This Time Is Different

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



Six days after thinking about that incident at the school with Salice. I just couldn't get my mind off her. I didn't know why I was feeling so bad about a girl who was a threat
to me for so long but still I felt horrible. I'm at the hospital waiting for Scott to come to visit. I'm breast-feeding my daughter right now. She has been doing remarkably well, she gained 2 oz. I knew Scott was extremely proud to be a father and even been acting more cheerful lately. On the other hand, I've been so upset lately, and I didn't know what to do. Maybe I'm going through the new mother blues.
A few minutes later Scott finally shows up and he gave me a hug and kisses and did the same to Ashley. After I was done breastfeeding Ashley, I sat her back in her bed. The doctors said that she is still too frail. Scott sat beside me and wondered why I was so upset. I told him that I'm not upset, just really tired.He looked at me funny, almost as if he didn't believe me.
"Scott how long are youstaying for?” I asked,
"I’m staying the night," he said.
"I have an errend I have to run; I'll be back later,"
"What do you have to do?”
"Pick up a few things, don't worry I'm meeting Libby at the mall,"
"Okay, see yaw later," he said, and I left.
I hated having to lie to him but I really needed to go see Salice and clear a horrible feeling. I didn't know what to expect or what would happen. I showed up at the police station and walked in.
"May I help you?” the lady at the front desk asked me
"May I talk to Salice Maroo?"
"Are you related to her or you a close friend?"
"I'm Tuscany Patuski,"
"I'll see what I can arrange,” the woman made a few phonically.
"Come with me," I walked into a private room and waited there until they brought in Salice, who was surprised to see me. When the guard let her in and closed the door.
"What do you want Tuscany?” she said vainly. I didn't realize how bad she looked with no makeup on, her hair was straight and untidy, and she looked so bad in the orange jump suit.
"I came to talk to you," I said. "It's hard for me to be here, just like it’s hard for you to see me," Salice sat down on the chair.
"What is so important that you must talk to me about," she wondered.
"I feel guilty about you being in here," I said, which was very painful to do.
"Bad time to feel bad about It.' she shouted,” That won't change the fact I'm in here,"
"You did put my unborn baby at risk," I said
"When is your baby due anyway?” Salice asked.
"I had it a week ago; I had to have an emergency c-section,"
"Least you have a happy ending," Salice snared.
"It's not happy, I'm not thrilled you are in here like I should be feeling.' I said, "You caused so much pain for me and I still don't want to hate you,"
"Its Scott isn't it?” she asked
"What do you mean?”
"Look at me now, I wanted Scott so badly and look where I ended up," she began. “My mom always told me to fight for what I wanted, and I did. I fought you at every turn for Scott, but he didn't even look at me. I even assaulted you and risked the life of your unborn baby and for what to wreck my life for a pathetic guy,"
"He is not pathetic,” I said offended.
"Maybe not to you Tuscany, but look at you. You have it all; a guy and a daughter and what do I have nothing,"
"My life is not as good as you think. That day you assaulted me it felt like I lost ten years of my life,"
"What was so bad that happened?” she asked curiously.
"This,” I said pulling off my wig and the little hair growing back. "You see why I was so bent on getting revenge,"
"I didn't cut off all your hair," Salice said
"No the doctors did before I went into surgery,"
"I don’t know what to say,”
"Don't say anything Salice. It's done and over now.' I said to get ready to leave. "I'm going to try to get you a plea bargain. So maybe you'll get off," I said and left. I left trying to figure out everything, I thought if Salice was truly over Scott then there is no reason she should be in jail. I knew I was making Salice mad that day, but I wanted to get rid of her so bad, I didn't think what it would do to everyone else. I saw her mother in the coffee shop lots looking at a picture of Salice. She even came up to me and said that she hope I was happy for taking away her baby from her. I reminded her that Salice almost killed me, but she said that it was my entire fault. Right now, it felt like it was my fault.
As I was driving away, I ended at back at the hospital in my hospital room where I saw Libby and Scott.
"Tuscany, I thought you were with Libby," Scott said, I looked at Scott and Libby. I didn't know what to say, since I knew they would freak if I told them I went to see Salice. Libby would just yell and scream at me.
'I wanted to be alone, and if I told you Scott, you would prevent me from leaving," I said.
"You shouldn't be going out alone.' Scott yelled back.
"I don't need the babysitter, I wanted to be alone, and I'll be alone if I want too," I snapped back. The expression on both Libby and Scott’s face were priceless.
