The Pendulum of Time

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The Creatures have utterly destroyed and changed the once peaceful land of Eyel in the ten years of them crossing. Led by the infamous Master Terror, they have made the human race their slaves...but with the uprising of The Elementals, will they be successful in their attempts to destroy this world in their quest for revenge?

Join Sekrite, Seth, Felicinous, Cynthia, and Hansel on their quest to save their realm...or die trying!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Pendulum of Time

Submitted: February 13, 2010

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Submitted: February 13, 2010



The Pendulum of Time


Time is life, was life, will be life, no matter what anybody says. We need time because it shapes us, it changes us, it declares our future. We should be idolising it, like the Ancients worshipped their Moon Goddess Klaos, and their Sun God Mardoas.

Instead, we do the opposite. We oppose Time. Time is a fat old man who doesn't give a squat about the land. Sounds just like one of those almighty Gods, doesn't it?

We didn't always despise Time's guts. It's his fault really. He made us be born with that certain gift. . . oh how I hate the gift. . . and yet, I couldn't live without it.

I'm in the universally famous rebellious group against The Creatures. True, there's only five true members, but we do have a lot of support. My mum and dad used to be big supporters of us.

Used to.

A few years back, when I was only thirteen, a group of Creatures came to our house and slit their throats right in front of my eyes. That's when before I became a member, when their was only four members. It was that day that my true powers as one of the Elementals were shown.

Pretty neat, hey?

Except, well, obviously, I had to run for my life, living in seclusion in the Mountains of Tigriets for a few months, hunting for deer, with the help of my faithful companion Crystal, the White Husky.

Then they found me, and took me to their secret base not far away. And now, we fight.

The world didn't always used to be like this. Ten Years ago, when I was about five, there were many countries in our world of Eyel, but that all changed. Rumours had it that some sorcerer by the name of Drakol stole a powerful Moon Stone from the Government, and used it to open a portal to the Realm in which the Creatures lived.

These creatures came through, led by a certain “Lord”. Master Terror, they call him. Grotesque, red skinned, human-in-shape beast of a guy with no “heart”, and a lust for revenge. The Creatures aren't going to win any beauty prizes any time soon, either, though.

They're almost like those Rainbow Horses in the myths of the Ancients, spreading their magical colours everywhere. Except, these creatures, (or as they're called, Feirqis,) didn't just spread their colourful colours everywhere, they conquered, destroyed, and caused utter, undying Chaos.

This was, and still is, Hell on Earth.

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