This Time Is Different

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



It was finally the weekend. After four harsh days of school, having an accident, and just plain stress left me tired. I'm lying on my bed staring at the ceiling not knowing what to do with myself. I look outside my window to see that the rain that I heard pouring all last night has stopped.

I got up off my bed after a few minutes and headed downstairs. My mom was sitting on the couch, and my dad was in the kitchen sitting at the table. My mother and father haven't talked to one another since that one night they went out. I sat down, determined to find out what is going on here.

"What's up with your mom?” I asked

"I'm fine honey, and you?”

"I'm okay, so you and dad going to that Folk Fest sometime this weekend?”

"No not this year," she asked in a low voice.

"Does the reason have to do with that one night you and dad went out and came home and haven't talked since," I said, my mom turned her head in almost disgust. I knew I hit a nerve or something.

"Don't worry about it Tuscany," I heard my dad from the kitchen say in a firm voice.

"I'll tell you Tuscany, your dad and I got into argument about your engagement. I confronted him about the real reason he hates Scott. He claimed it was because you been slacking off, getting into mischief, lying, and doing badly in school since you've met him, but then I asked him again and he got all-offensive. You know how I hate secrets. Until he tells me I'm not talking to him," she said than looked at her husband. "Why don't you tell your daughter why you hate her fiancé, she deserves to know doesn't she?”

"Don't worry about it Tuscany. There is nothing to worry about," my dad said.

"Dad, tell me the truth. I always knew there was a major reason you didn't like Scott. Let me know. I need to know why you hate the guy I love,"

"I'm not going to tell you,” he yelled.

"Until you tell me dad, or give me some input. I can't talk to you either," I said and walked away.

"Why did you bring that up Lace," my dad yelled.

"Don't talk to me; you are keeping a secret from both me and your daughter,"

"Listen to me Lace. Its better that Tuscany never finds out," he said

"Tell me then, we can keep this from her than. We can't live when you are keeping secrets. Tell me,"

"Fine, but all I'm telling you is about an argument I over hearted involving a girl and Simon Rice. Simon is Scott's father It was at a night club about 25 years ago," my dad explained, he didn't realize I was standing behind a wall listening. He thought I left, but I knew my mom wouldn't let this go. I rushed upstairs to call Scott. I wanted to find out more about this secret.

I dialed his number. I prayed he answered the phone. I really needed to talk to him. His mother answered the phone. "Hello?” she said

"Is Scott there?” I asked. She grumbled something and passed the phone over to Scott.

"Hello?” he said tiredly

"I need to talk to you, it’s very important," I yelled in his face. His voice perked up those.

"I'm listening," he said

"I need to talk to you in person. Come over here now,"

"I'll be right over Love heart,” he said and hanged up the phone. I got up and went downstairs. My parents finished talking when they saw me. They saw me.

"Its 10:00pm isn't around the time for you to go to bed," my dad asked.

"Nope, Scott is coming over for a minute,"

"Why is he coming over here? Doesn't he have any decency?"

"I asked him. I have something to ask him,"

"Is your baby okay?” he asked

"Its fine, nothing from the last time you asked," I said.

"SO tell me honey, what is bothering you," my dad asked

"I need to talk to him, that's all. It’s nothing. I'm going to wait outside for him to come"

I walked outside and sat on the patio bench. I stared at the sky; it was dark and mysterious just like my father was. He was hiding something big; it had to do with Simon. Simon was an evil man and anything dealing with him wasn’t a good thing. I wanted to know his secret so I can finally understand my father. He apparently heard him talking with someone about something that happened 25 years ago in nightclub. I was hoping Scott could help me. At the same time I kept wondering who the girl was that, my dad heard Simon talking too. The taxi pulled up and Scott and I got in. He saw he and me had that worried look on his face. I ran up to him and gave him a hug.

"I missed you,” I said

"A couple hour feel like an affinity when I'm not around you," he replied

"I so happy you came,”

"What is bothering you?”

"My parents were fighting over you and me again,"

"About what?”

"Apparently there is a deeper reason why my dad doesn't want us together. IT really has nothing to do with you,"

"What is it Love heart?” he asked softly

"I have a question to ask you first,"

"What is it? You can ask me anything,"

"Is your dad's name Simon?” I asked.

"Yes, why do you want to know?” he asked, his voice was starting to become lower.