"Tuscany, sorry for trying to care about you. I don't want anything to happen to you. If you don't want my help, I can't prevent you from getting hurt. It has nothing to do with you
needing the babysitter. “He said.
"I'm sorry Scott, I'm just having a lot on my mind," I apologize. "I know you care about me,"
"Where did you go?” he asked
"I went out for a drive,"
"You were gone over an hour,"
"Why are you asking so many questions? Does it matter if I was gone that long?” I asked
"I was just wondering," he said.
"If you are going to stand here and question me like a small child, you can leave now,"
"I'll excuse you two, Tuscany call me," Libby said and got up and left. I went over to see my baby. I was touching her and humming to her. I could see Scott from the corner of my eyes sitting there in science. I knew he was upset. I felt a little bad but I was mad at him for treating me like a child. After ten minutes of science, I finally had enough.
"Will you say something already," I shouted
"Why should I, everything I say is wrong," he replied snobby. "Everything is about you. If you do something wrong there is nothing wrong, but if it is I, it's the end of the world. You need to stop being such a bitch," he said, that infuriated me. I went over and slapped him across the face.
"How dare you talk to me that way," I said and got up and left the room and ran right into my dad. He noticed that I was upset.
"Tuscany, did he do something to hurt you?” he asked.
"No, we were just having an argument," I said. "I'm going for a walk, don't follow me,"
My dad knew that Scott hurt me, I never seen Scott being so selfish. My dad entered the room and saw Scott.
"What the hell did you do to my daughter?” he yelled at him. Scott turned around to see him.
"I catch her in a lie and then it turns out to be my fault," Scott said and turned around to see our daughter.
"What did she lie about?” he wanted to know
"She told me she was going to go see Libby, and then Libby showed up here and said she had no plans with Tuscany. Tuscany shows up and is all mad, because I asked her where she
was," Scott said. I walked in.
"Did you forget to add in the part where you called me a bitch," Tuscany yelled.
"You were acting like one," he argued back.
"You were so nice, treating me like a criminal,” I shouted.
"I asked you where you were. You never freaked out like this before,"
"You never treated me so bad before ether," I said almost crying.
"What am I doing Love heart?” he asked confused. "If something bothering you, why don't you tell me? The past week or so you and I been so distant. Talk to me or I can't help you thorough whatever is bothering you," he said. I looked away from him and stared at the wall. I was starting to feel guilty, and then I began to cry. I wasn't sure what was wrong. I wanted to tell Scott that I went to see Salice.
"I don't know what is wrong," I cried. Tears were flowing down my cheeks.
"Love heart, don't cry," Scott said trying to comfort me. I looked at him and calmed down. I was feeling horrible. I looked up past Scott, looked at my dad, and gave him the privacy look. He got up and left. A few minutes later when I was sure, he was
"I'm sorry I slapped you Scott," I said.
"I'm sorry for calling you a bitch," Scott said pulling me into a deep hug. My sweat from my forehead was dripping onto his neck. After he released me from his hug, I took off my wig. I shoved it into my purse.
"Why aren't you wearing your wig?” he asked confused.
"I don't want to hide the fact that I don't have much hair anymore,"
"I'm glad you did, since you really didn't need that wig since you are so beautiful anyway," I smiled at him, since he knew I felt better when he compliments me. I don't think that I'm that beautiful, but he thinks so.
"I know you are wondering where I went.' I said. "I think I better tell the truth," I said.
"Do I want to know where you were?” he asked
”No you don't but I think you should know. You will start freaking out,"
"Whatever you did, can't be the bad," he said.
"Okay, I'll tell you," I took a deep breath. "I went to see Salice at the jail,"
"What, why did you go there?” he asked shocked.
"It was after I had a flash back of the time when we got into a fight at the school. I felt something was wrong so I went to see her,"
"How did that go?” he asked.
"It went fairly well. She was saying how her mother was encouraging her to go after you. She basically said when she ends in jail is when she realizes she doesn't want you and that you are pathetic,”
"Do you believe her or do you think it's an act?” he asked.
"I believe she is over you," I said. "I feel bad about her being in there. I want her to be free. I showed her my lack of hair,"
"Since she didn't because you any grief the visit doesn't bother me," he said, I was in shock that Scott didn't freak out. I did feel better that Scott and I weren’t fighting anymore.

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