This Time Is Different

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



Things lately have been so wrong. It all seemed to change ever since I was kidnapped by Simon. I noticed Scott has been acting all weird. There has been some nights he doesn't come visit me. Recently, their was one time he didn't come to see me for four days straight.
The only good thing I can recall happening recently happened about a week ago, when Ashley was sent home. I took her to my house, and most of the times since then I was alone caring for her, since I had no idea where Scott was. Soon weeks turn into months. I worried even more and more about Scott. When I asked him about it, he withers get up and leaves or make up some lame excuse.
One day about six months after Ashley was born I was giving Ashley a bath when I heard something coming from outside. My dad was standing outside and Scott was standing there.
"I came to see Tuscany and Ashley," he said
"You are not seeing them," my dad snapped.
"You can't stop me from seeing my daughter,"
"I can and I will. I'm finishing watching you walk all over Tuscany. You leave and come, as you like. You can only see your daughter at certain times. Your either full time father or not at all,"
"I pay for their needs,"
"They don't need their needs paid for, have you seen how upset Tuscany have been lately," my dad snapped. "You are not seeing her and that's that," he turn to leave when I came outside with Ashley wrapped up in a towel.
"How are my girls going?” Scott asked
"We're doing fine," I replied, "Where have you've been for the past four days. You haven't called or tell anyone where you were?” I quickly changed the subject.
"I was doing errands," he said
"Don't come back until you are ready to tell me Scott. Ashley and I will be here until then I suggest you leave," I said and went back inside.
"You made him leave," my dad said. He went inside. I peeked through the window and saw Scott leave. My dad looked at me and I ignored him and took Ashley upstairs. I felt horrible and I just wanted to know what is going on. This time I was worried. It has been six days since I last seen Scott went I sent him away. Libby and I were in the living room when I got a great idea as too how to figure out what Scott been up too.
"We are leaving," I said to Libby picking up my purse and Ashley in the other arm.
"Where are we going Tuscany," she asked. "I thought we were going to figure out a way to find out about Scott,"
"We are, I was so dumb not to figure this out before," I said. "I need to borrow your car,"
"You have your own car, why do you need mine?”
"So Scott doesn't know what to expect, he will never expect me to drive someone else's car will he?'
"What car am I going to use," Libby said
"You can use my car," I quickly said.
"Fine, I hope whatever ever you’re planning works because this is just not right," Libby said.
"None of this is right Libby. Scott is not the same," I said then whispered to myself. "I hope you are acting this way for a good reason Scott because you are causing such a drift between us,"
"Here's my keys," Libby handed me her car keys and I exchanged her mine.
"I'm going to go to Scott's house and prey he is there," I said.
"If he is then what?” Libby asked
"I wait until he leaves then I follow him and hope that I don't look suspicious,"
"Let's just hope he leads you to the truth,"
"I got to get going Libby. Watch Ashley for me," I said handing her over to Libby. I ran for the door like a shooting star. I got into Libby's car, it wasn't nearly as nice as my car, but it would do the purpose nicely. I drove away, my heart was thumping, and I was praying Scott was there. When I reached his street, I noticed him leaving his house for his car.
I sneaked nearby by back alley until he drove out of it and I made it look like I was just leaving the back alley. I slowly followed him. He was driving towards north of the city. He started to leave the city and I began to wonder. I followed him and went onto a highway. We drove for a few hours. I saw Scott turning into a small town. I decided to keep driving until I reached a back road so I didn't look like I was following him. From the size of the town, it didn't have much so finding, Scott wouldn't be too hard. I sneaked into the south of the town and stopped at a gas station to get into get some gas and a coke.
I waited in my car for a good ten fifteen minutes and decided to go locate Scott. I was praying he was still in the town. I drove up and down the streets of houses. I finally drove down the main street. The houses were gross and the grass over grown when I finally seen Scott's car parked in front of an old small orange house. The grass was dead in front, the paint on the house was coming off, and it looked like mold was growing from the window for a minute when I snatched Libby's sunglasses and hat. I put them on and walked nervously up the steps of the house. The steps creaked when I stepped on them. I heard whispering and coming from the door.
