This Time Is Different

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



Almost a month had passed since Salice was sentenced; Salice was sentenced nearly a month ago; I was expecting a little longer but I couldn't argue with what she did get, It was very surprised those. A day from yesterday announced me being 25 weeks pregnant and really showing. It was a cold October day. Scott and I were out for a walk to clear our minds. It's been a stressful day, Scott and I had been into a heated discussion on wither or not I stay at my job or do I leave on maternity leave. My sisters are in school; both are in grade 10. Scott and I passed a store with a blue skirt.
"Scott lets, go into this store," I said. "I want to look at that skirt,"
"That skirt is miles to small for you Hun," he said.
"It's wouldn't be for me. Rachel loves blue skirts, so I'd get it for her, for her birthday,"
"When are your sisters’ birthdays?”
"It's this Friday," I replied as we entered the store and viewed the skirt. I knew Rachel would like it. I looked at the price tag, $30.00 so it was reasonable priced. I looked at it and wandered if they had a size twelve. I went from a size eight to size twelve during my pregnancy and gained like forty pounds so far. They didn't have any sizes above size eight. I went to pay for the skirt. Scott waited by the door for me since he'd look stupid looking around since it's an all women garment store for teens. We walked back to my house where I sat it into my closet besides a million other things. Scott said he had to leave and go to work and for me to warn someone if I was leaving. I agreed with him, but in the back in my mind was, I don't need the babysitter looking over my, every command. I got up and left that evening to go see Libby who was bored out of her mind.
A week went by. My sisters celebrated their fifteenth birthday. The time finally came when I went on maternity leave from my work. I just got back from the store. I went upstairs and sat the bags I bought on the floor. I bought some more baby stuff like shoes, clothing, bottles, and another comforter. My sister Rachel walked into the room; she was holding her math book.
"What did you buy Tuscany?” she asked
"A couple baby outfits and little other stuff for the baby," I said. "I'm going back out to go do some more errands,"
I started down the stairs, when my foot slipped and fell backwards hitting the stairs and rolled down the stairs with a thump. Rachel saw me fall and came running towards me.
"Tuscany, are you okay?” she asked me. I laid there for a second then moved. I was cramping up and the pain was as if a thousand knives had stabbed me. The cramps were getting worse and I put my hand over my stomach.
"Are you alright Tuscany?” Rachel asked frantically.
"I'm cramping up," I said enduring another sharp pain. "My baby is hurt,"
"Let me help you up," Rachel said.
"Don't touch me," I snapped.
"What can I do to help," she asked
"Go call for an ambulance,” I cried. "I can't move my baby is in trouble," The cramps were getting worse and unbearable. Rachel ran upstairs to call for an ambulance. I was beaming to lose consciousness. My sister came rushing back into the living and told me that she called them. I nodded okay and just lay limply there. I hearted the door open and my dad walked in. "What are you doing and laying on the ground?” he asked me. I was into much pain to answer.
"She fell down the stairs," Rachel answered.
"Are you okay sweetheart?” he asked.
"My baby is troubling," Is all I said. He went to help me up.
"Don't touch me," I said, "My baby is going to die if you do," I started to cry lightly.
"I'll take you to the hospital," he told me.
"No, I got Rachel to call for an ambulance. I don't want to take in chances," I said
"Did they say how long they were going to be Rachel?” he asked her.
"They said about fifteen minutes," she said. We waited for the ambulance to come. My cramping was worsening yet. I was moaning and groaning. The ambulance finally showed up. A couple of paramedics showed up to the door.
"We got a call because a pregnant woman fell down the stairs and was experiencing some cramping,” one of them stated. My dad confirmed it and let them in. They were asking me many question such as how far along I was, how I was feeling. They felt my heart rate and apparently, it was racing. I didn't seem to care too much about it. I was too worried about having a miscarriage.
"This doesn't look good.' one of them said, “We will have to take you to the hospital," they said to me.
"Just save my baby," I said. "Dad,” I said.
"What honey, what do you want?” he asked
"Can someone call Scott at his tell him what is going on. The number is in my purse. Just try to convince him not to worry," I said, my dad took my purse and began to look through it. He pulled out a piece of paper. He handed it to Rachel.
"You go call him and tell him what is wrong," he said as Rachel took it from him. She headed for the kitchen and called him. I was being loaded up on a stretcher, and I was freaking out very much and they were trying to calm me down. I told my dad to stay home and don't worry about it too much.
I ended at the hospital, the ten-minute drive felt like an eternity. The paramedic and arriving crew were passing on info. A bunch of people checking me over soon covered me. The cramping was now at the point that I thought that I was dying. A baby specialist came in and was reviewing me over. She said that I needed a set of tests down to detriment how my baby was doing. I waited as they took blood from me. Scott showed up
At the hospital, he was worried. I tried to assure him everything was going to be okay and even I was having doubts too. They put the test on rush when I was experiencing even worse pains. Scott was holding me tightly when they finally came in with the results.
"If you would excuse us we have to have a word with Miss Patuski alone,"
