This Time Is Different

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



Scott is watching me as I fall into a deep sleep. I had a couple visits from the nurse. Both a nurse and doctor also tried to get Scott to return to his room so he could rest but he didn't want to go. He told them to discharge him, because he feels fine and doesn't want to leave my bedside. The nurse reluctantly released Scott, but instead of going home, he stayed right here in the hospital with me.
When I went fully to sleep Scott got up, carefully setting me down so I don't awake. He sat on the chair beside the bed and picked up the phone. He called a couple places including, the pizza place, and flower place. He then slipped out of the room to the bathroom to change quickly into a dress shirt and dress pants and returned. A few minutes later, the pizza and flowers arrived. He paid for the pizza and the flowers. After everything was set, he woke me up.
I stared at him tiredly, and sat up looking around. I noticed the flowers and the pizza. It was all dressed my favorite kind. I looked at Scott with a happy smile.
"You are so sweet,” I said in a cheerful voice.
"I'd want to spend a romantic night with you right here in the hospital," he said.
"I like that idea, anything with you in it Hot Stuff," Since he calls me Loveheart, I gave him the name Hot Stuff.
"Loveheart, this will be a night we will never forget," He pulled me into a kiss. The mouth-watering kiss lasted a good 15 seconds. After the kiss, I went to grab a piece of pizza and took a bite. It tasted so good, it almost tasted as good as Scott did, which is wonderful. Maybe not that close but still it was good. I managed to drop some pizza sauce on the bed. I didn't really care but Scott was making a joke out of it by mocking me.
After having a couple more pieces of pizza, I took one of the flowers he brought me, and enjoyed its scent. I was even happier that he bought Daffodils. Daffodils have been my favorite flower, for the longest time. They were simple and bright yellow. They were different from what most women would like. Roses are nice but they don’t compare to daffodils. I glanced over at Scott who was texting in the hospital. I noticed the sign on the wall stating no cell phones allowed. I reached over and tapped him on the shoulder, pointing at the sign. He quickly finished his text and put his cell phone away. He looked at me and smiled. A part of me wanted to ask him about it, but another side of me thought not too, it must be a surprise. For the next twenty minutes or so, Scott and I were giggling and making little love chatter like "I love yaw sexy," or "You pretty hot,” I noticed a guy at the door. Scott quickly went to the door and the person gave him something. Scott slipped it in his pocket. I couldn't tell what it was. He came back to me.
"What do you have?” I asked
"It is a surprise which you will find out soon," he said. I wanted to argue but I stopped because I knew it was some kind of present. Scott took me by the hand, led me off the bed, and sat me on the chair. I was clueless to why. He stood there looking at me.
The look he gave me showed it was something important.
"I love you so much Loveheart," I was confused because he was giving me the very important look, but he just tells me he loves me. Don't get me wrong that is so sweet, and I could have a thirty-hour conversation with him by just saying I love you.
"I love you too Hot Stuff," I said with a grin. Scott grabbed my hand it to his and held it there for several minutes before releasing it. I was getting very anxious to what Scott was up too. Scott and I did the silent stare at one another, when I noticed him reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a ring. It wasn't just any ring but a one-karat diamond. I stared at it for a minute before I saw what Scott was doing. He got on one knee.
"Loveheart,” he began "I never loved anyone the same as I do you. We had a bumpy relationship with many obstacles. We got through them all. We had stalkers and just people in general after us. Then we have the supporters and our new baby on the way. I don't know what I'd do without you. Will you make me yours through the rest of our lives? Will you marry me Tuscany Patuski?”
"Yes, nothing would make me happier," I cried in tears of joy. "Get up off the floor," I demanded. He got up, took my hand, and slipped the engagement ring on my finger. I began to cry softly and I took Scott in a tight hug.
"I love you Loveheart. Hopefully soon you can be released so we can start our new life together,"
"Pretty soon I'll be Mrs. Rice," I said it with confidence
"That sounds sexy like you,"
"Anything with your name is sexy," I giggled. He looked at me and smiled. He could tell this was one of the best days of my life. We spent the rest of the night cooing at one and other, kissing and making passionate love, which is another story.
The next morning at around 9:00am, Scott was asleep. I decided I would go out for a walk, and spend some time alone. I walked down to the waiting room, and plumped myself down in one of chairs. I looked at the ring on my finger and remembered the night I had last night. Then I reached to play with my hair when I remembered that I no longer had a head of hair. I began to cry softly. Not only was I bald, I have a huge scare on my head.
The good thing is I did feel better knowing Scott still loved me even though I’m ugly now. Most men don’t want an ugly chick, especially one who has no hair. This was probably the only thing that came out of Salice’s mouth that was true; there was no denying that I was ugly. But where she was really wrong is I still have Scott. I even gotten proposed too, maybe this will be the thing we need for her to get the point.
I had enough of her for one day; my mind began to focus on something new. My wedding. I imagined a big hall, with all my family and friends gathered around. I am at the altar with Scott. Daffodils are everywhere, and there are other flowers as well. It is a colorful paradise. I would be in a big strapless wedding dress, with sequence and lots of lace. I’s have my hair up, and all the attention would be on me. I imagined my dad walking me don’t the aisle. Thinking about my father brought back the memory of him kicking and punching Scott, which landed him in the hospital in the first place. Even know we were slowly working things out, I don't know if our relationship will ever be the same.
I got back to reality when I saw Libby coming. She was heading the other direction. I got up quickly and went up to her.
"Libby,” I shouted. She looked at me and smiled.
"How do you feel?” she asked.