I knocked on the door quickly thinking of something to say. A woman answered the door. She had long brown hair and she was wearing old looking clothing. She was no more then 25 years old.
"Hello, how can I help you?” she asked in a nervous voice. I saw Scott turn from the couch and looked straight at me.
"Never mind I think I got the wrong house," I said and ran down the steps of her house. I heard Scott scream something, but I didn't want to hear it. I got into the car and drove away.
"Scott, tell me what is going on?” she asked.
"Michelle that is my girlfriend. She must have followed me here," he said. "I think she got the wrong idea.'
"Chase after her Scott,"
"I don't want to leave you alone in this state. You are having another break down,"
"I just can't get that image of our father barging in here out of my head,"
"That is why I'm not leaving,"
"I'm going to find her and you can ether come with me or stay here and look even worse in her eyes,"
"She is heading back to the city and their is where mom and Sarah are. Do you want to risk seeing them?"
"Scott, I can't ignore mom for ever,"
"That is one thing I can't figure out. What did mom do that was so horrible that you haven't returned home for the past seven years?"
'It's complex and I don't want to get into it," Michelle voice was low.
About forty minutes later, I arrived to my house. I was angry and betrayed. I ran into the house. Libby, Ashley and my dad were on the couch.
'What is wrong Tuscany?” my father asked worried when he saw the hurt on my face.
"Scott and I are finished," I said. 'That bastard," I yelled.
"What did that son of a bitch do to you? I'll make him pay,"
"Oh he will pay when I'm finish with him. He thinks him can cheat on me and get away with it,"
"How did you find this out?” he asked.
"I followed him to a small town and located him to some girls house and I seen her,"
Meanwhile Scott was driving furiously on the highway with Michelle nervously sitting in the passenger seat. Scott briefly looked over at her.
"You alright sis?” he asked
"Yes, I haven't been to the city in so long, I wonder what it is like now?” she said.
"We are almost there,” he said and ten minutes later arrived at my house. I looked out my window and I saw him and so did my dad. I then saw the girl.
"I'll get rid of him and the slut Tuscan," My dad said.
"No, let him come. I wander what excuse he will give me for this affair," I said, Scott came to the house nervously. I answered the door.
"Tuscany, what you saw wasn't what it seemed," he said.
"What is it then? You are going to blame it on her. The girl was there," I said.
"It is nothing like that," Scott said.
"That girl sitting in the car is my sister,"
"Give me a break. I seen Sarah and that's not her,"
"Have you forgotten I got two sisters?"
"What were you doing with her?”
"I didn't want to get you involved but looks like I just have," he said. "My dad located my sister and barged in her house when she was alone and attacked her and stole some pg her
things. She was having nightmare about the attack and I was worried about her. I didn't want to put your life or Ashley's life at risk by you getting to close. Plus Michelle doesn't want to be found by any one,"
"How did you find her?” I asked.
"I was driving down that highway to get to the next city and I noticed her so I stopped when I realized who she was and we been communicating secretly ever since. I wanted to
tell you but I didn't want any one to find out,"
"Why don't you tell her to come in, since you know your mom will be coming around," I told him
"I'm going for a little walk. I'll be back in about twenty minutes," Michelle said.
"Are you sure Michelle?” Scott asked
"I'm sure Scott, I need sometime to think," she said and headed for the door.
"Okay Michelle,"
She left and headed for the end of the street. Scott looked as Michelle headed down the street. She turned the corner. Michelle took out her cell phone and text messaged someone.
Michelle walked down another street when she stopped at the last place she ever wanted to be. She looked at the house she grew up in. She knew it was time to confront her mother. Michelle walked up the stairs to the house and paused before knocking on the door. A few minutes later, the door opened. Molly was about to say who it was but stopped when she found out who it was.
"Hello mom," Michelle said in low disgusted voice.
