My Ex, My Majority

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Lizzie and Riko!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Ex, My Majority

Submitted: May 23, 2010

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Submitted: May 23, 2010



Riko was my ex boyfriend, but now I don’t know what you would call him now. After we broke up, we didn’t talk much for a few months. Then recently, or the last three or four months to be exact we have spent more time together. He even started to come over once or two times a week that is almost as much as we were together, but the thing that I forgot to mention was I kind of been dating another guy on the side. Johnson, he is average, nothing special about him. Some days I wonder why I lead two men on. My mind tells me it is because I want someone on the side until Rico came to his senses and we can continue where we left off. Today is another day, a day of work, and cleaning up the house. Ever since I dropped out from high school two years back, I have been regretting it ever since. I constantly stare at the clock, waiting for eight, that indicated Rico was off work and off to see me. He always saw me on Friday nights, because even he admitted I was defiantly the most fun, girl he ever had. I did have a history of getting into fights because of my drinking; I often had the party at my place. Now I have calmed down a bit because I just don’t have the time, or money to party as much as I want.

Eight approached, when I saw the handsome hunk walking up the path, staring right at me. He looked so perfect, in his suit, his black, combed back hair, sexy brown eyes, and a baby face any woman would dream for. My mind flashed back to Johnson. Your average appearance, brown eyed, freckled, short boy. He wasn’t Riko and he never would be. I focused the rest of my attention on Riko.

“You are wearing that Lizzie,” he said looking at my plain appearance. I looked at him in disbelief; I felt so stupid. I felt like I messed up then night already. I forgot to change.

“I’ll go change right now,” I said.

“Hurry up before I get bored and leave.”

I hurried got up ran upstairs, to my closet. I quickly looked until I found something that would work. I grabbed a black tank top and a blue miniskirt. I rushed to the mirror, and quickly letting my hair down, brushing it before putting it into a ponytail. I put on a bit of makeup before going back downstairs to Riko looking through my cupboards.

“What do you say we go upstairs and watch a movie,” he said.

“Alright,” I said.

We laid on my bed, watching whatever movie was in the VCR. He put his arm around me. He had that pleasant smile on his face; the same grin he has when he is about to tell me something important.

“I love you Lizzie!”

I felt my body harden. He actually said he loved me; this was the best day of my life. I got Riko back, all the worrying, all the scheming; back stabbing I finally had my man. For a second I felt bad because I was still technically in a relationship with Johnson, but I quickly brushed off that I’d break the news to him tomorrow, tell him that I want to take a break and we should just be friends. It will be quick and sweet.

“I love you too,” I whispered back, before my lips met his; locked intertwine. I felt the room heat up, as one thing led to another, and I was lying naked on the bed. I watched as Riko, took his suit off, then his shirt and his pants. He too was naked. My heart jumped a beat. I felt his hand reach for my clit, and slowly he rubbed his two fingers deep in the hole. I could feel it get wet, and the moaning began.

I reached down and I felt my lips meet his dick, his big dick. It was another thing I admired about him. I let my mouth suck on it. I moved up and down, letting my tounge make its impression. Between his moaning, his obvious pleasure, he stopped me. I let my mouth leave his dick.

Without another word, his dick entered my vagina and I felt a new kind of pleasure. His arse was thrusting as his hips kept on moving up and down. I let my lips moan, and my clit enjoy. I felt that acceptance, that love he brought me. I knew that I loved him. I always loved him. It was the fire burning inside of me. At the end of the night we fell asleep and I woke up everything the same as last night. Riko was lying beside me, snoring like I remembered him. Typically man, even as perfect as I want him to be, he still had his flaws. And I didn’t even care.

At around eleven or noon he woke up, just before I had to leave for my shift. He sat at the table.

“Can I have the keys to your place?” he asked

“Why?” I asked.

“So I can move your stuff in mine,” he said. “I never really liked you living in these conditions.

“Sure,” I said, my heart jumped a beat. All my hardwork, my hoping got me what I wanted. My perfect match, the fire of soul. The rest of the day, and the rest of my life is another story.

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