"I feel great," I said, I soon saw her expression change into a shocked excited look.
"What there something I said?" I asked in confusion.
"Where did you get that ring from?”
"Scott proposed to me last night,”
"Shut up, he proposed to you. That's wonderful,"
"That is what I needed after the week I've had,"
"Yes, after finding out you're pregnant, then witnessing your dad assaulting Scott because of your pregnancy and then having Salice Maroo on your back,"
"That's not all, something else horrible happened. It is horrible," I said all the excitement left me and I was about to cry.
"What is it Tuscany?” "You are alright; did something go wrong with the surgery?”
"No, it happened before the surgery. They couldn't do the surgery with all my hair in the way, so they had to remove it all," I said with tears forming. "Your joking, they cut off all your hair," Libby said with sympathy and shock.
"Nope I'm not joking, I witnessed it all. The hair falling out, when I am able to realized, I'm going to donate my hair to somewhere. All 65 inches of it,"
"I feel so bad. I want to shave off my hair now so you feel better,"
"I'd feel worse. You must keep your hair so I have someone's hair to do. I have like a billion hair accessory," I said. Libby put her arm wound my shoulder. I stood there cheering up. My mood changed when I saw Salice Maroo walking in. Libby noticed her and shouted.
"What are you doing here?”
"I came to see Scott,” she said and turned to leave but stopped. "I figured out your plan yesterday Tuscany. I will show him a little bit of what I have,"
"Good luck to you Salice," I said and turned my focus back to Libby who stood there shocked. Salice walked off.
"Why did you let her go?” Libby asked
"She can try to get Scott back, but wait until he tells her that we are engaged. Salice is delusional,"
"You want to see Salice suffer don't yaw?”
"I'd like nothing better Libby," I said. Libby and I sat there catching up and talking. Scott soon walked into the waiting room and sat beside Tuscany. He seemed to be a little
"What is wrong Hot Stuff?” I asked him
"It's Salice. She came in a belly shirt, shaking her body around telling me we are meant to be together,"
"What did you tell her?”
"I called her a hooker and that she needs to get a life because we are engaged,"
"I thought that would happen, since she made a quick visit here before there,"
"Tuscany, Scott I need to be getting and going now. I have to get back to class, Tuscany call me at my break if you need anything," Libby said and then left off to school.
"I'll be sure too. I have Scott here for my needs. Right Scott,”
"Your every need is my command. I'd do anything for you,"
"That's one of the million good things about you," I said as we sat there. We were about to go back to my hospital room when my mom arrived.
"Hey sweetheart, hey Scott," my mom said
"Hey Mrs. Patuski,"
"Please call me Lacey. So you too look cozy,"
"Mom, we have good news,"
"Tuscany, what is the good news. Did a visitor bring you a T-shirt since everything is good news to you?"
"No! It's a trillion times better," I said holding out my hand so my mother could see my ring on my finger.
"Where did you get that from? That must have cost a fortune," she asked
"Scott gave it to me. It was wonderful, his speech. We got engaged. Oh I love Scott so much," I said
"You are engaged, I'm so happy for you,"
"I'm not sure dad will feel the same way,"
"He will feel the same way if I have anything to say about it,"
"What determination, mom. You think you could get him to accept us?”
"I know I can," she paused. "Anyway I heard about your surgery and your hair and I want to tell you how sorry I am so I bought you a present,” she said handing me a fair size box she was carrying. I picked it up and opened it. Inside was a wig. I pulled it out. It was black and curly. It was about 1/5 the length my hair was before.
"Thanks mom, now I will not have to go into public bald,"
"That was the best one I could find that was in my price range,"
"It is great, it's not my natural hair, but is as close as it is going to get. Perfect timing those since I get released today, so Scott and I can go back to school since in 2 weeks is our graduation and no way was I going to go they're bald,"
"I knew you wouldn't. So what are your plans regarding getting justice"
"I'm going to make sure Salice, get what's coming to her. No one tries to steal my boyfriend and put me and my baby at risk and gets away with it," I said
"So how is your baby doing?”
"It's doing pretty well. Pretty soon we can identify the baby's gender,"
"I hope it's a girl and as hot as you Loveheart," Scott added in.
"Any child you bring into the world will be a gift," My mother said. “Well Tuscany, I need to be getting going. You enjoy yourself and if you’re not feeling well don't go to school,"
"I’m coming home later today, if that is okay with you,"
"Of course, you’re always welcome. You too Scott,"
"Bye mom, when I come home I'll tell dad about my engagement,"
"I'll see you soon honey," she said and then left. Scott and I headed back to my room. Lying on my bed once again was Salice.
"What did I tell you Salice, scram," Scott said.
"I'm not leaving until you admit you love me," Salice said.
"Salice, I don't love you and I never will. I'm with Tuscany. I tried to be nice to you, explain to you. You just don't understand. You are obsessed and since I am getting married, you'll have to get over it. If you don't stop I'll have no chose but to get a restraining order against you and sue you with harassment,"
"You can't mean that Scott,"
"I can't take your stalking anymore. You need serious help; no one in their right mind is obsessed and crazy as you are. You broke a bottle over my head. I take you in longer. You could be dealing with attempted murder charges. You could go to jail for a long time,"
"I'm 17 years old and still a minor. I will get off with a warning. Get some therapy and community service and be back to normal in no time,"
"There some cases that you can be charged as an adult. You need to accept that I don't love you. I don't find you attractive or cute,"
"You don't think I'm attractive but you find Tuscany is. She is ugly. Look at her, she is uglier then hell,"
"Salice, shut up. I won't...," he interrupted.
"It's okay Scott, let her say those things. She knows she is a loser pining over someone else fiancée. She needs to move on, if she doesn't watch it, it will give the DA more reason to charge her as an adult in the trial, because I will press charges,"
"I'll leave, but mark my word Tuscany. This isn't over," Salice said and stomped away. Scott closed the door behind her; I went to lie on the bed and relaxed.

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