"Um, Michelle. Oh my god your home,"
"Don't dare pretend nothing is wrong,"
"Michelle, I'm just happy to see you. I care about you,"
"You didn't care about me when you drove my boyfriend to kill himself," Michelle yelled
"He was all wrong for you sweetheart. You need to move on,"
"I have, I'm engaged to marry to my new boyfriend,"
'Then what is the problem honey?' Molly sacked
"What the problem, you killed the one person I ever truly loved. Sure my fiancé Jake is sweet but we don't have the same love that Michael and I had,"
"Listen to me Michelle. You need to let this hatred, go. You can find true love again but you won't if you continue to hold on to something you can't have,"
"I'll never get over what you did. You tried to bribe him five thousand dollars to leave me, but he refused. That wasn't enough to prove to you he really loved me. You knew when
his mother had to pond off her ring for money that it meant everything her to get it back but you went to buy it and threatened that they would never see it again if he didn't dump
me. When that backfired, you did the unthinkable. You paid somebody to make a video making it look like I cheated on him and you arranged for it to be given to him. When he got it, he was so hurt he shot himself. For that I'll never forgive you,"
"I had no intentions of him killing himself.'
"You never think. You ruined my life and his entire family life that day. You deserve to go to hell for what you did,"
“Everything I do for you is out of love,"
"Everything you do is for yourself. You didn't want your little reputation to be ruined. You don’t want your daughter involved with a man who is on welfare. I loved him for who he was not for his money and that I’ll never get over it," Michelle cried
"Michelle why did you come here if all you were going to do is bring up that incident,"
"I'm going to make it my life mission to make sure you pay for what you did. Your life will be a living hell,"
"You need to let this go,"
"Mom, you will regret the day you started to mess with my life," Michelle said stormed off leaving the house. Michelle started to run off. Molly hurried and ran after her.
Michelle ran into Backalley and soon she ran right into Scott and Tuscany. She stopped and Molly stopped. They all stared at one another when a car pulled up. They all went to stare
at it. Everyone but Michelle was shocked to see Simon come out. He headed over and stood beside Michelle.
'Get away from her," Scott yelled. Simon pulled out a gun and put it up against Michelle stomach. Michelle just stood there.
"If anyone moves or even screams I'll shoot her and everyone else around her. You hear me,"
"You aren't manly enough to do it," Scott said.
"Just like you couldn't see right through Salice Maroo's obsession act,"
'What do you mean? That woman was a crazy woman,"
"You mean assaulting Tuscany and making herself get arrested,"
"How did you know all that happened?” Scott demanded to know.
“I paid Salice ten thousand dollars to put the whole plan together. I'll give her ten thousand more when she gets out of jail,"
"Why?” Scott asked. Simon let, go of Michelle. Michelle didn’t run away
"I wanted Molly to suffer so I found out about what she did to Michelle and we came up with this whole plot to take her down,"
"Is this true Michelle?” Scott begged to know.
'I'm so sorry Scott but I wanted mom to pay for what she did.' Michelle asked
"What did mom do that was so bad?” Scott asked quietly.
"She made my boyfriend commit suicide. She killed him and now she will pay,"
"How is trying to break up Tuscany and I hurting mom,"
"That is where the whole plan backed fired. The whole obsession plot was to make it look all-believable. When Salice attacked Tuscany it was, supposed to kill her baby as well. Salice knew for sometime that you were pregnant Tuscany. She needed to pretend she didn't know what was happening. I know your dad almost killed Scott. We all know that your dad will blame Scott. Our meeting Scott was all planned. Since Tuscany's baby didn't
die, we had to eliminate her. That plans backfired when your stupid parents found you," Michelle said.
"Simon do you remember the prostitute you took to that strip club. That was the same person, the planted the tracking device in the truck," I said
"It doesn't matter now," Simon smirked.
"Our plan ends know," Michelle said picking up the gun. "You killed my boyfriend and now I kill you," she said pointing the gun at Molly and pulling the trigger. Molly hit the hard ground. Blood was pouring out. I could see Michelle and Simon running off, got in the car, and drove away. In the car Simon and Michelle, discuss what they do next.
"We finally got that pesky mother of yours," Simon snickered.
"It feels great to get rid of the woman who causedMichael death," she smiled then frowned.
"Now will you help me with my agendas?”
"We can't risk going back into the city, because by now police are on the look out for us,"
"What do you suggest then Shell?” he shouted
"Oh I have a very detailed plan," Michelle smiled.