"Anything you have to tell me, you can tell him too," I said, they didn't argue, they just told us. They told me that my baby is sideways in the womb and if it doesn't move I could continue these harsh pains and it could get its neck on caught on the boric cord. They burdened me with the choice to ether get a c-section now and the chances of it surviving are semi-good, or wait and hope for the better. They told me in their honest opinion that a c-section was necessary and sooner the better. They left me to think about it.
"What do you want Tusk. Whatever you can handle,"
"They said there was a chance of survival if I deliver and if I wait it could survive but with how much pain?” I said
"A c-section, there is no labor pain," he said
"That's true, she is 26 weeks in, that's almost three quarters there,"
"Do you know what you are going to do Love heart?” he asked
"Yes,” I said, "I want to have the c-section. I want this pain out of me!”
"We'll have to wait for the nurse to return so you can tell them what you want to do,"
We waited for a good ten minutes before the walked in.
"So Miss Patuski, have you made a decision or do you need more time?” the doctor asked me.
"I made my decision," I said and took a deep breath. "I want the c-section. I want to have my baby," I said and they went onto tell me all the risks and all the benefit, and that it was a good choice. I was ready to undergo an emergency c-section and I was anxiously waiting while they prepared me. I was upset Scott couldn't come with me. They told me the preparation. Forty sum minutes past when they told me, it was time.
"Just relax and I'll be out here," he told me.
"I'll tell you about it or least what I remember after," I said, he kissed me on the cheek and left the room. I felt so alone with no support, but I knew I have to be strong for my baby. On the bright side, I'd be able to see my baby sooner. Scott left the room and encountered both my parents.
"Where is Tuscany?” they asked him.
"She is in with the doctors," he said in a low voice.
"Is something wrong with her?” my dad demanded to know.
"Not with her, but with the baby," he said. "It changed positions and it turned sideways,"
"What are they doings to her now?” he asked
"She is getting a medical c-section," he said
"You didn't do anything to prevent this?” my dad yelled.
"WHAT WAS I SUPPOSE TO DO?” Scott snapped.
"This way the cramping will stop or other way she could lose the baby and still experience pain,"
"Why aren't you with her then?” he barked back.
"I'm finish with this conversation," he said. "I'm going to call my mom,” Scott walked off.
"Now we have to see Molly here,” Kevin got mad.
"Just control your anger for our daughter sake," my mom said.
"I'll try, but a c-section. We should have helped her decision,"
"She would have pushed us away. You know how she is Kev,"
"She is turning so selfish and disrespectful. I can't handle how she is acting. She needs to focus on herself and forget about her sick fantasy,"
"She is a lot like me Kev, She doesn't believe in killing her baby to make her life easier. It's murder and that is whitefish,"
"Why are you letting your daughter get to you. She is playing with our minds Lace,"
"Just shut up," my mother said. "If only you knew your one that being a selfish ass whole,"
"I don't appreciate that your oldest daughter is using you," he snapped
"Just accept it, that I don't share the same viewpoints as you. I don't support abortion or saving yourself over an innocent baby. As for right now I have nothing to say to you," my mother said and walked away. My dad stood there, clueless. My mother knew that she hit a nerve but didn't seem to care too much. He knew that she doesn't take crap from any one.
I was in the middle of surgery, and I was wide-awake to see the whole thing. I saw them cut open my stomach. In a few minutes, I saw my baby come out. I smiled but then it turned, sour when I noticed how small she was, and they hurried and connected tubes, and oxygen to her. They told me that they had to rush her to Infant Care Unit and that I could see her a little while. She was born 13 inches and 2 lb 1 oz. She had a very large
chance of surviving. A few minutes later, the nurses told me to rest, but I decided to get up to go find him. I rushed through the hallways when I saw my dad so I walked the other way so he doesn't see me, that's when I ran right into my mom. She saw me and I noticed she was in a bad mood.
"Mom it's not as it looks,"
"How did the c- section go?” she asked me.
"I had my baby,” I said.
"I'll go, get a wheelchair and you can tell me about it while we go find Scott," she said and went to take a random wheelchair from someone's room. I sat in it and she pushed me the opposite direction to where dad was. We stopped at the Infant care Unit. We peeked in the window and noticed her right away.
"Which one is her?” my mom asked.
"The third one in the second row," I said, my mom looked at her and smiled.
"She looks like my pretty daughter,"
I have to go tell Scott, then we went on looking for him, and we did find him waiting for them at the doors.
"Scott,” I said, he turned around came to me.
"How did it go,” he asked anxiously
"I gave birth, it was so amazing, she is so amazing," I said. "Come, you got to meet your daughter," I said grabbed his arm. My mom told me she would let us be alone. Scott pushed me to the infant care unit and we stared at her. Scott commented on how beautiful she looked. We spent all afternoon with her.
My mom was walking down the hallway and walked right on past my dad.
"Lace, I'm sorry;” he tried to say. She stopped, turned, and looks at him.
"Are you really," she said in vain voice.
"I was just expressing how I felt,"
"You insulted me and your daughter. You can't get away for your words. They do have an impact,"
"I just didn't want her to put her life in danger,"
"Tuscany and the baby are fine. She is very pretty,"
"You seen Tuscany and the baby?” he asked
"Tuscany took me to the infant care unit," my mom said. 'I'm going home and I think you should do the same since Tuscany is spending time with her family,"
"I'll go with you," he said and left. I spent the night at the hospital and the next day was discharged.

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