"I overheard my dad say that he over hearted him and another woman talking at a night club about something deadly. It happened 25 years ago,"

"Wouldn't surprise me if my dad did something horrible. Look what he did to his own family,"

"What did he do?” I asked anxious

"When I was 9 years old. I got up to go get something to eat. I hearted some screaming and coming from my parents bedroom. I went to peek and I saw my dad calling my mom a bitch and hitting her because some secret. The next day, he left for work and I haven't seen him since,"

"You have no idea what the secret is. I need to know," I said.

"Tuscany, don't you worry about it. I'll confront my mom about it. I don't need you to worry about anything while you're pregnant,"

"Okay, when you know anything tell me,"

"I promise honey. Well I need to be getting and going,"

"Come in for a while first,"

"I'd love to Love heart, but I have a big test tomorrow,"

"Does the test have me in it?”

"If the test was about you I'd get 100% plus an affinity other percents just because you’re so sexy," he announced.

"I'll let you go Hot stuff, I love you and thanks for coming here at this time,"

"I'd come here at 3:00am in the morning if you called me, even if it was only for a hug,"

"I'll see you tomorrow, I love you,"

"Bye Tuscany," he said and gave me a huge hug and a kiss. He said as he headed down the street. I waited a few minutes before walking back inside. My mom was sitting silently on the couch while my dad was sitting on the recliner.

"What was that conversation to Scott about?”

"Nothing much, I got to go to bed,"

"Tuscany, I know when you are lying to me. Tell me what it is about," he said, I decided to give in and tell him since nothing will change my mind from finding out.

"Fine, I overheard you telling mom about that night you claimed to hear Simon talking to some woman,"

"How much do you know?” he wanted to know.

"Just enough that I know there is something going on. If you don't tell me the rest dad. I will find out," I said sternly

"What did you tell Scott?”

"What you told mom. I was wondering if he knew anything,"

"What did he tell you?"

"Basically what a jerk his dad is. He left his family 9 years ago over some secret. He doesn't know anything else," I paused. "What I really want to know is how this relates to Scott, and why you hate him. It happened before he was even born.'

"So that ass whole left his family. He has always been a loser. I can see why he left Molly, but his son,"

"His son and daughters too,"

"He has two daughters, who are they?” he asked.

"Sarah who is 27, Michelle wholes 24 and Scott said awhile back that she haven't been home to see him or his mother since she was 17 years old,"

"Molly is one messed up lady," he said

"Well, she is, isn't she," I said with a smile. "I need to know what happened,"

'I'm not going to tell you anything,"

"You might as well, because you all know me. If I want something I get it usually,"

"You are sounding more and more ruthless. I never imagined my daughter to be talking so selfish," my dad snapped.

"You didn't imagine me to be ruthless, because you wanted to be the only one who got what they wanted at any cost. Sorry to say dad, but I have needs and I will fulfill them,"

"I didn't know you thought that way?”

"I just want to know the secret Dad. What is it that you’re hiding?”

"Fine I'll tell you and your mom. You had better sit down. If you start getting worked up, I'll tell you no more. Do you understand me?”

"Yes, I do dad," I replied.

"Like I told you, it happened about 25 years ago," He paused. "Simon and some unknown woman were talking. Simon was saying he committed a horrible crime. I was standing out of sight. I knew now that I should have gone to the police. The woman was threatening to go to the police. Then I heard screaming. He was hitting that woman he was talking to. He left after that, I left after that. I feel bad that I didn't help the woman,"

"What did the woman threaten him with?” I asked

"I'm not sure, but whatever it was, it must be a bad secret. I wander who that woman is, even to this day," he went on.

"Kev," my mom interrupted him.

"What honey?” he asked

"I still don't understand how this has anything to do with your hatred for Scott,"

"I afraid what he might do to Tuscany. I knew Simon for 2 years and I never knew he was capable of such violence. Scott may seem nice, but he could snap at any second,"

"Dad, don't worry. I know Scott very well. He would never touch a woman. He loves me. I understand why you hated him all this time. Can you least give a chance for the baby's sake?”

"If that is what you want sweetheart then fine. I'll be nicer to him and no more assaulting him,"

"Do you really mean it dad?” I asked

"Yes I do sweetheart. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow. I have to work at 5," he said and left the room. My mother looked at me before leaving the room. I sat on the couch for a minute before going to my room. The next day, I told Scott the news. He smiled and said he would continue to try to get information from his mom. After a little chatter, we kissed.

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