"What possible plan could you have?”
"We target someone, kidnapped them or they happen to be nearby it doesn't matter. We leave them in an impossible place," she paused. "Oh no,” she stopped and gasped anxiously.
"What is wrong?” Simon asked worried.
"In order for this plan to work I need my poisonous drink that I have stored in my house,"
"Where's your house,"
"In a small town 5 miles north,"
"We got to hurry so we don't get caught,"
"We will trade cars when we get there. We'll store this one in the garage and take my boyfriends mothers car,"
"That will work," he said
They arrived at her town and soon at her house.
"This is your house?” Simon said surprised.
"It was cheap, Jake doesn't make a whole lot in construction in Africa and I make little money at the local hardware store,"

"It doesn't matter lets, go inside grab what we need and leave,"
Michelle and Simon went inside the house.
"Dad it is in the basement on a tall shelf so can you go to get it for me please?” she asked, Simon nodded and went down stairs and through a door. Michelle smiled and locked
the top door. She could here Simon looking around turned to leave but noticed the door was locked.
"What is with this door Michelle," He yelled.
"I'll go upstairs and get the keys to open it. Sometimes it jams," she said.
"Hurry," he said.
"I will," she said in an almost chuckle.
She ran into her living room wear there was a can of gasoline, she smiled before going to the staircase of the basement. She opened the first door, went down to the second door, and began to poor the gasoline into the basement.
"WHAT are you doing Michelle?” he yelled.
"I have no choice but to cover my tracks and rid of problems," she said laughing, "There is no plan and no drink. You fell for it and now I'll get rid of you and make my escape,"
she laughed.
"You bitch; you get down here and let me out. After all I did for you," he sneered. Michelle ran up the stairs.
"Sorry dad, but I'm finished with you and I'm not going to jail for shooting mom and this is the only way to be assured that doesn't happen," she lights a match and flings it to the bottom of the stairs and runs through the house to the front door. She sees the smoke rising. She notices someone out front. She instantly puts on a show.
"My house is on fire?” she cried.
"What happened?” she cried
"An electrical wire blew,"
"You all right?” she asked.
"I have to go to Saskatoon to talk to Jake. He just got back from Africa and me have to tell him what happened?” she lied.
"What about the police,"
"I called them and explained everything quickly before leaving,"
Michelle got into a different car and drove off onto a gravel road and finally reaching a farmyard that is much run down. Inside is an old truck.
"Here you are baby. I've been keeping you here for sometime," she said patting the trucks hood. She pulled it out quickly, hurried, and pulled the purple car in. She reached into a pile of old soft hay for a bag. She pulled out four stacks of money
shoving them under the seat of the truck.
"Here is a little cash for me to live on for a while," she said starting the truck and driving off she got back on a gravel road and her could see thick smoke in the distant. She then turned and focused on her task. She stopped when she remembered that there was an old man outfit in the back. She slipped on the hat hiding her hair and put on the large jacket. She slipped on the big boots and baggy pants. She rubbed some dirt on her face and her looked as close to a man as possible. She continued driving.
Meanwhile at the hospital Scott and I were waiting to learn about the condition of his mother. She had lost consciousness before the ambulance arrived. Two police officer
showed up a while later.
"Mr. Rice and Miss Patuski?” he asked.
"Yes those us? Doug you have any information on the whereabouts of my sister and my dad?” he asked bitter.
"We got new information that we can't discuss at this time. We need to ask a few questions involving the crime scene,"
"Ask us anything?”
"Do you know of any reason why Michelle would want her mother dead?”
"She blames her for her boyfriend Michael Jim's death. He died of suicide. What exactly happened I don't know?"
"Was it Simon or Michelle Rice who actually shot Molly? You keep on saying they shots her,"
"It was Michelle, but he was in on the plan,"
"Did you notice anything odd about her before she revealed everything?"
"It seemed like she was relishing a new side of her. She was suffering from a loss but at the same time had that vibe of "kill" in her mind," Scott said.
"Miss Patuski what did you notice odd about her,"
"She seemed like a woman out for revenge,"
"Thanks for the info. We are sending a new message to the media," he said. "As of right now she is considered unstable and highly dangerous. I have other business to attend too," he said and left.
