This Time Is Different

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



Two weeks went past since my baby was born. Scott and I decided to name her Ashley. We gave her two middles name Hideaway Michelle. This afternoon Libby came over to the
hospital to see my baby.
"She is so cute," Libby said. She turned her focus to me. "I went to the prison to make fun of Salice,"
"It's feeling so good to have her out of our lives," I said.” It brings back the memory of that one memory at the school when I was suspended. My mind went back to that memory and it played as reality
It was a new school year and it was my final year of high school, which was good. I met my worst enemy Salice Maroo. No one wanted to be around her for the simple fact that
she was crazy. Three weeks into the school year, I had seen her flirting with my boyfriend. It was not so bad, because Scott was so attractive and beside that, he was mine. The flirting became more, and she began to wear sleazy clothing and writing secret notes to him saying how much she loves him. Her note-giving plot rather backfired on her when Scott thought I was the one sending him the notes. Anyway, she began to send Scott presents which really got to me.
I was starting to get annoyed with her, and there was no way I was going to let her get my boyfriend. In the sixth week of school she did the unthinkable, I seen her posting picture of Scott in her locker, luckily Scott wasn't around to see the obsessed freak. I approached her at her locker and shoved her.
"I know your plan to make it look like Scott cheated on me and now you have pictures of him in your locker," I said. Salice replied by punching me in the side of the temple, which on her part was a big mistake. A group of people were gathering around they were chanting.
"Fight, fight,” I returned the favor by punching her straight in the face, her nose began to bleed, and I took another punch at her. I hearted the crack and so did everyone else. I just broke Salice's nose. She went to pull at my hair, I used my free hand and socked her in the side of the face, and she punched me in the chest. I took a hold of her and started to bash her against the lockers, and she was struggling.
Miss Jane the principal and Miss Rode a Science teacher came. Miss Rode grabbed a hold me and was yelling.
"Stop it right now Tuscany and Salice," she yelled and then I finally stopped fighting her.
"Salice, Tuscany to the office now," Miss Jane yelled and pointed towards the office. We walked towards the office trying not to strangle one another on the way. Miss Jane ushered us in and got both of us to sit down.
"What is the meaning of this nonsense?"
"Tuscany just come out of nowhere and assaulted me," Salice said.
"Salice punched me in the side of the face first so I retaliated,"
"Tuscany started it.' Salice complained.
"Enough,” Miss Jane stated. "We can't have this behavior in the school,"
"If Salice never came here we wouldn't have had this argument.'
"Tuscany, Salice you guys can take your stuff from your lockers and leave. As of right now you, both are on five-day school suspension. I'll call your parents to tell them what is going on,"
"If I hear any more commotion today I'll make it double," she said and dismissed us. I headed upstairs where I was greeted by Libby.
"What did Miss Jane say?” she asked
"Nothing much except both Salice and I have five day suspension.' I said and grabbed my purse and car keys and left the school. I got into my car and headed home. I saw that my mother was home. I walked in and she looked angry.
"Sit down now," she said "Set your stuff on the table," I did as I was told. I sat on the couch she looked at me angrily. We stood there eyeing one another for a minute.
"Say something mom,” I said
"You got a five day suspension from school," she snapped. "What do you think your father is going to say?” she asked me
"He is going to snap at me,”
"Tell me Tuscany, why you did it,"
"I found out that Salice was planning to make it look like Scott cheated on me, I went to confront her when I saw pictures of Scott in her locker. She obsessed mom. She nailed me in the jaw and that's when I punched her back and it got out of control,"
"You think,” my mother said back. "You broke her nose,"
"She started it," I said, then my mind went blank I soon came back to reality. I know that, Salice is the past.

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