star and she rarely stayed in their English manor house. instead, she spent most of her time in Hollywood, where she often flirted with lots of other men.

It was a beautiful Saturday at the boarding school, and Susan and her friend Lisa were down by the river which ran at the very bottom of the boarding school's garden. The two girls were fishing for trout, for it often came swimming up the river.

Lisa was twelve and she didn't have well off parents. her mother and father had put all their spare money together to pay for her to go to boarding school.

" Lisa! i got one!" cried Susan suddenly. Lisa grinned.

Susan pulled up the fishing rod with all her might, but then the rod snapped in half! Susan fell into the water and was rushed downstream!

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