In the hospital room, Molly lays lifeless on the hospital bed. Her heart slowly stopping and doctors trying to revive her. Minutes go by her monitors shows not heart beat. The doctors couldn’t revive her.
"Time of death 20:15," one doctor said and left. Moments later the news was spread. Sarah showed up and almost fainted from the news. We sat there in the waiting room for a good two hour when a group of police officers showed up.
"Did you find them? Did you find those psychos who did this to my mother," Sarah yelled.
"We have a problem,"
"What else could go wrong?"
"Apparently one of the had others plans," The officer said.
"What do you mean?”
"We found Simon Rice," he said.
"Does he know where Michelle is?” Scott asked
"That is the problem. We found him dead in her house,"
"What happened?"
"Someone lit the house on fire. We feel it is Michelle," he said
"Now what,” Sarah cried.
"We're going to have to announce that we have a wanted female on the charges of two accounts of first degree murder," Three days went by things did seem to get any better. I told my dad about the incident and said that Simon got what he deserved for trying to kill me and actually killing someone. Scott's sister was doing some extensive research onto where Michelle may be
hiding. She visited Salice and apparently, Salice was upset and confessed that they promised to give her ten Grande for her part in the whole plot. Just earlier today, Sarah discovered some information on a Lucia Hut. She had some history with her mother and soon realized it was a sister of her mother. She called up the woman and arranged to meet her tomorrow.
When tomorrow came, she went to come back. She announced that the meeting was very emotional. She introduced herself as Molly's daughter. She met her aunt and grandmother.
She went on showing pictures witch they identified as her. She said the mother Mildly Rammer went on talking about how she gave up her perfect future for Simon. She went on a
described him as an odd man with some money but wasn't the type for her. She left with him when she turned twenty and haven't seen her since. Sarah went on a described the whole
situation. They were devastated to learn that Molly was dead. They talked a little more before Sarah left.
A couple week went by Sarah grew more and more obsessed with finding Michelle. Scott was trying to grow past it and even told me so. We were having little happy moments but no real communication. I knew Scott was fighting the urge to let going of what happen. I couldn't blame him. His sister killed his mother and his father, which he didn't care too much about. He wanted to have justice and a way to fix his pride after being played as a fool.
A few days later officially three weeks after Molly was killed. Scott and I finally were finally communicating on the problems in our relationship.
"Scott,” I said.
"What, Love heart. What do you need?"
"I have an idea to solve this mess,"
"Nothing can solve this mess," he snapped
"I meant to get justice so we can move on.'
"What is it Tuscany?” he asked
"We got to get Salice to talk,"
"Tell me something I don't know,” he snapped, I looked up at him.
"We can't do this anymore," I said sadly changing the subject.
"What you mean, what is happening?” Scott said.
"Look at us Scott, we are so distant. You can't even concentrate on one thing; you quit your job and spending less time with Ashley and me,"
"We are just dealing with a stressful time right now Tuscan,"
"It's more then that. We never had been this distant before. Ever since Salice showed up and tried to break us up things been going so wrong,"
"After Michelle is brought in and justice is served everything will be okay,"

"Nothing will ever be the same, you've changed," I said. "You used to be a fun, easy going guy. Now you are shallow, and full of hate. You are neglecting everything you've built and made. We can't go on like this. I love you but enough is enough,"
"I never meant for any of this to happen," Scott said and began to break down. "I never imagined that Salice would be that big of a threat. I never imagined my father to try to kill you. I couldn't prevent this ordeal from happening. I know, I've changed and I know that we are losing the love we once heaved, but I don't know what to do anymore,"
"I'd always loved you and always will that never changed," I said.
"The affection isn't there," he said.
"It hasn't been there for a long time," I said.
"What does this mean for us then?”
"I don't know Scott," I said 'One thing is that I won't give up on you Scott,"
"I love you, but I don't know how we are going to get past this?” he said
"We are talking about it aren't we,"
"Yes, that is a sign of hope,"
"I think we can work it through. Look how we meant. We meant at the grade 10 dance. It was the last one of the year, and I was going out with Murphy. You were dared to come to
ask me to dance. You were shy, you did, and I accepted. Later I found out you didn't ask me on your own so I threw whip cream at you. You apologized and I accepted it. We later went to a movie and kind of clicked since then,"
"Those were the days.' he smiled.
"Look what it brought us a daughter and a chance to be together and we need to grab it,"
"I want to spend sometime with my family," he said
Meanwhile the chase for Michelle Rice was getting heated. The police and FBI have her located at the factory she has been staying. Michelle is anxiously trying to find a way
out. She hides under a cupboard. She hears sirens and police officer yelling.
'Michelle, we know you’re in there. Come out with your hands in the air,"
"Please forgive me god for what I'm about to do," she said. She gets up and pours gasoline and is about to light a match when she is shot in the leg. She drops the unlit matches and looks back. She knew she had no way out so she surrendered and put her hands up.
"Don't shoot, I surrender myself," Michelle said sacredly. The officer comes up and handcuffs her. She limps towards the exit and she notices Jake.
"Michelle how you could do this?” he cried
"She is going down to the station,"
"I want an explanation from her now. Please officer,"
"I'll explain the whole truth. It is ether now, or never,"
"Spit it out then," the officer snared.
"It all started when I was bout sixteen seventeen," she began. "I was a straight A student, had many friends but I was happy to have found my true love Michael Jim. Since then I found love again Jake. Anyway, we were getting serious and my mother was starting to interfere. She bribed him to leave town when that didn't work she went as far as to hire someone to make a video making it look like I cheated on him,” Michelle was crying now.
"Then what happened Michelle," Jake wanted to know.
"Michael committed suicide. He died thinking I cheated on him. At first, I didn't know who did this but when I figured it all out, I resented her. I hated her for what she has done. After an intense argument, I left. I stayed at a homeless shelter for a few months when I got my own apartment. A few years later, I met you Jake. I was finally able to get over my boyfriend and we started dating, but I never got over what my mother did. I had been faithful to you and have the very feeling of revenge on my mind. We lived our live as if a normal couple did when you left for Africa. I was dealing with everything fine, when I was confronted by my father. I haven't seen him since he ditched his family when I was only 14 years old. A few weeks later, he discovered my problem and offered to help. I accepted because I wanted my mother to pay so badly," she stopped for a minute.
"How did you meet your brother?” the officer asked.
"My father went on a search for his family but realized they didn't leave the house that he lived in for so long. He began stalking them. When he discovered who Tuscany was. He
was out to kill her for reason I don't know. He locked her in that basement, but his plan failed. I was planned to meet Scott after careful planning. I built his trust up over a period and one day went into the city. I went to my mother and confronted her and
I left. She followed and was I bumped into Scott and Tuscany. My dad showed up and I knew that I had no choice but to make finally her pay and Michael could finally rest in peace. I shot her and Simon and I escaped. He wanted me to help him but I got what I wanted so I killed him right there in my basement. I've been on the run ever since,"
"All that over a man," Jake said. "You are one sick psycho,"
"You wouldn't want me to do that for you if you were Michael,"
"I wouldn't want you to kill any one for an act of revenge. Even if your mother were to kill actually him,"
"I couldn't let her walk Scot free. She should have just pulled the trigger herself. Least she would of did it with pride instead of blaming it all on him. She is sick,"
"Enough Michelle, you’re off to jail,"
"Jake I love you but if you hate me, I can't change that," Michelle said and was haloed off.
When Scott and I hearted the whole story Scott was; shocked.
"She wanted to get justice for her boyfriend’s death and I wanted to get justice for our mother. It seems so pointless all this over a mishap,"
"Scott, everything happens for a reason. I know us were meant to be together. Molly will be missed and I know you miss her but it is time, for us to move on with our lives,"
Scott and I were sitting there when Libby brought Ashley in. He stayed for a while before leaving.
"I'm heading to Rome tonight to see my sister Amity,"
"Something wrong?” I asked shocked
"Nothing is wrong Tuscany, something came up," she said running off. Tuscany looked stun then turned to her daughter. She was now officially suspicious of what Libby was up too but she knew she couldn’t do anything now, since she had her daughter to worry about.

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